Win It: Swurfer

Ever wondered what it would feel like to surf the air? Or, are you looking for the perfect backyard addition to get your kids outside and having fun? If so, we’ve found the perfect item! This summer, we’re teaming up with Swurfer to give away one of their amazing and unique summer must-haves: a Swurfer Swingboard!

The Swurfer Swingboard was developed when the founder wanted something for his kids to practice their surfing skills on before hitting the actual water, building the core balance, power, and stability needed to stand on the moving board. Redesigning the old tree swing, Swurfer built a hand-crafted wood board of unique shape, and made it to give the feel of other board sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Instead of gliding on the ground or water, this board glides through the air as it hangs from your very own tree, house, or swing set. 

Both kids and adults will enjoy all the possibilities of a Swingboard. From simply sitting on the 100% American hand-crafted swing and gliding through the trees, or being bold and standing up, moving your body to maneuver the swing in different directions, it’s fun for family members of all ages. If you’re looking to add fun to your summer vacation with the Swurfer Swingboard, head over to our Instagram page @dailymomig for details on entering!

One Daily Mom Instagram follower will win one (1) Swingboard from Swurfer. This contest is open to all U.S. residents aged 18+.  Enter by heading over to Daily Mom’s Instagram page and following the instructions. Good luck!

Check back at Daily Mom frequently to stay up-to-date on the latest giveaways — and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram!

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