A child’s brain is really like a sponge! They are absorbing and retaining information at a rate that us adults just cannot seem to keep up with. Furthermore, they are learning through all that they do, even things which may seem mundane. Creative play, pretend play, reading and active play are just some of the many ways in which children are educating themselves. We have rounded up an amazing selection of toys and games to further your child’s learning, and the best part? They are all amazing and fun gifts that any child would LOVE to find underneath the Christmas Tree!

The Holiday Season is in full swing! Daily Mom is your go-to for everything to spice up your season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Section for great tips, recipes and ideas. Our Holiday Guides are here! We’re bringing you the best Holiday Gifts for EVERYONE on your list and we are making sure you get through the Holiday season with your family clothed in style from head to toe, in a festively decorated house!

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My Very First Games from HABA

Are you sick and tired of plastic toys, and long to have an interactive game to play with your toddler? We absolutely adore the My Very First Games line from HABA. All the games are designed to help children learn through play by focusing on certain skills, such as pretend play, color recognition, counting, and more. Each game is simple enough for the everyday two-year old to grasp, but will be enjoyed all the way up to preschool age through some more advanced modifications.

Additionally, all the pieces are large and wooden. No choking hazards in sight! The included dice are the perfect fit for toddler hands, teaching them how to “roll” without being too small.

Move your character around the board to build an object that “wins” the game. Help your toddler develop social skills by playing a board game with a friend. The possibilities are endless with a My Very First Game by HABA.

Some of our favorites include:

Lilli’s Favorite Clothes: What do Lilli and her friends want to wear today? Be it a skirt or shorts, a blouse or shirt, sneakers or ballet slippers. Inside Lilli’s wardrobe players will find the most amazing clothes. But are the socks in the drawer or the wardrobe? Memorize the location of the tiles and you can dress Lilli first to be the winner. 

Sailor Ahoy!: My Very First Game: Sailor Ahoy has many different functions! From piling building blocks to doing puzzles to working as a team, children help Sam the Sailor reach the boat before it heads for deep water!

One, Two Hoparoo!: Who wants to accompany the frogs on their way to the pond? The cast of the die will tell you whether the frog moves one or two steps. This game helps children counting numbers 1-5, and includes many hints to stimulate development throughout play.

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Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse from Creative Kidstuff

The Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse from Creative Kidstuff is ideal for curious, active little ones 12 months and older.  This is one truly unique and educational toy that is unlike anything else you will see this holiday season.  With ten activities both inside and outside the playhouse, this will keep your child busy for hours, and the playhouse folds up easily for storage and play on-the-go.

These four walls pack a big educational (and fun!) punch.  Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse will help encourage the development of a variety of physical and cognitive skills through ball play, shape sorting, peek-a-boo games, color and number identification, and beginning counting and numeracy skills.  On top of that, it’s just plain fun!  

Your little one will love dropping balls through five exterior tubes, and watching with surprise as the balls pop out on the inside of the playhouse.  He/she can also run the balls down a cascade of ramps that run from the inside of the playhouse to the outside and back in again, spin one of the three spinners, admire his/her face in the mirror, play peek-a-boo with mama, and lock and unlock compartments with a set of keys.  

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Teaching Bear by Sigikid

Buttons, and zippers, and ties, oh my! The Teaching Bear from Sigikid makes both a great learning toy and cuddly companion. This German-made teddy bear comes with clothes perfect for teaching kids fine motor skills of buttoning, zipping, and tying as well as about getting dressed, naming clothes, and colors.

The Teaching Bear arrives sporting a blue button-down shirt with two large buttons for children to practice on, as well as a set of red overalls with velcro shoulder straps. A hooded jacket encourages kids to practice zipping and tying. The Teaching Bear’s outfit is completed by a pair of blue shoes with velcro straps. Crafted from cotton and polyester, the bear is soft, silky, and plush and kids will enjoy cuddling with him on his own. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this Teaching Bear so be sure to save a spot under the Christmas tree for him this year!

Teaching Bear


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PowerClix by Guidecraft

 Power Clix_20141104_IMG_6701

One of the most fascinating toys of the season, PowerClix also makes it for a perfect learning gift. The creativity set that consists of 74 pieces is divided into different shapes with a magnet on each corner. For younger children the set can be used for color and shape sorting and learning. Simply have the child sort the magnetic shapes on the refrigerator or a magnetic board.

Power Clix_20141121_IMG_8504

Once the child grows out of shape/color learning, PowerClix will be used for years to come as a creative learning outlet. Children can create unlimited shapes and buildings using their imagination, learning about psychics and gravity and supplementing their pretend play with houses and castles built out of the colorful magnetic shapes. A true life changing toy, it will engage even the most active children for longer periods of time.



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Zolo Stacrobats by Kushies

If you’re looking for a truly unique toy for your little ones this holiday season, Zolo Stacrobats by Kushies fits the bill. Complete with 5 colorful magnetized dolls and 3 balls, your kids will have hours of fun stacking them in various positions and creating their own team of acrobats. Zolo Stacrobats are the perfect gift for children 1 and older.

Younger children will have fun simply playing with the dolls, while older kids will master balance and stacking skills; all the while, being encouraged to play imaginatively. Their circus of acrobats will come to life before their eyes! When they are done playing, they can toss all of their acrobats and balls in their own carrying case for safe keeping or travel.  Made with durable, quality materials, the Zolo Stacrobats will “perform” in your home for years to come!


Zolo Stacrobats


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Planes Chair Desk by Delta Children

Give your child the gift of space this holiday season with a Delta Chair Desk with their favorite character on it! All kids want a special place just for them, and this desk does just that. Not only is it a perfectly sized chair, it also is a desk that can be used for when they want to work on that special art project or puzzle. Coming in characters ranging from Planes, Spiderman, or Ninja Turtles to Minnie, Ariel or Dora, you are sure to find one of your child’s favorite characters available!

This desk is designed for children ages 3-6 and can accommodate up to 50 pounds. It is crafted with dense wood and is very sturdy, which is a must with small children! The shiny finish makes it easy to clean with just a damp cloth, so you know it will stay looking new long after the holidays are over. It is also coated with a scratch resistant finish which will help to keep those bright and colorful graphics looking like new. The under fabric storage basket is perfect for holding your child’s favorite books, art supplies or toys.

Kids will love how close it is to the ground so it’s simple to get in and out of. They truly can do it “all by themselves!” The work surface is a nice large size so it can fit some paper to color on, or even a small puzzle. The removable cup holder can be used to hold crayons, pencils or even a drink to go with their snack.  When together, this Chair Desk measures 18″L x 22.75″W x 23″H so it can fit snugly into the corner of any room.

Giving the gift of this desk is also giving the gift of creativity for your child! Surrounded by all of their favorite characters, they can draw, craft and create in their own special space that is just for them. Any child would be excited to receive this as a gift this holiday season and from art time to snack time, this desk will really make the grade! 

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Little Pim Language Learning Tools

 There’s no gift quite like the gift of multilingualism, and that’s why Little Pim Early Language Development tools make it onto our list this year of great educational gifts to give. Whether you speak another language natively and want to teach your child or want to learn a new language alongside your child, the Little Pim DVDs and accessories are the perfect start to your family’s language learning journey. Videos feature Pim, the cartoon Panda and mascot of the series, as well as real toddlers and kids (which will especially capture the attention of babies!). Each segment centers around a kid-friendly theme such as eating, playtime, or nap time and is narrated by native speakers of the language. You can also turn on subtitles. Little Pim language tools use the Pimsleur method which centers on spaced repetition for maximal retention. This means words and phrases are reinforced just before an adult or child is about to forget them.
 Learning materials are available individually or you can purchase a Discovery Set which includes 3 videos, a poster, and plush Pim panda doll. Complete sets are also available and include 6 videos, the poster and plush Pim, as well as flash cards to supplement your child’s learning. Videos can be purchased as DVDs or you can opt for direct digital downloads to play on-the-go. Little Pim is currently in 12 languages: Spanish, French, English (ESL), Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Korean. The videos are great from 6 months to 6 years when language acquisition is easiest, but it’s never too late to get your child interested in a foreign language. Which language will your little one start learning this holiday season?

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You will watch your child squeal with joy, at the sight of some of these Gifts. They will encourage learning and ignite their imagination all while they are having a great time!

Be sure to check back to see all our Holiday Guides this season!

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