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Up until recently, board games were reserved for an older crowd. Even with the most simple instructions, traditional board games tended to be too difficult to comprehend for preschoolers. Not any longer!  Thanks to Wonder Forge, you can now enjoy more than 85 games with your little one – many starring your child’s favorite characters!

With so much technology surrounding our children today, it’s sometimes tricky to pull even the youngsters away from the TV or gaming device. Why not try reinventing the fun of traditional family game nights? Turn off the tube, bust out the snacks, and grab your favorite Wonder Forge game. With so many games to choose from, here are a few of our favorites:

Matching Game


Wonder Forge brings the classic picture matching card game in to 2014 with your kid’s favorite characters from Disney’s latest hit, Frozen! Watch their faces light up when they see the beautiful picture cards featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and more. This Disney Frozen Matching Game is perfect for youngsters 3 years and older. It’s as easy as spreading out the cards face down and taking turns flipping them over to find the matches. The player with the most matches wins! Not only will your child have fun with this one, but it’s great for building memory skills and learning about patience and taking turns.

Kids’ Dominoes


How fun would it be to remember your own childhood and play Princess Dominoes with your kids? We think it’s a lot of fun! Instead of the white dots on a black game piece, Princess Dominoes features different Disney princesses on each end of the card. It’s beautiful, it’s 3D, it’s fun and it’s very easy for even a two year old to understand. This is a perfect way to turn a complex game into a child friendly version.


Fly and Go Seek


Another game that actually gets your kids to get up and move is Fly and Go Seek. Featuring the beloved character Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, this game has the participants “fly” all around the house looking for the treasures to collect. The game rules can be modified so that even the little ones would get to participate, while slightly older children will enjoy racing against the timer to collect all the pieces.


Disney Eye Found it


Disney Eye Found It is a great, all-around game, that can be used at any age that the “look and find” concept is present. Featuring a huge board made out of several pieces with Disney characters and lands scattered all over the game, this activity will entertain even the adults. Each player’s goal is to find as many little objects as they can before the timer runs out. Bells, fires, clocks – all these tiny objects are hidden within the game and can be very difficult, but very entertaining to spot. Kids will get a kick out of exploring all the different lands featured in the game, from Radiator Springs and Alice’s Wonderland to Peter Pan’s Neverland and Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood, Cinderella’s Castle, Belle’s Village and so many more.


Other Character Games

Wonder Forge has an array of gorgeous, simple games that are perfect for any age. Simply find your child’s favorite character and have fun playing! Click on the character below to be taken to the specific selection from Wonder Forge.



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