Finding the perfect infant car seat is a daunting task. Finding the perfect toddler car seat 30 pounds later is an even greater feat. And if that’s not enough, a few years and hundreds of dollars later, you have to set out in search of yet another seat: the booster. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all three in one perfectly safe, comfortable and stylish design? With the Diono Radian RXT, you can!

The Diono Radian RXT is an innovative car seat that will travel with you from that first car ride home from the hospital all the way to the end of the booster seat stage, years later.

Safety Features:

When it comes to car seats, we know that safety is your number one priority. With a long list of safety features from its framework, crash-testing and attention to detail, we love that Diono’s number one priority is safety too.

  • Full steel frame with reinforced aluminum sides for superior side-impact safety
  • NCAP crash-tested
  • Safestop energy-absorbing 5-point harness
  • Energy-absorbing EPS foam

Parent-Friendly Features:

With your busy, on-the-go lifestyle, we understand that you want a car seat that’s user-friendly and adaptable. You want to know that the seat you choose will be easy to install, and fit in multiple styles of cars if need-be. You need a seat that’s reliable and compact, but also one that’s spacious and comfortable. Diono Radian RXT has all these sought-after features and more!

  • SuperLATCH system for easy installation
  • Fits 3 across in most mid-sized vehicles
  • Has an additional forward-facing recline position to fit into different types of cars
  • FAA certified for easy air travel
  • Folds flat for easy carrying and storage (carrying straps sold separately)

  • Rubber bottom grips make for easy, hassle-free installation
  • Seat cover is machine-washable

Child-Friendly Features:

Your child might not always be able to tell you what they want or need, so Diono made sure to make a seat to fit all of your expectations and suit all of their needs. Every child is built differently, so Diono created the Radian RXT with a superior number of adjustable features to grow with and adapt to your child’s unique physique and comfort level.

  • Removable infant body-support cushions with memory foam for the perfect fit and comfort
  • Low sitting to make boarding child an ease

  • 12-position adjustable head rest
  • 5-position adjustable shoulder straps

  • 3 adjustable buckle positions
  • Expandable sides and long seat bottom for proper leg support as you child grows.

The Specs:

  • Seats rear-facing children 5-45 pounds
  • Seats forward-facing children 20-80 pounds (comes with additional harness pads for use when child is in 5 point-harness above 45 pounds)
  • Converts to a booster seat for children up to 120 pounds
  • Has a 10-year lifespan
  • Weighs only 26.15 pounds. (With its foldability, this makes it easy to switch from car to car or during air travel.)
  • Measures 28 x 17 x 16 (height, width, depth)

Features To Love:

Color Options For Everyone

Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find a Radian RXT that’s perfect for you and your little ones!

Is The Diono Radian Your Ultimate Car Seat?


Diono Radian RXT


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  1. Wow… one of the awesome features of this car seat is it’s AWESOME rear facing capabilities. It is VERY disappointing to see such a young child forward facing for this feature. Why would you not want to be the ultimate example for your readers of great safety? This is highly disappointing.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Ana! Diono is an amazing seat for ERF.

      This is how the photoshoot worked out, as it is usually easier to take photos of the seat in the front facing position depending on the car.

      However, we absolutely recommend rear facing for as long as possible. In fact we will be featuring Diono seats in some of our upcoming travel/roadtrip posts and the focus is going to be specifically on Extended rear facing.

      • I would disclose that at the beginning of the article then. I understand it’s easier to photograph forward facing, but you should be the ultimate example of extended rear facing for your readers if that is what you are advocating.

        • The child in the feature is 2.5 which isn’t a young age to be forward facing. However, yes we all do recommend rear facing till they outgrow the seat or the situation dictates forward facing otherwise.

  2. Totally agree about the rear-facing thing. That kid, if indeed 2.5, is tiny for his age and really should be RFing (Car Seats for the Littles, for example, one of the top sites for car seat safety, recommends rear-facing until as close to four as possible as long as the child safely fits the RFing seat, which there is room for in spades here). I’d absolutely like to see a disclaimer at the beginning of this article advising as such. It would have been nice to see some pics of it rear-facing so those of us considering it could see how it looks and fits the child in that configuration.

    • We have a travel feature coming up with some new Diono seats in rear facing position, and while it won’t be a dedicated review, you will see lots of pictures.
      Will definitely take a disclosure under advisement. Thank you, Lara!


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