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After our recent adventure to Las Vegas for the 2104 ABC Kids Expo, we shared with you some of our editors’  hand picked, favorite, time tested travel products. Now, we’re diving in a little deeper with the awesome items that keep us from feeling homesick when on the road. Here are some of our favorite products to make any hotel room your home away from home – for both you and your children! 

Food and Snacks:



One of the biggest hassles about traveling with babies is packing enough baby food. Whether you are practicing purees or baby led weaning, many times there simply isn’t the best food options available at restaurants. Having the ability to pack your own portable, healthy, organic baby food to nourish your infant is vital. That’s why we love NurturMe, because the packets are hands-down the best for travel. No more bulky glass jars or heavy pouches to fit into your luggage! NurturMe baby food packets are freeze dried fruits, vegetables and grains that, mixed with breast milk or water, turn into an organic, creamy and yummy puree for your baby. They have absolutely no preservatives, so you know that, even on the road, you are giving your little one the best nutrition available. Quinoa cereal is a hit (and jam packed with nutrients!) or the sweet banana is always a favorite. 

If your baby isn’t used to being spoon fed purees, you can opt for the Eco Pouch, which are reusable squeeze pouches designed to work with either 1 or 2 pouches of the NurturMeals. Each pouch can be washed and reused up to 15 times each, and are dishwasher safe as well. Pack some for a healthy snack that your baby could enjoy in the stroller- or even one for their older sibling to enjoy in the car. NurtureMeals and the Eco Pouches are the lightest, and easiest way to pack food for your baby, and it takes one less worry off your plate of scouring the restaurant menu for something acceptable to feed your kiddos.


NurturMeals | Eco Pouch


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Having the same eating utensils at your toddler’s disposal while staying at a hotel, or family member’s house isn’t easy. If you’re lucky, your hotel room will have a kitchenette of sorts in it, however, those are always stocked with ceramic cups, and metal utensils. Relax in the room by stocking up on some great travel items from OXO, such as the On-The-Go Feeding Spoon that comes in a plastic carry case, or the Roll Up Bib that’s perfect to stash in your diaper bag, made from a silicone material that easily wipes up. Stash your snacks in this handy Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Cover, and you and your kiddo will be ready to rock and roll. The On-the-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush is the perfect travel side brush to wash everything with, and the holder snaps open to become a drying rack perfect for bottles or snack cups. Fold the bottle brush back up inside the rack and snap it closed and you’ll be on your way.


If you have older kids, OXO has a wide variety of plastic plates, cups, straw cups, and snack cups perfect for the toddler or preschooler on the move. 

Daily Mom’s Tip: Pack a plastic plate in your diaper bag, or in their backpack to take to restaurants with you. Order a healthy option for you, and portion off some of it onto your toddler’s plate. Chances are, the portion size was too large for one person anyway, so you’re saving yourself the calories, as well as the extra money. A bonus is that you steer clear of the dreaded “kid’s menu.”


Snacking for Adults: Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter


As busy, always on the go adults, we tend to overlook our own snacking habits and eat what is convenient and not what is healthy, or even tasty. This trip we happened to have a jar of Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter handy. Not a travel product, we know! But for self-proclaimed “non-peanut-butter-lovers”, we ate the whole jar. In a matter of a few evenings. Straight out with a spoon. Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter is just really good. We were skeptical and used our long time “I am not a fan of peanut butter” truism as a warning. However, it appears that we simply have not had THE RIGHT peanut butter. Crunchy, fine, smooth, and so flavorful you cannot stop with one bite- that is how we would describe it. It was our snack of choice during long editing sessions in the evenings. Just had to share!


One of the hardest parts about traveling with a baby or toddler is entertaining them during the dreaded down time. Whether you’re at a hotel, or at a family members home, being able to provide fun new toys will peak your child’s interest, and {hopefully} keep them busy for a while. 

Galt Toys

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We love Galt Educational Toys for babies and toddlers, because not only are they fun, they are lightweight and easy to stow in your carry on for a playtime emergency. With products like the Baby Soft Books that have pages of sounds, textures, flaps or activities to enjoy, your baby will be in (farm) hog heaven. Snuggle Pals keep your fidgety baby entertained, and the Activity Kitten will help your baby explore using multiple senses in a playful way.


The baby bath set is a fun squirty toy set for the tub that any young child will enjoy. You can also use it as a tool to teach your child colors, as each animal has a matching spot on the floating lily pad. The Giant Floor Puzzle is a lightweight toy that will engage your toddler or preschooler quietly for quite a while, as they learn about puzzles while putting a big one together on the floor. The box with the Sticker Puzzles was the real hit, though. Putting together a small child size puzzle was easy enough and then the most fun part of sticking eyes, nose, mouths and eyebrows onto the characters over and over again was exactly what a bored hotel bound toddler would need.

Ours_20000101_IMG_4580  galt

Corolle Dolls


Traveling with toddlers without toys, especially for extended periods of time, is hard. No one wants to rely on digital entertainment all the time. We want to also give our children some free pretend play as much as possible, which can be different before age 2-2.5 when their imagination isn’t fully developed. So we brought our Corolle doll, with the doctor’s kit and the feeding set, so that mommy was free to work and not play patient all day long while traveling. It worked brilliantly. A super portable, foldable lightweight doll high chair along with the feeding set entertained our little girl for hours and never seemed to get old. So many play combinations in a small package- a definite travel toy win. Packing a few outfits for the doll in your toddler’s suitcase ensures a few extra minutes of play and a lot of changing back and forth. Just make sure that your child learns how to dress and undress the doll beforehand.

corolle2 corolle3


Corolle Doll | Doctor’s Kit | Feeding Set


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Step up to the world of magical coloring. Forget coloring pages, tempera paints, crayons, markers. This is is the mother of it all. Why is it in our travel section? Because we traveled with it and morning and evenings in the hotel room would not be the same without Aquarellum. Technically, it rates for 5+, but it is still an ideal activity for artsy toddlers. In fact, they LOVE it dearly, despite not being able to fully “do it right.” We know how important it is to let children express themselves without setting them into limits when it comes to creativity and art. The inks that have to be mixed in different way to create colors teach children about science, colors, how things interact, and cause and effect. Once you or your child have mixed the inks, it’s time to color princesses, dolphins, masks and other magical and real creatures by combining different inks on paper. You don’t have to worry about going over lines, because the ink  doesn’t stick beyond the drawing. The result is a beautiful array of colors that your toddler or older child was able to produce. Again, not your typical travel item, but such an amazing activity it deserves to go wherever we go.  





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Comfortable Living:

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier


Traveling to a place like Las Vegas can be rough, especially for the tropical dwelling editorial staff. If you plan to go on an extended vacation and turn your hotel into a home away from home, do yourself a favor and jump on Amazon before you leave and have some humidifiers shipped to the hotel. We loved the size and portability of the Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier. It’s the perfect size to throw in your suitcase and unpack at your destination. If you prefer to save the luggage space and order from Amazon in advance, nothing beats the chic design of the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier. 

The Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier features a clock on the front and a 1.8q whisper quiet water tank that runs like a workhorse for 8 hours straight. The 360 degree nozzle is perfect to set on your nightstand and point in your direction while sleeping to wake up refreshed in the dry desert air. We loved using the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier in the living area of the suite because it runs quietly for up to 24 hours straight with it’s 1 gallon tank. And you can’t beat the way it looks!



Gathering up all your child’s special toiletries to travel can be daunting and inconvenient, not to mention a huge space sucker in the suitcase. Once again, Amazon to the rescue! If you’re in the market for some quality, natural child products that won’t break the bank, look no further than Babyganics. If you aren’t keen on shipping to the hotel, the good news is that a quick trip into the local Target will also be a quick and easy way to pick up some Babyganics favorites. Our suite had a washer and dryer, and with 5 people bunking together for 5 days, you can imagine that there was quite a bit of laundry. Babyganics has literally every facet of baby products covered, from natural laundry detergent to baby wash and lotion, flushable wipes, hand sanitizing foam, diaper rash cream, sunscreen, toothpaste….are you getting the picture yet? Seriously, everything. In fact, one of our Daily Kids was going through some teething pains, and was instantly relieved with these brand new (awesome and natural!) teething gel pods

You can stay in budget without worrying that nasty chemicals and ingredients are finding their way into your child’s favorite baby products. Babyganics diapers are also a good choice for traveling moms who may not wish to cloth diaper while on the road. So many amazing products to rave about, but in all reality, you cannot go wrong with anything from Babyganics.   

Products_20140909_IMG_1340 babyganics Pin Image (8 of 12) Pin Image (7 of 12)

Saranoni Blankets

A long time favorite, we just do not travel without our Saranonis. If we do, our children are sure to ask us for their favorite comfy blankets right as we are pulling into our destination. Perfect for car travel, air travel and hotel stays, these blankets get dragged everywhere. We are not ashmed to admit that we love bringing our adult sized Saranonis with us too. SO much better to cosy up with one of these after a long day. But in all seriousness, these are the softest, cutest, most luxurious blankets you will ever touch. So soft that your blanket hating children will start asking for them. (Trust us, we have one of them!) 




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Levana Monitors


We don’t travel ANYWHERE without a monitor. That is not an understatement, it’s a fact. If we are staying at the hotel, Levana comes with us. Staying at a family friend’s house? Pack Levana. Having a two year old who doesn’t get the concept of not falling off the bed at night necessitates one of two things: rails or a monitor. Rails are pretty difficult to take on air travel, so we pick a monitor. A really awesome monitor. Small and portable, with a battery pack available, it is on our packing list for 2 week vacations and 1 night get aways. When checking into hotels, we often get upgraded to a suite or book one to begin with. And there is nothing more relaxing than putting your child to sleep in another room and being able to just relax with your significant other, rather than tip toe around the tiny hotel room. That’s where the monitor comes in oh-so handy.


Levana Ovia is our favorite monitor to take with us. It has all the features that other monitors are missing that become even more important when traveling: whisper quiet, pitch dark (no red lights), the kind of pan/tilt/zoom that will make all other monitors green with jealousy, two way comm, remote controlled lullabies and our favorite: wireless camera dock! Ta-da! You don’t even need an outlet. Just buy a battery dock and your camera will work without electricity.

To see more of what really goes on in the lives of Daily Mom Editors while at the world’s largest children’s product expo, check out AN INSIDER’S LOOK AT THE ABC EXPO. Also, don’t miss more awesome travel products in Editors’ View: Favorite Travel Products.

Photo Credit: The Art of Making a Baby, The Memoirs of Megan

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