Win It: Modern Mezuzah by Apeloig Collection

With the last day of Hanukkah right around the corner (January 1st!), family plans are being made and final touches in holiday decor are being displayed. And on the spiritual side, items of great importance and significance have been carefully selected to adorn our homes. For many, the addition of the Mezuzah Scroll affixed to the doorway serves as not only a great reminder of the importance of faith, but also a faithful greeting to our friends and family who may enter. For this reason, we love the modern twist that Apeloig Collection has taken on the traditional Mezuzah

The Mezuzah usually adorns the doorway of a home, housing the Mezuzah Scroll which is inscribed with a Jewish Prayer. A reminder of the Jewish faith and heritage, the Mezuzah also serves as a symbol of protection, bringing a sense of security and spirituality into the home.

Apeloig Collection has taken this traditional Jewish product and applied a unique, modern design to it, like they have with all of their products. Their handcrafted Mezuzah (scroll not included) comes in a variety of colors, and is made out of acrylic so that the words within can always be seen.

Within the case, double-sided tape can be found to ensure that your Mezuzah scroll affixes to the doorway in an elegant, floating-like manner. Apeloig Collection Mezuzah‘s come in three different sizes, ranging from small to large, and are each displayed in a beautifully designed box, making it the perfect gift. Today, one lucky reader will win a small Mezuzah from Apeloig Collection to adorn their home or office. Details below!

One Daily Mom will win one (1) small Mezuzah Scroll from Apeloig Collection, valued up to $85. This contest is open to all U.S. residents aged 18+. Enter using the rafflecopter below. Entries can be earned by signing up for the Daily Mom newsletter, visiting social media sites, and following further instructions on the rafflecopter. Good luck!

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    Marty C


    Thanks for the giveaway! Our mezuzah was actually stolen right off the front doorjamb last year, if you can believe it.


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