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The first winter frost; a time of deep reflection, layered clothes, and self-imposed hibernation. Of course, there’s nothing quite like hitting the slopes after a heavy snowfall; unfortunately studies have found across the US, we spend more time stuck indoors and less time engaging in recreational activities. Juxtaposed summer months, when the wider world of leisure opens up before us, bringing swimming, hiking, jogging, football and so much more back into our lives.

Less leisure means less fun, and less fun means an arduous day to day life; but this doesn’t have to remain subsistent reality. Every day, thousands of Americans are waging war on boredom and a sedentary lifestyle. In this article, we’re going to share with you a few ways to combat winter inertia blues.

Hot Tub or Sauna to Fight Jack Frost

Luxurious and soul warming, a hot tub laughs in the face of winter thermometers. It may be 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but inside a cozy 102 degrees. Over 5.6 million Americans installed a hot tub or spa during 2015 alone. Heat therapy has been promulgated by ancient shamans for healing properties and mind altering properties: relaxation, peace, heightened awareness. Saunas built in the home ignore heavy snowfalls, while clearing pores, cleansing both mind, body and spirit. The combination of a hot tub, sauna and shower transform one’s home into a full service hydrotherapy and heat therapy spa program.

Invite some friends over for a hot tub party, unveil a vintage bottle of wine and taunt mother nature as the warm hot tub air dances in clouds of victory. Up to 7 can be seated comfortably in the Oasis Spa from Rec Warehouse, though you’ve never quite felt anything like the 80 Max Pro Jets or heard anything quite as impressive as the built in Bluetooth sound system that turns any get together into a party within minutes. Installing a hot tub or sauna is an instant win against endless layers of thermals.


Invest in your Game Room

Over 34 million people play billiards or pool every single year in America, making it one of the most popular sports in the entire country. Easy to pick up, difficult to master and countless hours of competitive fun, a billiards table transmogrifies a room from a passive scene to active entertainment. As an ancillary design benefit, It’s also an imposing and impressive piece of furniture, with many models crafted from solid wood, accentuated by premium cut felt, hand-crafted pool sticks, cues and variegated ball set color combinations.

They’re also much more affordable than most surmise, with models like the 8-foot Mustang Pool table coming in at less than $2,000, shipped for free from Rec Warehouse. Tight on living space? The Penelope pool table with dining top doubles as a dining room table. Work up an appetite first playing pool, then quickly transform from pool table to a sleek dining table, ready for dinner with friends and family. Of course, pool and billiards are just the tip of the games room iceberg, with full-size table tennis tables available for sub-$400 which fold away for quick, convenient storage. Alternatively, air hockey and foosball (table soccer) offer endless hours of tormenting guests with your winning streaks. The point is clear. Even though it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to be bored or inactive inside; game room tables provide safe, wholesome fun for friends, date nights and family members.

Choosing a Supplier for Winter Recreational Products

With a history centered around all activities recreational since 1974, Recreational Warehouse is synonymous with leisure, fun, low cost, and high value. Founded as Recreational Distributors Warehouse in North Tonawanda, NY as a family business, Gary and Don Doebler set about creating what we now call Rec Warehouse; the biggest, best and cheapest way for Americans to buy American made above ground pools, hot tubs, saunas, pool tables, and games room equipment. Today, Dave Doebler has accepted the immense challenge, carrying the torch from his father and uncle for Rec Warehouse, shifting focus to three core locations in Georgia. The company is growing because it treats employees well, has fair pricing, excellent products, and greets customers with respect and integrity. As the slogan states – We Sell Fun for Less, expanding nationally due to demand under their ecommerce website. With a family friendly environment, customers are encouraged to call, visit the storefront, or place an order online with confidence, backed by over 40 years of excellence and family tradition.

Is winter a bummer on your skin as well? Check out How To Beat Winter Weather Skin.

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