Stroller Guide: Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller

When you go from one to two kids, one fact that eases your mind is that you already own most of the gear! One of the more difficult parts of the transition, however, comes when you start to imagine getting out and about with two. Luckily, double strollers were invented–allowing a safe way for parents to keep their kids contained and comfortable. With the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller, getting around town with two young kids is easily managed. Keep reading for more stroller specs and reasons this might be the perfect solution to your traveling with two worries.

Narrow Width for Everyday Use

One concern for many in the market for a double stroller is that the side-by-side versions will not fit through a standard door frame. This often means that parents choose a stacked, in-line stroller instead or only take their double stroller out when engaged in outdoor activities. The Combi Fold N Go is designed to perfectly fit through a standard door frame while also offering a surprisingly roomy seat for your child. If your child is in the upper quartile for height and weight and over about age 3.5, you might give the Combi Fold N Go some pause. For others, however, we think this stroller is the perfect size.

Extra Large Canopy with Ventilation Windows

When taking the Fold N Go stroller to an outdoor event, you will find that the canopy provides plenty of sun coverage for your little ones. The ventilation window makes it easy for you to check in on how your kids are doing without needing to stop and also provides air circulation for those extra hot and humid days. Each seat has it’s own canopy–so you can easily have them placed in different positions for each child.

Large Storage Basket and Canopy Pocket

When you have two kids to tow around, chances are you might need to bring a lot of stuff to keep everyone happy! The Combi Fold N Go Stroller has ample room for your gear–with an extra large storage basket in the under carriage and 2 pockets attached to the back of each canopy. You can easily bring a diaper bag, purse, snacks for the family, and still have room for random purchases while you’re out.

Removable Child Cup Holders and Snack Cup

The Fold N Go keeps up with the sleek design by forgoing the cross-bar style of child snack tray and cup holder. Instead, individual cup holders and a shared snack holder attach to the sides of the seats. This keeps the space in front of your child open, allowing for more movement and easy transitions in and out of the stroller.

Easy Fold and Stow

This stroller can fold down for storage just as easily as it opens up for use. You can close the stroller using just one hand and it can be stored standing up or laid flat. When you have your hands full and are trying to keep track of two little ones–an easy fold stroller can be a life saver!

Other Stand-Out Features Include:

  • 5 point harness system
  • Adjustable Reclining Seats 
  • Parent Cup Holder
  • One Step Linked Brake System

Options & Specs:

  • Choose from Black, Caribou (grey), or Salsa (featured here)
  • 21.15 lbs
  • 50 lb capacity per seat
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 31.25″W x 28.5″Hx 40.25″D

Features To Love

Loving the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller as much as we do?

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Photo Credit: Katherine

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    Lena Jackson


    Double strollers usually took much space. That’s their main problem. But this double stroller seems more narrow than others. Which makes it comfortable to use anywhere.


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