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SPOTLIGHT ON NATURAL & ORGANIC BODY PRODUCTS: Earth Mama Angel Baby is a line of products for mom and baby, from pregnancy to post-partum and beyond, that uses only safe, natural ingredients to nurture, heal, and soothe. Read on below for some of our favorite products and more about the line.

Bottom Balm

Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a gentle yet effective treatment for anything from diaper rash to minor scrapes and rashes to yeast infections. This ointment is made with naturally antibacterial and antifungal herbs, Shea butter and pure essential oils. It’s certified by Oregon Tilth and has received the best rating possible on the Environmental Working Group’s safety report card. What’s more, it’s lanolin and zinc-free and safe for cloth diapering!

Body Washes & Lotions for The Whole Family

Looking for a gentle soap for sensitive skin? Earth Mama Angel Baby also offers a line of two-in-one shampoo and body washes great for both baby skin and hair or for the adults in your family with sensitive skin. The original Body Wash & Shampoo is made with organic vanilla and sweet orange essential oil and smells great (without the use of synthetic fragrances). If you’re working on establishing a calming bedtime ritual with your newborn, check out the Calming Lavender wash and shampoo. And if you want just the bare essentials, check out the Natural Non Scents wash that’s made with Calendula and is naturally scent-free. The unscented wash is also great for the first trimester if you’re sensitive to smells, but when you’re feeling better and want to treat yourself to a little aromatherapy, try the Happy Mama Wash that combines ginger, lime, and grapefruit oils.

Post-bath, the Natural Non-Scents Baby Lotion is a great way to moisturize. The formula includes organic rooibos which can help soothe eczema, rashes, and other sensitivities. Lotions with great smelling essential oils like lavender are also available to complement the body washes. The Earth Mama Body Butter is another favorite among pregnant women that features borage oil and neroli pure essential oil. The body butter is great for growing bellies to help discourage stretch marks and to soothe itchiness that can result from stretching of the skin.

Teas, Nipple Butters, Lip Balms, & More

Earth Mama Angel Baby offers a huge variety of products for pregnancy to post-partum to nursing and into your baby’s childhood. Here are a few more great items offered, but be sure to check out their website for more!

  • Organic teas to help soothe morning sickness and heartburn
  • Morning Wellness Spray to help ease nausea
  • Natural Stretch Oil for growing bellies
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea to support milk supply during breastfeeding
  • Organic No More Milk Tea when you’re ready to wean
  • Mama Bottom Balm to soothe hemorrhoids, episiotomies, and tears
  • C-Mama Salve for c-section healing
  • Lip balms in Herbal Mint, Lavender Meringue, or Coconut Smoothie
  • Angel Baby Oil that’s great for baby massage
  • Angel Baby Bath Blossoms for a calming herbal bath
  • & lots of great bundles to give as gifts to yourself or other mamas!

Spotlight on Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Earth Mama Angel Baby was founded by Melinda Olson, a mama herself as well as a nurse and herbalist. An expert in plant medicine, her mission for Earth Mama is to offer products based on safe, all natural ingredients that are effective and backed by evidence-based research. Read more about Melinda and Earth Mama Angel Baby’s history on their website. Be sure to also check out the Earth Mama Blog for tons of great articles on topics ranging from birth plans to DIY baby wipes!

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