Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could create a private outdoor playground in your own backyard? Your kids could get outdoor time playing with toys while you enjoy fresh air and a cup of coffee. Most of us don’t dare to consider doing this, because play equipment and toys can be expensive. And when it comes to outdoors, those expensive toys can get ruined by the elements pretty quickly. What if we told you that there is a company that can not only create the most amazing indoor or outdoor playroom for both boys and girls, but allow you to do it on a budget? Introducing American Plastic Toys.

American Plastic Toys

Don’t let the word “plastic” scare you. When it comes to outdoor play spaces, plastic is our friend. Easy to clean, easy to maintain and rain proof. Outdoor toys from American Plastic Toys are significantly more affordable than comparable toys from similar companies, so it is more feasible to create a whole play space outdoors in one shot. And all the toys are made in the USA, in Michigan and Mississippi.

Here are our ideas for creating your own outdoor playground using American Plastic Toys
Please note that these items are not specifically designed for outdoors. They can and should be used indoors as well, but we have found that these products work great in outdoor spaces, which is something that is much more difficult to find on the market today.

Art Table


Every kid needs an art table. Allowing children to express their creativity is one of the most important parts of parenting. But doing so without confining them to a piece of paper or constantly worrying about whether they will get paint on the floor is something that this art table can allow. Use it inside with pens and crayons or bring it outside and let your little artist go to town, mixing paints, getting messy and doing whatever he wants.


Once he is done, hose the table off and you’re all set. The art table has a standard paper pad holding area with a light above, crayon holes, a drawer, and large side pocket for books or drawing pads. The easel is multi-positional so your child can work on his art while sitting down on a toddler chair or standing up.



Art Table

Water Wheel Play Table


Start with an element of sand and water as your focal point.  At $30, the Water Wheel Play Table is the cheapest on the market.  This sand and water wheel play table will offer your kids hours of backyard fun. The sand pit transitions to a boat ramp leading into the water, and the removable spinner tower works with both sand and water.  


It’s colorful and simply adorable.  Your kids will love sailing the boats and spinning the wheel.  We love that it is not shaped round.  The triangular shape allows you to tuck it away in a corner if you need to move it.

Toy Organizer


Every play space needs a toy organizer.  At the end of the day, you don’t want toys to be all over your yard.  This Toy Organizer holds a place for everything.  The bright and colorful toy organizer has removable bins and a large storage chest for bigger toys, such as balls.  It’s a great tool to use to help your kids learn to clean up.


Toy Organizer

Deluxe Nursery


The Deluxe Nursery  is simply adorable and at an unbeatable price.  If you have a little child with a nurturing side, they are going to love this fully equipped center for a baby doll’s care.   This 10-piece center even includes sound features that correspond with the rocking cradle, feeding chair and bath. 


Other features that will help any kid get lost in a land of make-believe are the play sprayer in the sink and bath area, three storage cabinets with working doors, and a storage shelf beneath the cradle and the mobile, which all contribute to the center’s realistic feel.


Cookin’ Kitchen


Another great toy that is much more pricey from other companies is a classic pretend kitchen. The Cookin’ Kitchen is an adorable classic kitchen that is in bright colors and equipped with everything a little chef needs. We like the realistic combination of gender neutral colors, making it appeal to boys and girls alike.  It features burners with lights and sounds.


Kids can turn the knob to activate the timer and get “cooking” by placing pots or pans on the burners to automatically activate sizzling and bubbling sounds. There is plenty of shelf space for pretend food and two removable “wicker” baskets for storage. Your kids will have fun heating up food in the kitchen’s microwave or oven and afterwards using the dishwasher or storing food in the refrigerator.  Your kids won’t miss anything as this nifty kitchen also includes a sink and 22 play accessories.

Beachcomber Wagon Set and Spring Value Set


To include a few more outdoor toys in your play area, consider a sand box and the Beachcomber Wagon Set.  Your children will love pushing the wagon around and moving sand as well as the 6 pieces of beach toys that come with the wagon.  They will shovel sand into the large bucket and carry water to the sand for building sand castles and shapes with the sand mold toys.  This is also a great little colorful set to take to the beach for your kids to play with.


For more beach toys, the colorful Spring Value Set is a great option with 10 pieces.   We love the love the giant yellow 15″ beach shovel.  Your kids’ imaginations will go wild in the sandbox with this set as they dig, mold and sieve.

Assorted Construction Vehicles


More great toys for the sandbox are Construction Vehicles.  These hardworking yellow trucks will allow your kids to get creative constructing. The cement truck has a cement drum that tilts and turns.  Your kids will scoop and dump loads of sand with the dump truck and loader that scoops, dumps and lifts.  There is also an awesome bulldozer that has a movable plow and working treads.


Child Rocker


Whether they are reading a book, watching a show, or playing a video game, this rocker is a basic piece of furniture that can be purchased for $5. That’s right, five dollars! Its simple design and sturdy construction will ensure that your child is safe and comfortable and parents will be happy to get them a play chair that doesn’t put a dent into their monthly budget. Available in yellow, green and blue, these rockers mke a perfect addition to any playroom.

Fashion Doll Delightful Dollhouse and Doll Coupe Car


A new product from American Plastic Toys, the Delightful Dollhouse will become a centerpiece of any playroom. HUGE, at almost 5 feet tall, it comes with furniture and wallpaper designs so your child feels like she had a hand in putting the house together. Perfect for Barbie dolls or any figurines your little one is currently obsessed with (Frozen characters anyone?). The dollhouse is a breeze to assemble with not too many parts to put together. It features 25 furniture accessories for your dolls and 6 different rooms that you can decorate yourself, including a laundry room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and a living room. This is a perfect toy to stimulate budding imagination of children three years and older. Retailing at $100, it is a perfect addition to any playroom.



To complete your dream house, why not include a special American made Coupe.  It sits two standard sized dolls and takes your child’s adventure to the next level. The car rolls smoothly on the carpets and hard floors and retails at only $5.


Loving American Plastic Toys
as much as we do?


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Photo Credit: The Art of Making a Baby


  1. We got the art desk after reading the review here, and I am very disappointed in this product. It seems flimsy and putting it together was a true nightmare. I should have read the reviews first on Amazon.


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