Fun in Fall with Little Tikes

Fall is here! While everyone is rejoicing over the return of all things pumpkin spice and busting out their ugg boots and sweaters, moms are remembering that fall starts the transition to playing indoors more than outdoors. Summer spoils families with all the sunshine and warm weather but playing inside on a cool fall day can be just as fun with the right toys.

Your kiddos won’t mind staying in if they are playing with some of the new toys released this fall by Little Tikes. Little Tikes is well known for making wonderful toys that encourage activity and creativity. You can trust that these toys are safe, as Little Tikes designs all their toys to exceed safety standards. Their toys are regularly tested and retested for lead and other heavy metals and they do not use BPA, latex or harmful PVC and/or phthalates. The best part about the new fall line is that even though you will be playing inside, these toys will keep your babies and toddlers on the move. Colder weather doesn’t have to mean more screen time. Keep things fun in your house with one of these new toys from Little Tikes.

RC Tire Twister

If you have a busy toddler who loves to go, go, go, you have to check out the RC Tire Twister. Kids ages 3 and up won’t be able to resist taking this race car for a spin. Easy to set up and get going, your child will be racing and spinning around your house as soon as you can get the batteries in.

The bright red and blue car races on its own like a classic remote control car or pop it inside the tire and it spins and flips around, rolling the tire all over the place. The remote is easy to use and promotes fine motor skills and hand eye coordination in toddlers. It is close to impossible to wreck the car because it is double sided. If your child drives it into something the car flips over and keeps going on its other side. You will find yourself laughing and cheering along with your child. Really keep the fun going and encourage creative engineering by having your child make a race track with blocks or other toys. Have a Little Tikes derby through the living room this fall!

Stand ‘n Dance Starfish

Don’t you just love a baby toy that is gender neutral? We do! Toys are toys and we say let all the babies play. The Stand ‘n Dance Starfish is cool for so many reasons. Parents of boys get sick of all the blue and sports themed stuff and parents of girls are so over living in a sea of pepto pink and princesses. This new toy from Little Tikes is a refreshing change from those trends in soothing purples and greens. The Starfish is designed for babies 9 months and up and is a toy that will grow with your child. It is the perfect height for a little one to sit and enjoy, and once she’s ready to stand up and start playing on her feet, the Starfish is sturdy enough for your newly upright baby to hold onto for support. In fact, playing with this toy will encourage your child to sit up, pull up and stand!

The Stand ‘n Dance Starfish plays music to stimulate your baby to really get her moving but just in case it is a little too loud for you, a volume control is included. The wide, sturdy base of this fun toy includes 5 primary colored buttons that activate 5 light up keys to change the music. 4 play balls are also included and your child will love standing up and dropping the balls into the hole on top to watch them slide down the twisty slide that encircles the starfish. You will love that this toy encourages babies to work toward developmental milestones, but is still engaging enough to entertain them after they’ve reached those milestones. In fact, older siblings will also enjoy showing their baby brothers and sisters how to play with this toy. Baby development, entertainment and siblings playing together are all possible this fall!  

Tumble Train

By pressing the orange button on the smoke stack you initiate the Little Tikes Tumble Train. The train is designed to move along the tracks while tumbling all around in every direction which encourages kids to get up and chase it around the room.

The train randomly reverses direction without warning causing the track to roll in unpredictable directions that are sure to get your children’s attention and cause a few giggles along the way. If you prefer a quieter toy, simply remove the train from the track and let it go on a flat surface. This toy is specifically designed to get kids active and engaged!

Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3-in-1 Adventure Course

Dive into a fun new adventure with the Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3-in-1 Adventure course which stimulates and entertains your little one through 3 key developmental milestones including sitting, crawling and standing. When your baby is sitting they’re exploring their sense of touch by playing with the submarine Peek-A-Boo feature, the marine wall, ball drop periscope and the multiple clicker knobs. There are several colorful balls that navigate through the adventure course, and keeps children entertained as they try to determine where the ball went. 

When your little one starts crawling, they’re able to explore new ways to play with the various features of the adventure course. When they begin to stand and walk, they will hear new sounds and phrases from the octopus friend and will be encouraged to run and play when the octopus throws the ball. This will test their motor skills and encourage them to be interactive. The amount of laughter this toy will draw from your child is enough to make your heart melt. The great thing about this adventure course is that each Lil’ Ocean Explorers Adventure Course is interchangeable and removable adjusting to your growing child.

Lil’ Ocean Explorers Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal

Your little one will quite literally have a ball while playing with the Lil’ Ocean Explorers Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal. When your baby tosses the ball into the hoop, the seal starts clapping its fins while playing music. Your child is sure to dance and nod their head in excitement.

This game is similar to a basketball game. Once the seal finishes clapping its fins, it’ll release the ball to the floor via the side ramps for your little one to chase. The Lil’ Ocean Explorers Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal builds your baby’s motor skills and problem solving. 

Fall will be fun in your house watching your little ones grow and learn as they play. Set them up for a good time with Little Tikes, a brand you can trust for its quality, safety and thoughtful design. You can go confidently into fall and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while you watch your kids giggle and play with these cool new toys.

Photo Credits: Kristen Douglas, Danielle Jones

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