Recently we came out with a post about early board games for preschoolers featuring some of the most interesting and colorful character board games. But today we want to present something different. Games with an educational spin.

A new player in the early education market, Scotchi has turned everything upside down and came out with the kind of hands-on games that captured the attention and hearts of young children everywhere. Starting with a simple concept of velcro, sorting, and everyday activities that interest children from 18 months and up, Scotchi creates games that tap into creativity, imagination, role play and sorting abilities of toddlers and preschoolers.

Behold, mom’s new friend that will entertain you child for hours! Ok, who are we kidding, nothing entertains toddlers for hours. Maybe half an hour, but we will take it!

18+ Months

My First Colors

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When your toddler is learning their colors, they learn best through association. Carrots are orange. Bananas are yellow. Associating every day items with colors is a big developmental learning hurdle that is an important building block for young toddlers.

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Using larger photos on color coordinated boards is an amazing tool that Scotchi has truly perfected in this My First Colors game. Kids will match the photo and color, and sort through each card looking for the perfect match. All the play pieces are designed especially big in size to suit the young child’s developing motor skills — enabling an easy grip and improve matching skills.

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One of our favorite features about Scotchi is the portability of the game. These matching games are lightweight, and perfect for travel, rather than passing them your iPad to watch yet another cartoon on the road. Why not exercise their minds and help them develop the skill of matching, and learning colors?

2+ Years

 Shapes and Colors

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Along with still learning about colors, toddlers aged 2 and up will delight in exploring more about colors, as well as shapes. Learning beginning shapes such as half circles, triangles, rectangles and squares will be challenging to kids, yet fun coordinating colors and pictures help them associate it along the way. That’s why your toddler (and you!) will love Scotchi Shapes and Colors.

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Scotchi Shapes and Colors features 8 play boards (4 double sided boards), 19 pieces of shapes and colors, and one activity mat as the base for the boards. Sticking each shape to its corresponding color and section will be a fun way for your child to learn, and will also encourage you to have discussions with them, if they choose the incorrect placement.

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3+ Years



Does your little one love going to the grocery store with you and filling up the shopping cart?  Now you can let your child’s imagination go wild at the grocery store while sitting at home.  Pretend play that you are shopping with your child with this super fun Supermarket game.  Let your child choose the foods to put in the shopping cart while helping to develop his or her memory and social skills, as well as recognition of food groups.  You can play this game with more than one child and the first to fill a shopping cart is the winner.  Have some quality family time with this game and be assured that your child is learning while having fun.


My First Clock


Are your searching for a way to start teaching your child how to tell time?  My First Clock is a game that is a great way for you to start introducing clock parts and time telling to your children.  The supersized colorful clock is fun for the kids with movable clock hands.  You can build your child’s sequencing skills by mixing the different types of pieces then arranging in numerical order.  My First Clock is a highly visual and hands on learning game that makes learning to tell time much easier and fun.  You will soon find your child telling you the time after playing this game a few times.


Village Train


If you are looking for a fun way to teach your child to sort and sequence, then you will love Village Train by Scotchi.  Your child can spend hours sorting and counting the colorful vegetables and loading the train carriages.  Play with your children by setting up 5 different items in a line and then remove one and have them try to guess which item is missing. They can also take turns hiding one of the items from the line. Your child will be learning about quantity and sequence in no time with this fun game.  The train and carriages are absolutely adorable and the game will be favored by those children who are fascinated by trains.


Girls Dress Up


Is your child already picking out her own clothes and accessories?  Then she will adore the Scotchi Girls Dress Up game!  Placing the clothing and accessories on to the figures helps your child to develop her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Encourage her to use her imagination by “shopping” for dresses and accessories for different made-up occasions.

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Scotchi Girls Dress Up comes with 4 figures, 12 dresses, 6 bags/purses, 5 hats, 2 hair ribbons, 2 flower bouquets, and 2 fans.  Help your child to learn where on the figures the accessories correctly go and how to match the accessories with their coordinating dresses.  The imaginative possibilities for play with this game are endless!

With these fun and educational games from Scotchi, your young one is sure to have a blast while learning. It’s a win-win for both of you!


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Photo Credits: The Memoirs of Megan, The Art of Making a Baby, Kristy T.


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