Classical Music at Your Fingertips

We all know about benefits of classical music for kids and adults alike. Now there is a new way to listen to great classical music and it’s free! streams live classical musical all day long.  This is not just a place to go find classical music to listen to –  you can find music for every moment of life.  Music streams in categories, such as weddings, lullabies, movies and many more.  So, if you are in the mood for sounds from the silver screen, just click on the category and listen. 

What is even more unique about this new classical streaming music service is that in each category there is also a blog pertaining to the category.  For example, if you go searching for some soothing lullabies to listen to with your little one, you can also read up about activities to do with young children while listening to classical music in a blog post in that section.

The music for this website and all its categories is curated by American Public Media in such a fashion that it is enjoyable for both newcomers to classical music and the site as well as long time classical music lovers, who are looking for a new hub for their classical music interests. The music is great to relax to as well as get a power workout with, just tune into the Energy category for lively and upbeat classic tunes.  The benefits of classical music has long been documented by science and the objective of the website is to promote calm and focus.  It runs solely on donations as it is free to subscribe to and tune into.

You will also find some fun giveaways every time you go to the website. 

At you will find everything from Edvard Grieg to pipe organ music and full-length concerts by the world’s best symphony orchestras.  There is also an all-day live and hosted radio show that streams.  There isn’t anything that pertains to classical music that you can’t find at

So as you’re working on your computer, checking your facebook page, paying bills, researching your upcoming vacation, visit and tune into one of appropriate categories of music to help you get through your day. We are currently listening to the ENERGY playlist as we type this article. Go try it out!

Thinking about enrolling your little one in music classics? If so, go for it! Check out Why Your Child Need Music Education.


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