Winner’s Spotlight: The Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever!

It’s no secret that we love giveaways here at Daily Mom! One of the best parts of our job is to bring you, our amazing readers, some of the best quality and gorgeous products on the market- and sometimes even for free! A few weeks ago we hosted what we dubbed The Biggest Breastfeeding Giveaway Ever because it was just that: seriously the biggest breastfeeding giveaway we had ever done! We had four huge packs of prizes to giveaway and they were each full of products that were designed with the breastfeeding mother in mind. With items from Belly Armor, Comotomo, Belly Bandit, Dr. Browns, The First Years, and a whole array of gorgeous nursing wear; we couldn’t wait to share it with you all! After the giveaway was over we chose our lucky winners and wanted to share with you a bit about three of them!

Carrie McDevitt- winner of pack 1

Four years ago I married my best fiend and just this September we welcomed a little baby girl to our family. I was actually in the hospital recovering from my C-Section when I found out I was one of the winners of the Nursing Prize Pack​. With this being my first child, I was thrilled to win this contest. Any help I can get as a new mom is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to try out the products, as I am learning more about breastfeeding everyday.

Alexis Smyka- winner of full term mom pack

Hi! I’m Alexis, this is my husband Matt and our son Evan, over the past year, my family has had a few ups and downs so when I saw the email saying I was the winner I was very excited I won this amazing Breastfeeding gift set from Daily Mom. In February we found out our unborn son Landon would not survive outside the womb and was born an angel February 10, 2014. This was a very hard time for our family but we focused on all the positive aspects in our lives and knew God had a special plan for us. We recently found out we are pregnant with our 3rd child and looking forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby, the breastfeeding gift set is a wonderful surprise and I can’t wait to put everything to good use in a few months. Thanks again Daily Mom!

Brittney Benz- winner of exclusively pumping pack

I want to start by saying thank you! Winning the Exclusively Pumping Breastfeeding Pack has been a blessing. My husband and I have been together four and a half wonderful years and have a perfect little 7 month old boy. I strive to do the best for my little man and give him the best nutrition possible, including breastfeeding and even making his baby food, among other things. It has been a fun filled learning experience. Among those experiences I have learned I need to separate my wants and my needs because baby supplies are EXPENSIVE. When I saw the Daily Mom giveaway I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for free gear for my little one, never expecting to win. When I did I was ecstatic!! I am so grateful for this opportunity 🙂

Congratulations ladies! We love all of your stories and are so incredibly honored to be a small apart of the happiness you share or will be sharing with your babies! Thank you!

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