Car Seat Guide: Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat

Car Seat Guide Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat
Once your child outgrows the height or weight limit on the five-point harness convertible car seat, you will need to transition to a booster seat to keep them safe in the car.   The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat is a comfortable, stylish, high back booster that provides both the best in safety and comfort in an affordable way! The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat is for children ages 3 and up, from 33-120 pounds, and from 33 to 57 inches tall. However, we recommend that you keep your child rear facing in a convertible seat, and then forward facing in the same seat until they outgrow the limits before switching them to a booster.


The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat is compact but don’t let the sleek design fool you. The Kobuk does not sacrifice safety. The high back booster has deep side wings for Tru-Safe® Side Impact Protection to the head, neck, and torso.  The fully cushioned head restraint can be easily adjusted for a more comfortable fit and enhanced safety protection.

One of the best safety features is the seat belt guide. They are clearly marked in high contrast red on black so you know you’re putting the seat belt in the right places to keep your child as safe as possible. And the seat belt guides are adjustable and allow for vertical and horizontal positioning of the vehicle seat belt for a customized fit


As if all the safety features aren’t enough, the Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat has plenty of features built in with comfort in mind.

The Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat features an “Air-Thru” vented shell to promote air circulation. It allows hot air to escape and cool air to rush in, making this the perfect seat for every climate–and especially for climates that stay warm all year long!

The integrated armrests are perfectly comfortable for small arms and the removable cup holder can be positioned on either side of the seat. So no matter where in the car you put this booster, your little one will always have a drink close by!

Other Features

So now you know your child will be safe and comfortable in the Combi Kobuk Air-Thru Booster Seat! But wait–there’s more!

This high back booster easily converts to a backless booster so you can get even more use out of it! And the fabric is removable and washable for easy upkeep. We know you’ll love this versatile booster as much as we do!

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