High Chair Guide: Phil & Teds High Pod

While you may come across dozens of capable high chairs on your hunt for the perfect one for your family, the Phil & Teds High Pod stands above the rest with a sleek design and unmatched features and convenience.

The High Pod offers a uniquely beautiful design that is minimalistic (which means easier clean-up for you!) and versatility that promises that this chair will grow with your child beyond babyhood.

Safety & Comfort

The High Pod features a 5-point harness that can easily be adjusted by twisting and sliding, so you know your little one will always be snug in this high chair. All 3 of the High Pod positions, Sit, Relax and Sleep, are safety certified, meaning no matter how you use this high chair, your baby will be secure.

The chair also features an aerocore seat liner that provides optimal cushioning for your child and ensures that they will be comfortable during mealtimes in the spongy soft seat liner. This liner, as well as the padded foot rest and no-slip step, are waterproof and hypoallergenic, so the seat will withstand whatever your little one can (literally) throw at it!

In addition to a safety harness and seat, the High Pod has a cleverly designed base that keeps it sturdy at any height or position. Whether your child is a newborn just taking a snooze in the High Pod, or an active toddler enjoying a meal, this high chair is sure to keep them comfortable and protected.

*The High Pod highchair is approved for use with children from birth to 31 lbs.


Not only does this chair offer peace of mind with the comfort and safety features, but it also boasts many options for height and recline that make the High Pod the most versatile high chair you will find.

Two small buttons on the High Pod help move the telescoping seat to 5 various heights, so whether your little one needs to eat with you standing at the breakfast bar, or lowered down to the table to join the family for dinner, you will find the perfect height setting for all occasions. The seat also reclines both partially and fully, so your child can lean back and take a snooze once they are finished eating. This feature also makes the seat a comfortable resting place for brand new babies as well!

Functionality & Convenience

Another main factor in choosing your ideal high chair should be ease of cleaning. Many high chairs on the market today, while nice seats, will prove to have a host of nooks and crannies for food to hide. This makes the seat a task to clean, and means that you may find (disgusting) surprises later on, if you do not have time to wipe down the seat thoroughly. 

Thankfully, the Phil & Teds High Pod offers a sleek and minimalistic design that allows for minimal cleaning and easy wipe-down. The removable tray and removable clear tray cover both come off of the seat easily, making clean-up a breeze. The clear tray cover is also dishwasher-safe, so you can sterilize and easily wash it that way at your convenience.

The tray that comes with the High Pod is small to provide a compact design, but Phil & Teds does make a larger tray that you can purchase to use the chair with older toddlers that may need more space to eat.

Do you love the High Pod Highchair as much as we do?


High Pod


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