Once your child reaches that milestone of at least four years old and 40 lbs, it’s often necessary to start thinking about booster seats, depending on the weight limits of your car seat. We all want to protect our children for as long as possible and often the idea of moving them to a booster is overwhelming and scary. With all the protection car seats offer, we want to feel our child is getting that same level of protection once they’re old enough for a seat belt. 

Kiddy’s CruiserFix Pro is designed for children that are at least 4 years old and up to 12 years of age. We love it for so many reasons, but we adore that it’s such a sturdy booster that looks and feels like a full car seat. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible high back booster.

About Kiddy

Kiddy has been a family-owned and managed company for more than 40 years. They originated and are currently located in Bavaria, Germany. They specialize in mobility, comfort, and safety, with seats that not only keep your child safe, but comfortable and happy, too.

CruiserFix Pro

The CruiserFix Pro is a perfect example of how Kiddy takes their job seriously. Designed with maximum safety standards in mind, this seat offers protection from 33 lbs up to 100 lbs. Considering many state laws require children to be at least 4 years old and 40 lbs, this seat goes above and beyond with their standards. Your 4-12 year old will be safely secured and comfortable for every car ride.

The CruiserFix Pro was designed with both children and their loving parents in mind with features that offer safety, comfort, and convenience.


With features like KSA (Kiddy Shock Absorber) and superior side impact protection, Kiddy has shown their complete devotion to both parental peace of mind and children’s safety. 

The primary reason to keep a child in a harnessed car seat for as long as possible is due to the harness’ ability to distribute force more evenly in the event of a crash. KSA is an amazing solution for parents who are concerned about making the booster transition. It makes the use of the car’s seat belt safer by absorbing the energy created by the force of a crash that is transferred through the seat belt and literally deforming to protect your child.

In addition, you can feel secure that your child’s precious head and neck are fully protected with both head and shoulder areas of the booster constructed with high-performance materials, tested to meet strict European standards.

Kiddy added an inventive connector system that makes correctly installing this booster via your car’s LATCH system fast and simple, ensuring that the booster stays in place no matter what. With guides helping connect to the LATCH and a pull tab in the front to quickly retract in case they aren’t needed, installing this seat correctly couldn’t be easier. 


While safety is every parent’s main concern, comfort is the concern of every child along for the ride. Car trips can be long, and a comfortable car seat can make all the difference. The CruiserFix Pro offers a Breathable Thermotex Fabric in key areas to increase circulation and reduce discomfort caused by hot, sticky skin.

The CruiserFix Pro also features an adjustable seat extender for growing legs, ensuring your child’s legs are supported at every length, increasing circulation and reducing discomfort. 



This seat has three amazing, convenient features which any parent who has dealt with seat belt positioning issues or LATCH connector issues will love! First, the seat belt shoulder guide only needs to be gently pushed down to feed the seat belt through, and then it stays locked in place. 

Second, to adjust the height of the head rest, you simply pull a lever on the back of the seat. Plus, when lowering the headrest, it folds neatly in between the outer shoulder protection, adding extra protection for smaller heads.

Last, but not least, what parent hasn’t wrestled with a car seat to get it attached to the LATCH system? Well, Kiddy has added these genius clips that help you line up and guide the connectors gently into place. Problem solved.

Features to Love

With so many helpful features in the CruiserFix Pro, it’s sure to stand apart as an amazing booster option all parents are sure to love! With extra added protection at every turn, parents will feel relieved when their children get buckled up in this sturdy seat.

Do you love the CruiserFix Pro by Kiddy as much as we do?

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