Car Seat Guide: Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

If you’re searching for a car seat that will safely carry your precious cargo from infancy through preschool (from 5-65 lbs!), the Chicco Nextfit convertible car seat is just what you need. Designed to be the “easiest convertible car seat to install” in any vehicle, both rear and forward facing, the Chicco Nextfit combines top-notch protection with comfort and eye-catching design.


With a soft, cushy cover ensuring a cozy ride for your little one and a sturdy, steel-reinforced frame to manage crash forces, the Chicco NextFit offers the perfect marriage between safety and comfort. 

  • Side Impact Protection – All Chicco car seats undergo voluntary side impact testing and are proven to meet or exceed all federal safety standards.
  • Adjustable headrest & shoulder straps with the press of a button – A simple press of the button on top of the plush headrest allows you to adjust it to 6 positions for a perfect fit for your child while automatically adjusting the width and height of the shoulder straps for a safe and comfortable fit as your child grows.
  • 2-Position Chest Clip – When it comes to getting the perfect fit for your child, Chicco took an extra step by offering a chest clip with 2 positions of tightness, providing the best fit for both smaller and larger children.

  • Removeable Cup Holder – Make drinks or a snack easily accessible for toddlers and preschoolers with the removable cup holder that can easily be added to either side of the car seat. 
  • 9-Position Recline & Dual Level-Indicators – No two vehicles are the same, so Chicco has stepped up the game in car seat installation with their ReclineSure™ and RideRight™ technology. The Chicco NextFit offers more recline positions than any other convertible seat for the perfect, safest fit in any vehicle. And, dual level-indicators on either side of the seat ensure that you are installing the NextFit in the safest position possible.


Nothing is worse than wrestling to get a heavy car seat safely installed in your car. With the Chicco NextFit, any installation troubles you’ve experienced in the past can be long forgotten thanks to Chicco’s SuperCinch™ force-multiplying LATCH technology.

  • SuperCinch™ LATCH Technology – Chicco’s unique force-multiplying technology helps you achieve a tight and secure installation with much less effort than traditional LATCH pulls. No more crawling up into the car seat and pulling with every bit of strength in your body to get it as tight as possible! Also, each LATCH hook is clearly labeled so you know exactly which side to pull 1st and 2nd after latching the car seat in.

  • Just position, check level indicators, secure and you’re done! No more wondering whether your car seat is installed correctly. With the Chicco NextFit, dual level indicators tell you if the seat is in the correct position whether forward or rear facing. If it isn’t, just adjust the recline with the push of a button until the bubbles are in the correct spot. After that, install securely and quickly with the easy-to-use SuperCinch™ LATCH system or with your vehicle’s seat belt. If using your vehicle’s seat belt instead of LATCH, the NextFit offers shoulder belt Lock-Offs making for a safe install in older cars without any extra parts.


  • Minimum Weight Use:  5 lbs
  • Maximum Weight Use:  65 lbs
  • Rear-facing:  5-40 lbs
  • Forward-facing:  22-65 lbs
  • Car Seat Dimensions:  19 x 26 x 20.5 inches
  • Car Seat Weight:  15 lbs


We couldn’t find anything we didn’t love about the Chicco NextFit! From the style, to the cushy comfort, to the easy installation, Chicco really thought things through when developing this amazing convertible car seat.


Are you interested in a convertible car seat that will allow your child to rear face for as long as possible? If so, explore the Chicco NextFit and more in our post on the 13 Best Car Seats for Extended Rear Facing.

Photo Credit: Dreams To Do

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