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Here at Daily Mom we believe that some of the best children’s gifts involve boosting and encouraging their creativity! This gives children an outlet to express their thoughts & feelings. It seems to just come out naturally. From arts and crafts to role-playing and puppet shows, we are bringing you a great round-up of gifts to inspire the imaginative thinkers in your lives!

The Holiday Season is in full swing! Daily Mom is your go-to for everything to spice up your season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Section for great tips, recipes and ideas. Our Holiday Guides are here! We’re bringing you the best Holiday Gifts for EVERYONE on your list and we are making sure you get through the Holiday season with your family clothed in style from head to toe, in a festively decorated house!

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Aquarellum by Sentosphere

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Give your budding artist the gift of true art on these magic canvases by Aquarellum. Each box comes with a different theme that your child is sure to love, from butterflies to horses and dragons. Each kit includes:

  • 3-4 “Canvases” Made of Special Woven Watercolor Paper That Measure 9.75″ x 12.75″
  • 1 high quality paint brush
  • 1 pallet used to mix and create colors
  • 5 non-toxic water colors
  • ready to Paint Magic Pictures 
  • a revolutionary technique utilizing high quality water-color paper which allows paint to adhere only to the selected areas


Kids can create true masterpieces with Aquarellum kits- ones that are matte & frame worthy! Younger kids will enjoy mixing the colors to create tons of different options, and older kids will enjoy painting on the magic canvas and making a gorgeous piece of art. Paint by numbers are out of date and don’t foster creativity. With Aquarellum, the painter has complete control. Unique embossed picture cards absorb paint in some areas and repels it in others – creating intricate detailed works of art that even the youngest children can achieve. There are no right or wrong color combinations! 


Butterflies | Horses


Sentosphere USA | Facebook

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Creative Toys by Alex Toys


Ideal gifts for creative children let their imagination be the guide.  That is exactly what Craft, Color a House Children’s Kit offers kids.  Children will have endless hours of coloring, drawing and doodling fun as they decorate their own playhouse with giant washable markers.  The playhouse can be easily put together complete with a chimney, a mailbox, birdbath and peekaboo roof window.


Art activities that encourage a child’s imagination and learning development, like the My Giant Busy Box will keep kids entertained the holiday season and the entire year.  Children can create 16 different beautiful projects with this kit, which includes fun items like plastic frames, animal punch outs, ten colors of dough, and peel and stick tissue art pictures.  This is an ideal kit for younger children as well with age appropriate activities for children 3 to 5 years of age. 

busy Box_20000101_IMG_7762

This kit is a great activity for one child or a small group of children to do together.  Your kids and their friends can mold dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art. Decorate paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures, then frame them!  All together there are 16 great projects that are loads of fun and at the same time help develop critical skills that will last a lifetime.


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Happy Grand Piano by Hape

  Hape_20130128_E0319 Happy Grand Piano Pink with child-1

Give your creative little ones the gift of a grand piano that is made just for them.  The Happy Grand Piano Pink is made for little girls.  Their small hands can easily scale the 30 keys of this colorful wood grand piano.  Yet, the small scale grand piano makes beautiful sound that a young budding pianist can enjoy.


This is a beautiful children’s version of a professional grand piano that will fit into small spaces.  The exquisitely built grand piano comes complete with a piano bench your child can sit on and make music all day long.  You can even teach them how to play holiday jingles with this gift.  Let her explore her musical side on a finely crafted piano made just for her size.

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Arts and Crafts by Hape

hape crafts 

To bring out the creativity in children or stimulate the creative child’s mind.  Hape offers art and crafts that are unique from basic coloring and painting.  Children enjoy building beautiful art all on their own while developing fine motor skills, focus, planning, and creativity.  A favorite is the Hape Welcome Home Collage Kit, which allows children to build a collage with fabric. 


With the Hape Monkey Business Sand Art, children will create a colorful tropical masterpiece using sand.  The kid comes complete with 8 color containers of sand that children just pour into spaces to create their art.


Your child can even learn to work with wood and paint with the Hape Hoot Owl Paint and Frame.  Everything you will need is already included.  Precut wooden pieces, six colors of paint, and a string frame lets your child create a piece of art you can display.  This even makes a great Do It Yourself project for kids to make Christmas presents, teaching them to use creativity to give to others.


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Musical instruments by Magic Forest

magic forest_20000101_IMG_9124

MagicForest brings to us simple musical instruments at its finest, like the Vilac Musical Hand Bells.  The beautiful bells are perfectly sized for little hands to play music and can be given to children who are three or older.  Each bell rings a different note and kids can learn to play four popular nursery rhymes with color coded instructions on which bell to ring in turn using the enclosed song sheet.  This is a sweet kit of eight brightly colored numbered hand bells in a Perpex carry case.  The smart looking kit displays its well-respected toy makers passion and love of tradition as in every item that they have sold for over one hundred years.


For more great musical toys by Vilac, consider the Vilac Union Jack Rock’N’Roll Guitar, also made available by Magicforest.  This sharp looking guitar may look nice enough to be played by adults, but it is made for three year old little hands.  The Union Jack Rock ‘N’ Roll Guitar is the perfect 6 string guitar for your budding musician. The wonderful first guitar is made of solid wood and you can be rest assured that the finish is non-toxic.


If you are looking for a gift for a child that is younger than 3 years old, the youngest children will love the gift of a Tin Metal Trumpet for Christmas.  The Tin Metal Trumpet by Vilac is reminiscent of a vintage horn and makes a wonderful baby’s first Christmas present.  Made for children age one and older, your baby can ring in the joy of the season blowing on this trumpet.

magic forest_20000101_IMG_9156

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Puzzle Without Borders by Nene Imagination 

Nene main

Inspired by watching their twins play, the mom and dad creators of Nene Imagination Puzzle Without Borders set out to build a better toy for their children.  That’s what we all want, right? What they created is amazing open-ended puzzles that stimulate the mind while maintaining a safe but fun environment.   The soft, tactile, foam pieces with magnetic backings are easy for a child to hold and manipulate as they build their kaleidoscopic designs. These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) toys feature pattern recognition and pattern development skills which are the basis of math and science learning. Your child will use spatial problem solving, logical thinking, visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, reasoning and creativity when playing with Puzzle Without Borders. Why give your child a toy that has only one option when you can give them one that has multiple possibilities, allowing them to essentially imagine and create their own designs?

Nene collage

Nene’s puzzles are designed so that you can also combine the pieces of two different puzzles together to create even more complex patterns! Your child can play with their Puzzle Without Borders on the table but that would get boring! The magnetic backing allows your child to take their puzzle and their imagination almost anywhere. Play on the refrigerator, magnetic whiteboard, a cookie sheet or a cookie tin!  All puzzles are tested to standards of US, EU & Canada as well as the labels and packaging!  You can even look at the results of the testing right on their website

Without limitation, where will your child’s imagination and creativity go?  

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Bubber by Waba Fun

 Xmas Gift Guides_20000101_IMG_9307

Move over Play-Doh, there is a new cooler buddy in town! Non-toxic, gluten and allergen free modeling compound that NEVER dries out. That’s right! No more leaving clay out to dry. Bubber by Waba Fun is very pleasant to touch, lightweight and non-sticky. This compound is made of sand, acts like sand, yet sticks together and leaves no mess.


Kids love to play with it, touch it, break it apart, make cakes and figurines out of. So easy to build with, it leaves clean lines when using shapes to cut it out and never sticks or stains. Perfect gift for a child of any age that will help develop their fine motor and sensory skills. Comes in 6 beautiful colors, this affordable toy will blow every child’s mind and open new possibilities.


Waba FunFacebook |  Twitter 


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Art Supplies from International Arrivals

If you have a doodler and a drawer at your house, we have found some must have pieces to fill their stocking with this year. International Arrivals creates some of the most fun, functional and fantastic art supplies, fancy pens, papers, markers, stamps and journals you’ve ever seen! These super fun materials can be put together to create anything your little drawer can dream up, from letters written in scented pens to posters to secret diary entries. We are totally in love with the bright colors, fun smells, cool textures and versatility of these items, and your kids will be too! Perfect for boys or girls, together these materials will provide your older kids hours of creative fun and entertainment.

From their newer collection, the stand out star are these totally unique Black DIY Cover Sketchbooks. They come in an 8×10 size and a smaller 5×7 and are perfect for drawing at home or on they go. All the pages are black so the colorful inks really stand out! They are a fun change from the traditional white sketch pads.

If you get a special sketch pad, then you need some special pens to go with it! Our favorites to go with this book are the Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens, the Yummy Yummy Scented Gel Pens, and the Color Sheen Metallic Pencils. All of these draw and write fantastic on the black paper and the colors really pop against it! Best of all, the pens smell yummy! Another fun set of pens are the 6 Click Pens. These don’t show up very well on the black paper, but give kids 6 color choices on regular paper.

Now that your kids have all these fun pens, why not give them a neat and tidy place to store them! We are in love with super fun Monster Mouth Pencil case. This cute and crazy monster is ready to gobble all of your pencils and pens and store them neatly until they are ready again to use them. Coming in purple, pink, yellow or blue, they are great for both boys or girls! These pieces are really just perfect for the creative kid’s stocking so they can create their world, just the way they like it.

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Wooden Puppet Theatre and Puppets by Manhattan Toy


This compact wooden puppet theatre makes a great gift for the creative girl or boy on your list. It sets up easily on a table and is just large enough for a few full size hand puppets or several finger puppets. This theatre comes with curtains that can tie back for a dramatic start to story time and end with the puppet curtain call.  The Manhattan Toy wooden puppet theatre is sure to delight any girl or boy on your list!

Manhattan Toy also sells an array of hand and finger puppets–perfect to add-on to your gift and to gift in the future! Shown here are the lovable girlie and boylie hand puppets–they will fit a small-medium size adult hand and any child’s hand. These puppets have huge personality with their large eyes and long fur–sure to inspire the imagination. 

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Craft activities from PomTree

Do you have kids that love to craft but you could do without the mess that can come along with it? Crafting and creating is so much fun, but cleaning up scraps, sticky glue-covered fingers and glitter isn’t. If you struggle with this, then we have the toys for you! PomTree kids craft sets are fun, engaging, creative and NO MESS! Yes, you read that correctly! These sets use NO glue to put together! The quality felt and foam pieces are stickers that can be stuck together to create wonderful creations without all of the mess. Constructive play is an essential part of every child’s development and the brightly colored and interesting shapes of these PomTree sets can help to stimulate young minds. They will be really having to think about how exactly to fit the pieces together which exercises a lot of problem-solving skills. Each set comes with photo directions to help provide a visual guide for young builders, but the stickers and embellishments offer plenty of options for a child to decorate each project and make it their own special piece.

This Felt Puppy is designed for kids 5 and up and makes a cute and cuddly puppy pillow that’s super easy to assemble! With no sewing needed, kids can easily stick together the pieces and make their own soft felt puppy full of bright, cheerful colors and patterns. It includes a little grey felt bone, and adorable embellishments so each child can personalize their puppy however they wish. The Mega Craft kit is also for kids ages 5 and up and comes with over 1000 essential craft must-haves: felt and foam stickers, pipe cleaners, beads, felt sheets and pom poms that kids can use to create their own jewelry, bookmarks, or whatever they can dream up! These sets are great for boys or girls and will certainly provide your little ones with hours of fun and entertainment with no mess to clean up!


Felt Puppy| Mega Craft Kit


PomTree Kids | Facebook | Twitter 

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Tiny Chef Baking Tools from Zak Designs 

If you have a child at home that loves helping you in the kitchen, why not foster that love by getting them some baking supplies this holiday season that are just the right size for them? Zak Designs has a whole line of kid-sized baking tools and equipment that are just perfect for the the young baker in your life. It’s so important to foster your child’s interests and by getting them some materials that are made just for them, you are showing them that you value their help! These sets are created with materials that are designed for kids and use bright colors that make them excited to help you. 

We really love this adorable and colorful Tiny Chef 6 piece baking set for cookies. This set comes with two small mixing bowls, a colorful spatula, two cookie cutters and a kid-sized rolling-pin. This set is perfect for crafting Christmas sugar cookies, learning the fundamentals of baking or just creating a new recipe with your kids. The pieces are made from melamine and are BPA free. Each set comes with a recipe booklet with additional tips and tricks and also even coordinate with the big Zak Designs mixing bowl sets.

If you have a cupcake lover in your house, consider this super colorful 6 piece cupcake baking set. This set comes with four BPA Free melamine baking safe cupcake molds that are perfectly sized for baking delicious cupcakes with, a bright whisk for mixing that is made for tiny hands and spatula for making sure you get all of that yummy batter out to be baked! These sets will help to get your little ones excited about food and make it easy for your children to learn how to use these essential kitchen tools. Designed for kids ages 3 to 12, these two sets are ideal for kids of all skill levels, from beginning bakers to experienced cooks. So, this holiday season, help to teach your little ones to appreciate the fine art of cooking with these vibrant baking sets, and let them cook for you and learn to develop their flavor palate and love of cooking.

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Crazy Aaron’s Putty


For little hands that always need to be kept busy, give them colorful putty from Crazy Aaron’s Putty World.  This putty is different from others and made in the USA.  The putty comes in all kinds of creative colors and moldable designs.  Crazy Aaron’s Putty World Creature Blue Putty will keep your kids thinking and their hands working all day long.   Kids will start stretching, twisting, snapping, and pulling to mold the perfect creature and then put in the eyes as fast as they can, because their creature will “melt” in a few minutes and they will have to come up with another awesome design.  Thinking Putty Creatures have a unique texture and come with two Creature eyes! Children will have plenty pf putty to play with as each metal tin is hand packed with more than 1/8 lb. of Thinking Putty Creatures.


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Tween Gifts from Sugar LuLu

Anyone that has a budding tween or tween girl at home knows how hard it can be to shop for them! They are called “tweens” for a good reason; most of these girls are in-between being a kid and a teen and they often have one foot in each world. It can be hard to shop for this age because it’s not easy to know what they are in to at that moment! Sugar LuLu has a great selection of fun gifts for girls who love to dream big dreams and are ready to shout it out and stand out from the crowd! From fun sleepover games and arts and crafts to jewelry; they are sure to have something that your big girl would love!

Two things we really love are the Games for Girls and the Draw with your Heart Artist set. These little games come in small pretty collectible tins that make them perfect for taking on-the-go to a friend’s house, on a sleepover or just on a long car ride! There’s a fortune-teller game, a Would You Rather game, and the classic MASH or Truth or Dare. These games are so much fun and are sure to bring lots of giggles from the next room when being played.

If you have a budding artist in your life, she will absolutely love the Draw with your Heart set. This ultimate artist’ set includes a thick sketch pad and 6 colorful felt tip markers that are perfect for drawing, sketching, doodling, or designing any way she wants! You never know when your little artist might be feeling inspired, so with this carry-along set with an elastic band closure, they can create masterpieces anytime, anywhere. These gifts make perfect stocking stuffers, too! Any girl would love getting these special and fun “just for them” gifts so they can get busy creating a beautiful world where anything is possible.

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Enjoy inspiring the creative children in your life this Holiday Season!

Be sure to check back to see all our Holiday Guides this season!

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