Comfy & Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

Comfy and Safe Car Seat Sleep with Slumber Sling

There are so many products on the market directed towards parents of babies and toddlers. Some on them are absolutely essential while others are more of a “want” than a “need.” Some of the best products are those that give a simple solution to a common problem. This is exactly what the Slumber Sling has done for us. It has become a long-awaited solution to a problem that so many parents, especially those who find themselves in the car frequently, have. Do you have a toddler who suffers from the dreaded neck strain that comes from trying to sleep in their carseat? It’s such an awful feeling as a parent, to see your little ones head flopped forward and wonder how on earth they can be sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. Ash & Alys Babes has brought this amazing sling to the market to solve this problem for parents everywhere. Keep reading to learn a little more about why we are loving it and just how well it worked for some of the Daily Mom writers.

What is the Slumber Sling?

The Slumber Sling is an eco-friendly headrest product that can attach to any convertible car seat or high-backed booster seat using an elastic strap and velcro loops. The outer material is 100% organic cotton and it is handmade in the United States. Gone are the days of neck strain for your toddlers during long car rides. The Slumber Sling provides comfort and support to children while still not restricting their movement, which is a major bonus! The company who founded the sling, Ash & Alys Babes, is passionate about children, giving back and living green. They maintain a Fund that pays out donations to a variety of charities. Fifteen percent of your Slumber Sling purchase will go directly into this fund and be donated towards charities that act in the best interest of children’s health and welfare and/or environmental conservation.


Car Seat safety is a big deal to us at Daily Mom. While we want to try the most innovative products on the market, we want to be sure the products that we are using are safe for our children and our readers. The Slumber Sling has been professionally crash tested by MGA Research, which is an independent company that provides crash testing services to major car seat manufacturers. The testing determined that in a current market car seat, “All of the requirements for child seat testing were met. The addition of the SlumberSling did not cause the dummy to fail requirements.”

Moreover, the child has plenty of freedom of movement with the Slumber Sling. It is created with only soft materials. With no hard materials, it ensures that if it were to come off or be stressed in an accident, there would not be any hard piece that could come off and hit or injure the child or any passengers in the car.

Our Writers’ Slumber Sling Experiences

Danielle’s Story

We have always been a family on the go! From weekend shopping outings to out-of-state drives to summer vacation destinations, our kids spend a lot of time in the car. We never had an issue with our son’s head falling forward when he fell asleep in his infant car seat, but as soon as we switched him to a convertible car seat, it became a constant problem. He would continuously wake up throughout his car naps each time his head fell forward. I knew that constant jerking motion was not good for his neck, was disrupting his sound sleep and making longer car trips more and more difficult. 

I was so excited to try the Slumber Sling! I had apprehensions that it would be difficult to slip over his forehead once he fell asleep or that it would be uncomfortable for him, but we had zero issues. The Slumber Sling is so easy to slide on and off once secured in place around the car seat. Sometimes, if we know he is going to fall asleep, we place it on his head before we even begin our journey while he’s still awake. He doesn’t mind at all. We will definitely be purchasing a second Slumber Sling for our daughter when we decide to transition her into a convertible car seat!

Jessica’s Story

As a family that is always on the move, the Slumber Sling has become a welcome addition to our many travels. From the time our son was little, he would fall asleep in the car within minutes of pulling out of the driveway. While we always enjoyed a nice, peaceful car ride, we spent a lot of time worrying about and trying to fix his head from flopping forward. It just looked to be such an uncomfortable position for a small child, as though it was causing strain on his neck. We are traveling on long car rides on a monthly basis, sometimes making 6 plus hour drives. Well my toddler does fantastic in the car, so I want to ensure he is as comfortable as possible.

As soon as I tried the Slumber Sling, I was hooked! The outer shell is made of organic cotton and luxuriously soft to the touch, this was essential for me because my son has very sensitive skin and develops rashes frequently. It was easy to wrap around the seat and can easily be slid down to cover my sons head when it is nap time. Initially, he was a little hesitant to have something wrapped around his head. However, once he adjusted to it, he can now fix it to be positioned correctly on his head in case Mommy didn’t do it quite right- Hey it happens, even Moms aren’t perfect all the time! I no longer worry about neck strain and my son naps much more comfortably in the car.

Elena’s Story 

Our car story was not a simple one. Our daughter hated the car seat from day one and cried in it non-stop until we switched her to a convertible car seat. So needless to say, sleeping in a car seat for an active engaged baby like our daughter has always been out of the realm of normalcy. Around her 2nd birthday, she finally started falling asleep in the car more reliably. That was when we discovered the problem of the fallen head, or like my mom would say, “Oh My God, her head is going to detach from her body in this position.” Ok, mom, that’s NOT going to happen, but it isn’t pleasant seeing you toddler all slumped over getting “restful” sleep.

We have tried everything: holding her head with our hands the whole trip, propping her side with stuffed toys and blankets, using a bra to secure her forehead to the seat (don’t worry it was safe, just unsightly 🙂 ). Then one day, I saw something that made my eyes grow wide and go “Oh what a brilliant idea! I need it!” It was the Slumber Sling.

From the day I received it, it worked EXACTLY how it was supposed to. Easy to put on and secure with velcros, it would hold my daughter’s head nicely and securely the whole trip. If I was driving alone, I would usually have to stop to put it on, either at a stop light, or safely on the side of the road. If I was the car passenger, it was even easier, where I would just reach out and slide it on once she fell asleep.

The invention of the Slumber Sling is simple but ingenious. Certainly one of those products that make your life as a mom so much easier and the one that you keep using and recommending to your friends. 

Lauren’s Story

As a mom, I am always looking for the best products on the market. Not only do I want the best products but I want ones that are made with natural ingredients and materials. When I learned about the Slumber Sling, I was immediately curious about it. I had always had trouble when Peighton would fall asleep in the car. Her head was constantly falling down and I was constantly reaching back (when safe to do so) to pop her head back up.

I am glad that I gave the Slumber Sling a try. I have to say, I absolutely can not go in the car without it. As soon as Peighton falls asleep, I slip it on her head with peace of mind that she is sleeping soundly and not going to wake up with a kinked neck. It’s such a handy product and if you have a child who likes to sleep in the car you may just need one! The Slumber Sling is made from organic cotton and helps to relieve neck pain in sleeping toddlers. We can’t live without it!

Ashley’s Story

My daughter is 2.5 years old and is rear facing in a Britax Marathon G3-70 convertible car seat. For as long as I can remember, my daughter’s head has fallen forward every time she’s fallen asleep in her car seat. I’ve tried a number of “mommy fixes,” but none of them seem to work for very long. Therefore, when given the opportunity to try out the Slumber Sling, I was thrilled to potentially solve one of my greatest car seat problems. 

I went ahead and installed the Slumber Sling by wrapping the elastic around the top of the car seat before buckling my daughter in. After 10-15 minutes of driving, I could hear her snoring, so I pulled over to find that her head had already fallen forward (as is evidence by the indention on her cheek). I carefully pulled the SlumberSling down over her forehead. It held well for about a minute before I noticed that her head was slipping down again. 

I then adjusted the Slumber Sling down at an angle (almost like a pirate’s eye cover) to prevent any gaps between the elastic and the seat. Apparently, the Marathon is a bit wide to use the Slumber Sling straight across, but you can move it around so that it fits snugly around your little one’s head. This held fairly well until she woke up. She did not like having something on her head! 

Overall, I do like the Slumber Sling and I will probably continue to use it for long trips. I haven’t quite figured out how to use it without stopping the car and pulling it down over my child’s head, but I’m sure like all things that I will figure it out.

Interested in giving the Slumber Sling a try?


Slumber Sling


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Jessica is a holistic health counselor and work from home mom living in the middle of nowhere USA with her sweet little boy! She suffers from a serious case of compulsive globe-trotting and is always counting the days until her next move or adventure. You can often find her trying to get in her exercise in by lunging through the park while chasing after her very energetic little boy! She is constantly fueled and energized by her love for healthy eating and occasionally copious amounts of caffeine.

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    I’m a physical therapist and a child passenger safety technician and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this product is NOT safe. Think about the physics for a second…

    In a crash, a child who is forward facing will have their body thrust forward. With something like this on the top of the head, instead of the head moving with the body into flexion, the neck will hyperextend until this product breaks, then the head will quickly flex. Essentially it doubles the whiplash and puts the upper spinal cord at risk for extension injuries. Children are flexible, if a sleeping position is uncomfortable, they’ll adjist. There’s a reason car seat manufacturers expressly forbid after market products: they interfere with the car seat. If you want to use this product, great, but please don’t market it as safe. It’s not.


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      THANK YOU!! I know this product is NOT save and it’s extremely disturbing that this mom blog is putting children in danger to make a quick buck for promoting this product.


      • Avatar

        Kate Slater


        I don’t think they are trying to make a quick buck. They’re just misinformed. In theory this product does sound like a good idea until researched. They just made a mistake, as we all do!


  • Avatar



    I meant to add also that on a RF child, in a crash they tend to ride up slightly in the seat and this could cause a variety of injuries to the face or the throat.


  • Avatar

    Ashley Allman


    I’m the co-founder of Ash & Alys Babes, and take all safety concerns with this product very seriously. I first want to state that the SlumberSling is marketed and intended as a head cushion for comfort, as an optional car seat accessory, not as a safety product. Because the SlumberSling has no rigid parts, and is made entirely from soft, stretchable materials, there is no restriction of movement put on the child. The elastic used for the band was chosen specifically for its ability to easily stretch and move. The SlumberSling is also not attached to the car seat – it is looped around it, further allowing for movement and flexibility under pressure. From the initial design and testing of this product, we were confident that it would not hinder normal function of the car seat or inflict any additional pressure on a child in the event of a collision. Crash testing for this type of product is not currently required in the U.S., however we voluntarily decided to crash test it to provide for peace of mind to us and our customers. MGA Research is a third party, independent testing facility used by major car seat manufacturers, and was recommended to us by a car seat safety expert. The crash test results showed that the SlumberSling did not cause the child dummy to fail any requirements. Our product has also been evaluated and certified compliant by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

    We will gladly share the full crash test report with anyone who wishes to see it. We also provide a demo sling free of charge to certified car seat safety experts who wish to take a closer look at the product. Simply email ashley(at)ashandalysbabes(dot)com for more information.


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