Our Favorite Holiday Gifts For Infants

Gifts for Infants

Are you wondering what presents to get for the littlest ones on your list this year? Maybe your children are no longer infants and you’re looking for a great gift for someone else’s young child. Well, we have rounded up some of the greatest toys for infants, which are sure to ignite their imagination, promote activity and inspire learning in many ways. Everything from beautiful blankets, jumpers, educational play mats and necklaces to help with teething – there is something that every baby (and parent) is sure to love! If you are short on ideas, or even if your list is almost full, you are going to love this guide!

The Holiday Season is in full swing! Daily Mom is your go-to for everything to spice up your season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Section for great tips, recipes and ideas. Our Holiday Guides are here! We’re bringing you the best Holiday Gifts for EVERYONE on your list and we are making sure you get through the Holiday season with your family clothed in style from head to toe, in a festively decorated house!

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Soft N Snuggly Door Jumper by Evenflo

If you’re looking for a fun gift for baby that will allow you to rest your weary arms for a bit, check out Evenflo’s Soft N Snuggly “Cowtastic” Door Jumper. Baby will have a blast while getting exercise in this adorable, plush cow that easily hangs suspended from any door frame. With sounds and sensory toys, this jumper provides baby with fun and a safe place to “hang out” away from your loving arms.

The Soft N Snuggly Door Jumper is portable and provides entertainment and exercise without taking up precious floor space. Just open up the clamp and attach it above the trim around your door. The sturdy frame covered in soft velour fabric offers a safe spot for baby to bounce and listen to the fun “moo” sound the cow makes (yes, there is an on/off switch). Or, baby can just relax and check himself out in the self-discovery mirror while chewing on the cute moon sensory toy attached to the side of the cow. 

The Soft N Snuggly Door Jumper is compact and perfect for travel. It is also very easy to move from room to room throughout the day so that baby can have fun wherever you are. This toy is the perfect gift for babies 4 months to walking age (maximum 24 pounds).

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ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun+ by Evenflo

Are you looking for a gift that can grow with your baby and provide them with many months, even years, of fun? Evenflo’s ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun+ is guaranteed to entertain your little one and save some of your sanity at the same time. Talk about a perfect gift! This convertible saucer toy provides your baby with three stages of entertainment (from birth through age two!), along with a multitude of engaging toys, fun music and lights, and an educational learning pod featuring 4 languages!

The stand-out feature of the ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun+ is how it can be used 3 different ways, depending on the stage of development of your little one:

  • Stage 1: 
    For infants, the ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun+ comes with a soft, cushioned, bright and colorful playmat ($40 value in itself!) that can be used on the floor with the ExerSaucer’s toys.
  • Stage 2:
    For baby’s 4 months to walking, sit them in the ExerSaucer and they can rock, bounce, and spin around while enjoying the toys, music, and lights that the saucer has to offer.
  • Stage 3: 
    Once baby is on the go, the ExerSaucer can be converted to an activity table where they can still enjoy all of the fun the saucer has to offer, but do it while on the go. We found that even preschoolers enjoy playing with it!

So, if you want a great toy that you can really get your money’s worth out of this holiday season, the ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun+ would make a fabulous gift for the littles one in your life!

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Baby Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from A Mother’s Boutique

If you’ve been wanting to get your baby a Baltic amber teething necklace, but aren’t sure where to get an authentic one, A Mother’s Boutique is our favorite place to look.  Certified to be 100% authentic amber by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), you can rest assured that this is a true Baltic amber teething necklace that will help your baby’s teething pain.  Baltic amber has a natural healing property – it’s a live resin that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your baby’’s skin. Your baby doesn’’t actually chew on the necklace,– the amber simply must rest on your baby’’s skin and then the magic happens!

A Mother’s Boutique Baltic amber teething necklaces are the only amber necklaces on the market that are GIA certified and CPSC compliant (though you should always supervise your child when wearing, and remove for sleeping).  Available in honey (raw honey version shown here), cognac, cherry, and multi-colored, as well as polished or raw, you can select whatever color suits your fancy and know that the anti-inflammatory, healing properties of the amber will work to help make your baby more comfortable. 

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Flip Cube and Rock & Ball by Tiny Love

With so many baby toys on the market, you want to be sure to find ones that will grow with your child this holiday season. The Flip Cube by Tiny Love is designed with your infant’s developmental stages in mind. With a variety of outer and inner elements such as buttons, crinkle toys, a mirror and rattle, your baby will have fun exploring each and every side of her Flip Cube, inside and out. 

Start out by exploring the cube together with your baby around 3 months. When your baby is a few months older, she will begin to explore it on her own. She will learn how to open and close the cube, and even pull the inner cube out and put it back inside. The Flip Cube will help your baby develop important motor skills, all the while entertaining and intriguing her with its bright colors and fun and playful objects. 

The Rock & Ball is also another great gift that will grow with your baby. When your baby is born, you can turn the ball into the standing position and place it in front of her during tummy time. She will be intrigued by the bright colors of the rings and her own image in the mirror. This is the perfect toy to encourage her to develop a strong neck and upper body strength.

Once she’s a few months older, she will love rolling the ball aournd, crawling after it and changing its shape into a tambourine and back into a ball again. Tiny Love’s Flip Cube and Rock & Ball are the perfect developmental gifts for your baby this Christmas!


Flip Cube | Rock And Ball


Tiny Love | Facebook | YouTube

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Bella Tunno

With a growing celebrity mama following, Bella Tunno has everything you need to make your child’s holiday merry and bright.  With signature bold colors throughout the entire product line, Bella Tunno offers whimiscal twists on baby items like stroller blankets, plush toys, and legwarmers (and more!).  

Keep your baby warm and cozy this winter with the Show Your Stripes Stroller Blanket.  We love the bright, cheerful stripes of colors, and even more than that, we love the fact that it’s 100% cotton and machine washable.  It’s perfect for a stroll outside, a nap inside, or snuggles on the couch.

Bella Tunno’s Poetic Plus Dream Bunny and Lovey are super soft, cuddly, and sweet additions to your baby’s holiday wish list.  We love the plush Dream Bunny for playing during the day and snuggling at bedtime – and the matching Dream Bunny Lovey’s compact size is ideal for providing a little extra comfort to your baby when you’re on the go – whether it be traveling to Grandma’s for a holiday meal, or spreading holiday cheer.  

Perfect stocking stuffers for new or soon-to-be crawlers, Happy Knees Legwarmers are simply adorable, and bright, bright, bright.  Happy Knees Legwarmers provide a little extra cushion for your baby’s knees as they crawl and cruise, and take the occasional tumble.    

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Baby Bottle Cover by Bottle Pets 

What a great idea! A baby bottle cover and a stuffed animal all in one! Many babies, even those who are breastfed, are fed a bottle regularly – whether they are formula fed or perhaps mom has gone back to work and baby is getting pumped breast milk or a low supply is requiring supplementation. Bottle Pets make mealtime fun for your little one and when they are done with their bottle they will still have their stuffed buddy to cuddle with.

BottlePets Collage

Bottle Pets are made out of 100% polyester making them incredibly soft and easy to clean. Bottle Pets makes it easy for your baby to start holding her bottle and it makes it easier for mom and dad to grip too. The Bottle Pet also works as an insulator for your child’s bottle, keeping her liquid cold or warm. Bottle Pet holders meet or surpass rigorous safety standards.  With more than a dozen options, you will easily be able to find the perfect pet for your little one. Check out the holiday edition – Noel the Reindeer!

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 Baby’s First Christmas from Mamas And Papas

Mamas and Papas has everything you need to make your baby’s first Christmas a special one.  From timeless keepsakes, to festive and functional toys, Mamas and Papas is your one stop shop for affordable, quality gifts to get your baby in the Christmas spirit.  

A Magical Christmas Stocking (mini) is the perfect size to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas.  Made from a festive holiday plaid, and with just enough room to fit little stocking stuffers for your little one, this is a sweet keepsake to save for years to come.  

Your baby girl will fall in love with Mamas and Papas’ Winter Princess Doll – from her bright red crown to her festive plaid skirt with a poof of tulle.  This adorable doll is perfect to get baby in the holiday spirit, and comes complete with a ringing chime inside, so baby can jingle jangle along with all the holiday carols you sing together. 

Perfect for babies on the go, the Holiday Robin Chime Toy also has a ringing chime inside, and features a chewable ring that babies can teethe on and parents can use to attach to strollers or babywearing carriers, to keep baby entertained when holiday shopping with mama or visiting family and friends.  

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Baby Rattles by Estella

Who says baby rattles have to be babyish? Give your little one the gift of style this Christmas with Estella baby rattles. Designed in the USA, BPA-free and made of 100% soft and gentle cotton, these hand-knit rattles are anything but ordinary. With a variety of fun designs to choose from, Estella baby rattles are the perfect stocking stuffer for your stylish little babe. 

These small, playful rattles are perfect for tiny hands to grasp and shake. And their NYC themed line also make the perfect accessories for your little stylish city babe. You can choose from the famous NYC pretzel, a metro card, taxi cab and even a designer purse. You’ll love these rattles just as much as your baby does!

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Little F Plush Toy from Little Giraffe

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Are you in the market for a collectable gift for a baby, and want something adorable and snuggly? The Little Giraffe Little F Plush is the perfect stuffed animal for gifting, that both baby and parents will love. Little F is the newest plush on the block in the line of friends, and like all Little Giraffe items, it’s super soft, made with a fine poly microfiber with a sueded finish for the ultimate softness available. 

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The cute dot design is available in both pink or blue, making it ideal for either gender’s nursery. We also love all the little details, such as the loveable face fur, and the bushy tail. The Little Giraffe Little F Plush is the perfect companion for the other plush friends from Little Giraffe, and makes the perfect gift for any baby on your list.

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Kawan Natural Rubber Teether and Duck by Hevea

If you’re looking for safe, non-toxic teething toys for your baby this Christmas, Hevea’s “Kawan” products will make the perfect gift. Made from 100% all-natural rubber, the Kawan duck toy and teether are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free and hand-painted with natural plant pigments.

The rubber duck toy has a soft rubbery body and textured feet and beak, making it perfect for holding and chewing on. It is made of one solid piece of rubber, leaving no holes for water to get into during bath time play. The matching Kawan rubber teether has all of the same great qualities all rolled into a perfect, textured teething toy for babies to gnaw away at during those painful teething days. Your little one will absolutely loves these oversized all natural teething toys, and you will love that you are giving them a safe and healthy gift this Christmas. 

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Stacking Cups by Piyo Piyo

This stacking cup set by Piyo Piyo makes a great gift for babies and toddlers alike. The set features four cups in pastel colors that nest and stack. It also comes with Piyo Piyo’s mascot duckling who loves to be perched on the very top of the stacked column. The cups have letters and numbers so you can get your toddler started learning.

The cups are shaped differently and have holes in the bottom to drain water (except the green one). These cups are great when babies enjoy put-in, take-out play. Toddlers will love stacking them too and will also have fun tracing the rims of each cup to make a square, flower, sun, or heart. The Piyo Piyo Stacking Set is a great toy to play with anywhere–the playroom, the bath, or even the beach!

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Baby & Toddler Gymini Developlace by Tiny Love

The Gymini Developlace activity gym by TinyLove is a gift that will grow with your infant into toddlerhood! The Developlace is a mini gym that has (at least) 11 different activities (though we’re sure you and your baby will come up with some fun extra games!). It features an adorable forest animals theme in bold, beautiful colors. For newborns and young babies, the sides fold down to form a big play mat. You can hang the toys from above so he can play while he’s on his back, or you can flip him over for a little tummy time and he’ll enjoy studying the crinkly leaf flap, beautiful colors, and his reflection in the mirror. As your baby grows you can switch out toys and start placing them higher to encourage him to sit up and improve his balance. Fold up one of the sides and secure with the elastic velcro bands and you have a peek-a-boo window to play games with him.

Fold up both sides and you have a crawling tunnel that older babies will love! Teach your baby to put the ball into the net on the outside and stick the fabric cards with bugs and leaves to the side. Toddlers too will enjoy crawling through the tunnel and using the gym as a tent. And once they’re old enough, they’ll love to point out the numbers on the other side of the cards for you. And there’s another thing to love about the Gymini Developlace, and all of TinyLove’s products: no yucky fire retardants to worry about. We think all this makes the Gymini Developlace a great gift for your little one and any expectant mom’s on your Christmas list!


Gymini Developlace


TinyLove | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

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Discover The World Mat by Tiny Love

Give your baby a comfy place to play this holiday with the colorful and engaging Discover The World Mat. This large play mat features cute animals from around the world, with a variety of sensory components to entertain your little one. Whether your baby is just being introduced to “tummy time” or starting to sit up on their own, this convenient and portable play mat will provide a fun and a safe place to play.

Tiny Love’s 39 x 59 inch Discover The World Mat is made from soft, wipeable fabric over layers of plush batting. Your baby will be able to enjoy comfortable play time indoors or outdoors on this mat. With enough room for you join them, you can bond with baby on the Discover The World Mat as you explore the  interactive sensory components, like the soft fur of the polar bear and the crinkly ear of the elephant. When play time is over, just fold the mat up and carry it by the convenient handles. Perfect for play time under the Christmas tree or a picnic in the park!


Discover The World Mat


Tiny Love | Facebook | YouTube

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Hippo-Poppin’ Piano Pal & Play With Me Laptop by B Kids

With over 40 learning activities, B Kids’ Play With Me Laptop is the perfect gift for your fast-developing baby. Designed to incite interactive play in babies 6 months and up, this mini laptop will intrigue your little ones while they explore shapes, colors, objects and letters with the touch panel and track ball. The Play With Me Laptop also plays a variety of melodies; and the screen projects a face that displays expressions that will help teach your little one how to mimic emotions, such as happiness. This little laptop folds up and has a carrying handle, making it the perfect travel toy. 

If you’re looking to add another great toy to your baby’s B Kids collection, the Hippo-Poppin’ Piano Pal will definitely be a hit under the Christmas tree this year. Your babe will love dropping the colorful balls into the opening at the top and watching the hippo randomly open his mouth and spit them out. While she does this, the three large piano keys will light up and play fun notes. This engaging hippo will keep your baby’s interest and encourage interactive play!

*B Kids has teamed up with the non-profit organization “Room To Grow” this holiday season to help children in need. A portion of every B Kids toy purchased will be donated to Room To Grow!

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The Holidays are coming quick! We hope this will help you get your shopping finished for the littlest ones on your list!

Be sure to check back to see all our Holiday Guides this season!

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