Daily Mom’s Toys LIVE Holiday Extravaganza

“What am I going to get the kids this year??” If that’s not the most forefront question on everyone’s mind, we don’t know what is! After all, if you aren’t thinking about your own little prince and princess, you’re more than likely an “auntie” or “uncle” to someone special in your life.

This guide, in conjunction with our Holiday Toy Bash on Facebook Live provides you with some of the best ideas for gifts this season. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that we’re not offering the typical big-box game systems, but rather some of the best developmental, creative, and memorable items available. You can expect to see gifts from the first years all the way through upper grade school age; we’ve got you covered.

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Now you can see the toys in action at our LIVE event, these items are meant for developmental stimulation, creativity, and engagement – all without needing a smart device! Perfect for the infant/toddler stages. 


The Goods

When you want to stimulate your child’s brain without something that requires some type of smart chip, consider Guidecraft. You’ll love the innovation of many of Guidecraft’s designs! Their centric product systems are rooted in geometry and build, stimulating through play which creates an awareness of mathematical principles. This is perfect for the early childhood years that are not only educational, but fun learning tools. Parents can rest-assured that these toys focus on STEM skill development, providing disciplinary benefits. Guidecraft is committed to creating toys that are fun, yet powerful learning tools with multi-disciplinary benefits.

The Guidecraft Grippies® Builders – 20 Piece set is the perfect exploration toy for infants and toddlers to hone in on their building and creative skills. Who knew you had a little engineer in the making! The bright colors coupled with the over-sized ABS Plastic Rods which encapsulate magnets are sure to have your little one squealing with delight. Complete with the accompanying metal balls which are over-molded with soft plastic creates seamless texture for secure construction. The exterior features four soft matte textures as your little one explores a variety of textures as they build. 

To celebrate this holiday season, Guidecraft® is giving away the Guidecraft Grippies® 20 piece and 30 piece sets to two lucky Daily Mom readers! 


Guidecraft Grippies® Builders – 20 pc. Set | Guidecraft Grippies® Builders – 30 pc. Set

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The Goods

For more than three decades, Edushape® toys have been entertaining infants and toddlers with their broad range of playthings, running the gamut from teethers to building blocks to musical toys and more. Utilizing a wide variety of materials with varying textures for sensory appeal, each Edushape toy also promotes successful developmental learning through safe play.

Above all, Edushape toys incorporate bright colors to engage young eyes and hands, as well as a variety of play methods such as construction, matching, the joy of discovery, and imaginative play, all of which are the building blocks of learning.

The family of Edushape Toys is divided among several categories, including Infants & Toddlers, Construction Zone, Water Play, Music, and Puzzles & Games. To further aide parents when selecting toys, each package includes not only the recommended age of the child but it also features small icons representing the different life-building skills that the toy encourages. 

To celebrate childhood development this season, Edushape is giving away two developmental and engagement toys: The Edushape Kiddy Connects & Edushape Happy Monkey to one lucky Daily Mom Reader!


Edushape Kiddy Connects | Edushape Happy Monkey

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Kiddy Connects | Happy Monkey


Edushape | Facebook | Instagram


Now that your little one is a bit older, their building and fine motor skills are improving rapidly. Keep the momentum rolling with these wonderful stocking stuffers!

Manhattan Toy Company

The Goods

When a parent has the option to choose for their child a toy, they provide the most powerful thing any of us play with in this life: our imagination. Everyday, every invention on this earth was dreamed into existence. Manhattan Toys recognizes that your child is profoundly influenced by the toys they play with. Within their tiny hands lies the chance to positively affect the future. Through the toys they create, they understand that a child develops their own unique sense of humor – which in turn may determine whether or not they endure life or enjoy it. Manhattan Toys creates toys that contain a wink and a smile, otherwise, it isn’t worth making.

The MiO Woodland + Fox + Skunk set features a mix of natural and brightly colored wooden pieces. Open-ended play is easy to achieve with the simple wooden shapes and adorable fox and skunk doll character. Let the imagination begin!

Perfect for little hands and tactile play, this set includes: 3 reversible tree/garden blocks, 1 grass plank, 1 reversible pond/ stream plank, 6 cubes, 2 MiO beanbag animals, and a drawstring storage bag.

Arrrrrgh! Let your imagination go wild with 15 pieces of magnetic stacking blocks. This pirate will prompt your child to use their critical thinking skills in hundreds of different ways. All the wood pieces have a non-toxic, water-base finish. Prepare your best pirate voice! 

Meet Beep… The Robot. Let loose your child’s creative imagination using 20 magnetic pieces with this 3D puzzle. 

Your child can choose to use the stackable 20 magnetic pieces to create the 3D robot or expand on their own creativity and critical thinking skills to create something entirely different. Explore open-ended play with simple wooden shapes and adorable people characters. MiO dolls feature hand painted wooden heads and soft beanbag bodies. Set includes 1 room, 1 loft, 1 block, 6 cubes, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 2 MiO beanbag people, and a drawstring storage bag. Let the fun begin! 

 To celebrate this holiday season, The Manhattan Company is giving away the MiO Sleeping + 2 People, the Playful Pony, and Beep the Robot to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


MiO Sleeping + 2 People™ | Playful Pony™ | Beep the Robot™

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Manners Made Easy

The Goods

Manners Made Easy Inc. provides quality products that teach children manners with funny, positive reinforcement. Their Polite PigPals are talking pigs that cheer kids on with funny sayings whenever they put their toys away, hang up their coats or backpacks, or flush the potty. Manners Made Easy did their research and uncovered that most parents try to teach their kids to put their things away, but it takes constant repetition, and parents can’t be everywhere at once. CEO Lisa Burns says:

“As a mother myself, of two boys, I quickly discovered,” she laughs, “that the arrival of child number two is frequently the ‘wake up call’ that moms and dads should take all the help they can get. Putting some ‘systems’ in place to keep order in the house is exactly what Polite PigPals is meant to do. Instead of parents getting frustrated or worse, angry, with their children’s habits, they can let the adorable PigPals spread the message in a whimsical way.”

Max and Emmie can also help your kids learn important skills to help make friends and feel comfortable in new situations.

So now when you recite, “this little piggy went to market,” consider adding “this little piggy tossed his clothes in the hamper” as mom went yay yay yay throughout the house!

Manners Made Easy has discovered that grownups truly appreciate these products as presents. Polite PigPals make perfect gifts this holiday season for new or even veteran parents who want a creative and fun approach to teaching manners. 

 To celebrate this holiday season, Manners Made Easy is giving away Bathroom Buddy Cleanup and Hang up Helpers in both the Emmie and Max styles to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Bathroom Buddy Cleanup Crew | Hang Up Helpers

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Little Partners

The Goods

When you have a child who exhibits the “do it myself” initiative paired with curiosity and exploration – then grab yourself a Little Partner. Designed to give your child a safe place (and off the walls) to explore, create and play, the Little Partners Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center is just the solution for your little artist.  

Let them paint, color, and play in their own magical corner which includes a chalk board, a magnetic dry erase board, felt board, four non-spill paint containers, and eraser; complete with hanging parchment paper, use dry erase markers, crayons, paint or any other way to let your child explore their artist within.

Once your child is finished with their creative time, show them how to easily stow their supplies. The storage shelves help keep all of their important art supplies organized, and the art tray and cup holders allow for easy access during those creative moments.

You’ll be happy to know that all Little Partners Products, like this art easel, are made from real wood. The layered pine wood makes it a sturdy and long lasting piece, so you can count on it holding up after years of use.

  • Three sides include: magnetic dry erase board, chalk board, and felt board
  • Each easel is independently height adjustable
  • Paper holder and feeder with easy refill capacity
  • Tray under each board for easy access to chalk, paint, crayons, etc.
  • Large bottom shelf for storage

And if that wasn’t enough…

  • Deep trays and pencil ledges keep paint, brushes, markers, chalk, and erasers within easy reach
  • Encourages fine motor skills and creative expression
  • Includes – four non-spill paint cups, one roll of paper, and eraser
  • Assembled dimensions: 26.75”L x  26.75”W x 48”H

 To celebrate this holiday season, Little Partners is giving away one Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center 

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The Goods

If you are looking for high-quality baby and children’s toys, as well as children’s games and block sets, HABA is your one-stop shop. Parents themselves are naturally sensitive to the needs of their children, and this is transcended by the use of the materials that they come in contact with. HABA undergoes continuous controls and careful inspection on the manufacturing of their toys. So naturally, their toys comply and often exceed safety standards! 

Let’s go to the store and pick up food for dinner! HABA’s Grocery Shop Play Tent will provide endless grocery shopping playtime, giving your children a hands’ on life skill right from the start. This is where your young shopkeepers can display their wares and negotiate prices with “customers”. 

The Grocery Shop Play Tent features an awning, a roll-up door and two windows, one with curtains. Plastic rods with connectors facilitate easy and fast assembly – no hassles, just playtime – set, ready, shop! 

 To celebrate this holiday season, HABA is giving away one Grocery Shop Play Tent to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Grocery Shop Play Tent

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Grade School & Beyond

If you think that the next big-box game system is all that your child is asking for at this age… you’re probably right! However, don’t be discouraged –  the creativity still lives on, even without a touch screen! Give and watch in amazement of what unfolds before your child’s hands.

Dreamland Fairy

The Goods

We all know that reading to our children has a positive impact on the creative side of the brain. So it’s a perfect mesh when you bring Dreamland Fairy into the mix. Combining art and story, they’ve brought the story to life and into your child’s bedroom to live out and recreate over and over again. Imagine your child’s excitement as they construct their own version of an indoor fairy house, that could be decorated and kept by their beds, with the hope and a wish that a Dreamland Fairy would visit their fairy house, and listen to their dreams at night.

The Dreamland Fairy Kit comes with your very own fairy house along with a book telling the story of the Dreamland Fairy who ran out of stories to share with its fairy friends. 

A paint set and magical fairy dust are also included to help you get started on creating your own Dreamland Fairy House!

Whether you are giving or getting as a gift, the stories that lie ahead of your dreamland fairy house are sure to keep your little fairy engaged and imagining more and more each night as the fairies come to visit their new home. 

Meet Toozle the Tooth-fairy, he’s on a mission and he needs your child’s help!  
Follow Toozle as he bumbles through his first Tooth Fairy Mission with the included book; but his mission won’t be complete until one inventive child builds him a special Tooth Fairy Fort!
The Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort features a ready-to-paint wooden tree fort, and includes a book about Toozle the Tooth Fairy. Your child will delight in creating their own unique touches to the wooden tree fort and tooth chest. Be sure to keep it by the bed to give the Tooth Fairies a place to visit!

 To celebrate this holiday season, Dreamland Fairy is giving away their Dreamland Fairy Kit and Tooth Fairy Fort to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Dreamland Fairy Kit | Tooth Fairy Fort

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Ann Williams

The Goods

Ann Williams originates from backgrounds as diverse as automotive design, advertising, finance, and graphic design, but what ties them together is their curiosity for creativity and their unapologetic passion for making things. Some people are just lucky to be born makers – Ann Williams’ crafts propel your child’s natural born instincts in their own unique creativity. 

Ann Williams is on a mission to make dreams a reality. Because when kids craft, they develop problem solving skills; they become much better thinkers. And most importantly, they acquire confidence. So through making and creating, they realize they can do anything they set their mind to.

What could be more fun than getting a box with a cool craft each month? Why, making it, of course! Ann Williams provides subscription plans for ages 6 to 8, 9 to 12, teens and adults, and monthly deliveries of 3, 6, or 12-months. 

To make it super easy to choose the perfect gift, Ann Williams has put together the craft kits for you so all you have to do is a simple 1-2-3! Choose the age of the child you want the gift for. Pick the best plan to fit the child’s schedule and OMGoodness, wait for the excitement to begin when they receive their kit gift in the mail! Seriously… what child doesn’t like getting a package addressed to them in the mail?!  

You get new crafts, new ideas, new techniques, and an endless supply of memories as you watch their creation take place every month. 

 To celebrate this holiday season, Ann Williams is giving away A Monthly (1) Craft Box to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Ann Williams Group Monthly Craft Box (1 month)

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Monthly Craft Box 


Ann Williams | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Creative QT

The Goods

There’s nothing more refreshing than when someone truly gets you and understands you. Creative QT understands busy parents, houses that are hard to keep clean, kids who are difficult to keep dressed, and lives that are so busy it’s hard to feel like you are succeeding at anything, let alone parenting. Not only is this company about creating fun toys, but they’re also about solutions for the real challenges we face as parents. The overarching idea is Creative Quality Time (QT); taking time to enter into your kids lives/adventures and attempt to lead them into becoming the awesome people we all know they can be.

These products engage the imagination and create a framework for your kids to live out some of their childhood adventures. Don’t you just love the idea of playtime that doesn’t involve them staring at a screen like a zombie? We thought so.

Start here, with the Peel-and-Stick LEGO®-Compatible Baseplates. Not only is it compatible with all major brands of major building blocks, but it’s extremely easy to create the LEGO®-compatible building table your kids have been begging you for. The adhesive on these plates is also being used in the building industry to replace screws and rivets. They guarantee the adhesive will last or your money back.

But don’t stop there! Make playtime not only fun but the clean your kids will probably be begging you to let them handle! The Funfield City Drawstring Play Mat gives your kids the gift of hours of imagination and play while making your life easier with this all-in-one play mat and storage bag.

Every parent’s dream: play for hours and clean up in seconds. This mat is a great addition for the kid who loves their train set and for those who would love to take it on the go too. The giant 5 foot diameter mat allows for plenty of room for imagination and playing with others, giving you plenty of room for friends and siblings.

Speaking of easy play and clean up… what exactly do you have planned for all those stuffed animals you see your child quickly out growing? They aren’t any use to you packed up and locked away in storage after you’ve spent your hard-earned money on them, so use the Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair – simply fill, zip, and sit down. Make that mountain of critters start working for you and make your kid’s room look great.

  • EXTRA LONG ZIPPER offers full access to the deepest buried animal
  • COTTON CANVAS is an extremely comfortable and soft fabric that looks great too
  • PERFECT SOLUTION for all those stuffed animals your kids won’t let you get rid of but never play with

 To celebrate this holiday season, Creative QT is giving away 2 (4) packs of Peel-and-Stick Baseplates to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


2 (4) packs of Peel-and-Stick Baseplates

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The Goods

Capstone is dedicated to helping children develop a love of reading and learning, no matter their ability level. With this being the heart of Capstone, their passion for creating inspired learning has made them the most trusted publisher of children’s books and digital solutions for libraries, classrooms, and consumers for 25 years. Whether print, online, or new, yet-to-be-discovered formats, Capstone provides children and young adults with the content they love. And now you can take your imagination and fold it into style!

Imagine taking a piece of the book, a piece of the imaginative creation with you? Simply by transforming a simple sheet of paper into a runway-ready outfit with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrated diagrams from origami master Sok Song, now you can. 

With thirty unique origami models and fashion-forward folding papers, you’ll create one-of-a-kind gowns and sophisticated dresses for elegant occasions, as well as everyday items such as jeans, sweaters, and jackets – plus accessories to complete every look. Everything you need to create a custom origami wardrobe is included – all you have to do is fold. 

And if that wasn’t enough… Take a Lazy Crafternoon.

Gather your friends and vow to have a lazy “crafternoon” choosing from pretty school supplies to colorful tech accessories to the perfect party decor. Lazy Crafternoon guides ‘tween crafters through simple steps to create amazing projects. Take a moment to yourself and explore the creativity within – any and every afternoon you just want to be a lazy crafter. 

 To celebrate this holiday season, Capstone is giving away one Origami Chic and Lazy Crafternoon to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Origami Chic | Lazy Crafternoon 

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The Goods

When you have that special place you love… take the pieces with you! Cardborders has done just that with their NYC floor puzzle for kids. With 100 pieces covering an 18″ x 14″ area, mystify your children as they put NYC back together. 

Explore the five boroughs of New York City by piecing together the kid-friendly sights that make this city one of a kind. Jane Archer’s beautiful and playful illustrations make this puzzle a fun way for kids to remember where they’ve been and discover places they’d like to visit — and to inspire us all to keep looking.

With 100 pieces, your little one will be challenged just enough to keep piecing it together without the frustration of it being too “big” to handle. Grab a piece… and piece together NYC memories. 

 To celebrate this holiday season, Cardborders is giving away one NYC Floor Puzzle to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


NYC Floor Puzzle 

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NYC Floor Puzzle 


Cardborders | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

 For Everyone

Everyone in the family can enjoy, engage, gift, and share toys! You never know, it just may be that perfect gift you were looking for – for the child within. 

Patchwork Bear

The Goods

We believe that everyone has special clothes that hold memories of the events from when you wore them. Whether it’s baby’s coming home outfit, or your wedding dress; favorite sport jersey, grandma’s favorite robe and so much more. Imagine, instead of boxing it up whenever you move or leaving it in the basement because “it’s special to me”, now you have something tangible to do with it – keeping your memories alive and out in the open. Introducing, the Memory Clothes Bear.  

The Patchwork Bear saves these memories and up-cycles your clothes into memory bears, quilts, and bags to create instant heirlooms.

“Every order is unique and we enjoy getting to know your families through the clothes you send us. The most rewarding part for me is seeing how our designs touch your lives by bringing back happy memories.” – Jennifer Cura
We know it is difficult to send your clothes away to be cut up, but you can trust that Patchwork Bear’s talented design team will transform them into a keepsake you will love. They really get to know you through the clothes you send with the ultimate goal being to create custom products from clothing that will bring back happy memories. No more stuffing the closets with “favorites”, now you have a true purpose to hang on to those beloved items that forever has a connection to your heart. 
Celebrate this season with a special – Just enter DAILYMOM for 20% off your total order!

To celebrate this holiday season, Patchwork Bear is giving a Keepsake Clothes MEMORY BEAR and Keepsake Clothes PATCHWORK PUPPY to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Keepsake Clothes MEMORY BEAR | Keepsake Clothes PATCHWORK PUPPY 

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National Sporting Goods

The Goods

With more than a half-century of fun under their belt, National Sporting Goods is still playing. Let’s Play is more than their motto, it’s a way of life and their invitation to explore what makes children get up and go, by focusing on developing quality products that foster physical and mental development while encouraging active and inclusive participation. 

Allow your child’s imagination to run wild in the pursuit of adventure.

Take the Y-Bike Cruze Scooter and surf down the streets of your neighborhood! The scooter features a super wide rear wheel for extra stability, built in raised grip surface on the scooter deck, lightweight aluminum handlebar, and easy to use rear brake. Perfect for kids ages 2 – 5 with maximum weight of 44 lbs.

Don’t forget to make your moves on the slopes this winter with the Freshie Snow Scootie. Parents, you’ll love the oversized handle as it folds down, allowing for easy transport and storing. The reinforced deck with non-slip surface grips any standard outdoor snow boot keeping your child on track and in control. You can be sure that the reinforced polyurethane provides a strong, sturdy, yet flexible deck which enhances the ride and ease of turning.

Don’t let the cute name of Pewi Elite fool you! Perfect for ages 5 and under, this little ride builds strength and confidence in your newfound mobile infant. It features multi-directional 360 casters which are actually non-marking casters – reducing wear on floors.

This is the perfect gift for a small child to build up their key motor skills including balance, coordination, and body space awareness. Perfect for ages 9 to 36 months.

For those who just want to “make a statement”, make it loud and clear and high! The Pogo Grom Stick uses a Low Friction Spring Technology – offering a quieter, smoother, and especially, a higher bounce; perfect for athletes looking for a higher bounce, flatland precision, and stalls.

Something new, something different for that athletic kid who just can’t seem to sit still! Made with Strong Steel Piston with a replaceable sphere tip – give them that higher bounce, more control and better balance and comfort – sitting still isn’t an option!

To celebrate this holiday season, National Sporting Goods is giving away Pewi Elite, Y-Bike Cruze Scooter, Freshie Snow Scooter, and the Grom Pogo Stick to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Pewi Elite | Y-Bike Cruze Scooter | Freshie Snow Scooter | Grom Pogo Stick

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Educational Insights

The Goods

When all you desire is to create experiences filled with sheer joy and uncontrollable laughter, turn to Educational Insights. They are champions of provoking curiosity and those “eureka” moments of discovery. In addition to inspiring creativity, imagination, good sportsmanship, and out-of-the-box learning, their inventive line of kid-powered toys and engaging games are packed full of fun, designed to delight, and are certain to satisfy kids’ natural curiosity. 

The Design and Drill Power Play Vehicles Race Car is sneaky awesome by having this “toy” actually invoke skill sets and creative development in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics! Finally, it’s time to add artistic flair and customize their creation with colorful stickers, and zoom into creative STEM play! Once their racer is ready to hit the road, they can use kid-power to send their car speeding!

Ever want the benefits of your kids playing in the dirt and growing stuff, but you don’t really want to clean up the dirt? This is the perfect year-round gift that stays dirt-free! Nancy B’s Science Club Way To Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary allows your child to grow plants — without dirt! Try sprouting seeds, then put them in the seed baskets, followed by placing the seed baskets in the water-filled flasks; and watch your plants climb the trellis as they grow!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to also include the Gardening Diary. It includes hydroponics experiments and history, including information about the Aztecs’ amazing floating gardens!

Don’t forget, the sky’s not the limit! GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope gives your child a closer look at the moon. Discover amazing, up-close lunar exploration with GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope! Little ones can explore the moon with this focus-free telescope, built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Perfect for STEM learning, the 10x magnification provides fantastic views of the moon, while keeping the field of vision wide, which is essential for young children’s understanding of magnified views.

To celebrate this holiday season, Educational Insights is giving away Design & Drill Power Play Vehicles Race Car, Nancy B’’s Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary, and GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Design & Drill Power Play Vehicles Race Car | Nancy B’’s Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary | GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope

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International Arrivals

The Goods

You know when your kids just need to make their stand and place their mark in the world. Might as well make it colorful for them! International Arrivals is your go-to source to bring you a plethora of pens – gel, ink, mechanical and non-sharpening pencils, coloring supplies, markers, paints and so much more. We know your kids (and even adults) will enjoy and have hours of fun creating with stickers, sketchbooks, journals, stamps and countless other products that children of all ages will use both for themselves and as great gift items that are sure to hit the mark! Literally. 

Stitch & Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook is a darling little 5 x 8 sketchbook with a pre-hole punched cover so you can stitch your own cover with the included plastic needle and embroidery thread. 42 blank pages inside await your most thoughtful words by picture; also includes detailed instructions, patterns and blank templates. Great Stocking stuffer!

Chunkies Paint Sticks are perfect for drawing or painting in a clean and fun way. No brush or water needed, the plastic chunky barrels make it easy for little hands to hold, with less mess! 12 bright colors that are smooth and quick drying, housed in a sturdy re-useable box.

Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit – ready to mold the eraser clay into your own eraser creation? Choose from 12 cool colors to use as is or blend for more colors. Three steps: 1. Create 2. Bake 3. Erase. This is a great family activity, and whatever you don’t use, keep the clay in the sturdy carrying case.

Double Dip Scented Markers are 12 delicious ice cream scents featuring double ended markers. One end has a chiseled tip, the other end is pointed, and the barrel is chunky and easy to hold in little hands. Comes with a cute decorated box – nice for gifting. Washable too!

Brush & Line Double-ended Markers are a sophisticated set of 24 markers for the artist or colorist. One end has a brush tip and the other is an extremely fine tip (0.7mm). Color in intricate designs or paint in soft details. Acid free ink!

Ten fun to use, Oodles of Doodles Multi-Surface Markers – use on a variety of surfaces including glass, windows, chalkboards, whiteboards, metal, and wood. Great for arts and crafting projects for kids to adults. Washes off non-porous surfaces, but watch out, it is permanent on porous surfaces.

This holiday season wouldn’t be complete if your art gift didn’t include Chalk-O-Rama Chalk Crayons. The colored, dustless chalk crayon available in 12 colors. You’ll appreciate the twist-up plastic barrel – keeps hands clean while you write on multi surfaces like glass, windows, whiteboard, cardboard, wood and of course, sidewalks.

To celebrate this holiday season, International Arrivals is giving away a Keepsake ClothesStitch & Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook, Chunkies Paint Sticks, Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit, Double Dip Scented Markers, Brush & Line Double-ended Markers, Oodles of Doodles Multi-Surface Markers, and Chalk-O-Rama Chalk Crayons to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Keepsake ClothesStitch & Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook | Chunkies Paint Sticks | Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit | Double Dip Scented Markers | Brush & Line Double-ended Markers | Oodles of Doodles Multi-Surface Markers | Chalk-O-Rama Chalk Crayons

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To hear more about the products listed above, check out our recent Holiday Toys Bash Facebook Live Video   

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