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While more and more children’s companies are beginning to produce greener, more non-toxic products, it’s still an overwhelming task for parents to find every essential item they need for their little ones with full confidence that they are providing them with the safest, healthiest products possible. i play., and its branch company Green Sprouts, is literally a one-stop-shop for all essential baby, toddler and children’s items – using only the greenest and safest elements to create quality, lasting products that children will love and parents can feel confident in using.

Founded in 1982 and fueled by a mother’s desire to provide her children with the healthiest products and lifestyle possible, i play. focusses on producing essentials to protect babies on the outside – from swim wear to rain gear and everything in between –  using completely non-toxic and safe materials. Their branch brand, Green Sprouts, focusses on protecting babies on the inside with products like teethers and eating and bath essentials – all completely free of typical toxins like BPA, PVC and Formaldehydes.

Below are some of our absolute favorite essentials from i play. and Green Sprouts:


i play.

 Rain Gear 

Picking out rain gear for your child doesn’t have to mean the plasticky, stiff, and PVC-laden products of the past.  i play. truly has your child covered when it comes to waterproof, PVC-free rain gear, from head to toe.

i play. has a child-size umbrella in a wide variety of kid-friendly colors.  If your child is anything like our Daily Kid tester, he/she will love twirling the umbrella in circles, and spinning round and round.  i play. offers a variety of umbrella colors, from the rainbow block colors shown here, to solid colors with printed animals that match the pocket raincoats, and each waterproof nylon umbrella comes with an easy-to-grip EVA foam handle, and round plastic tips for safety.

You won’t believe the lightweight nature of i play’s pocket raincoat and rain pants, and you will really be blown away by the fact that they are actually waterproof!  We couldn’t believe that a material this light would keep a child dry through plenty of puddle-splashing, but indeed, our Daily Kid was bone dry underneath this set!  The pocket raincoat folds up into a small, self-contained pouch, and offers a strap that can easily be hooked onto a diaper bag, stroller, or backpack.  The waterproof rain pants offer an elastic waistband and ankles, and slide on and off over clothes easily.  Perfect for an impromptu outdoor splash in the rain!

Kids adore splashing in puddles during a good rain storm, and i play’s brightly-colored rubber rain boots will keep your little one’s feet dry and toasty warm.  The feature we love most?  The loops on the top of the boots which make them oh-so-easy to pull on and off (if you’ve ever struggled with trying to shove your child’s foot in an unforgivable boot with no loops, you can appreciate this feature!).  Available in four various colors that are designed to coordinate with all of i play’s rain gear, these boots are a year-round must have.

Swim Wear 

Protect your little one from the sun’s harsh rays with the i play. organic terry hoodie coverup. The 50% cotton/50% polyester material is specially treated with UV protection factor 0f 50+ without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. The soft terry cloth will keep your child comfortable all day long. This coverup is highly absorbent and will allow her to dry off quickly after swimming, running through the sprinkler, or playing at the water table. 

The breathable, organic material is light enough to wear when playing outside whether it be on a scooter or in the sand. Our Daily Kid loved wearing the hood and using the front pocket for her hands and even stowed away a few colorful rocks she found! The bright colors will make your sweetheart easy to spot as she runs around playing in the sun.

The i play. organic terry hoodie coverup comes in multiple colors and patterns. You will be sure to find the perfect design for the special kid in your life.

If you are planning a trip to the beach, water park or resort pool anytime soon, i play. Swim Shoes are a must! These slip-on shoes are perfect for running around in whether it’s on sand, grass or poolside! The traction on the bottom of i play’s swim shoes help to prevent your child from slipping while they play on land and in the water. They are great protection from rough and hard surfaces, keeping little feet safe from rocks, seashells, and other potential owie-making objects!

The i play. swim shoes are made out of a stretchy material which makes slipping them on easy for mom, dad or even your toddler. Once they are on, the fit is snug enough that your child’s foot won’t slide around inside the shoe. Your child ran through dirt with them on?  No worries. Just throw them in the sink and hand wash them and they will be as good as new.

Sleep Essentials

These amazingly soft Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets from i play. are made for delicate baby skin. The pre-washed 100% organic cotton material is perfect for swaddling your newborn on a cool day. These beautiful blankets were created with bright, coordinating colors that will match any of i play’s organic and muslin items. Throw them in the wash and your blankets will get softer and softer over time. Who wouldn’t want that?

The lightweight, breathable cotton is comfortable and versatile allowing you to use your blanket in multiple ways. Swaddle your baby, use it as a cover while breastfeeding or to shield them from the environment, and they are even large enough to allow your toddler to cover up when they are feeling a little chilled! Don’t forget, i play. brights organic muslin swaddle blankets are made without the use of toxins, fertilizers or pesticides and are colored with low impact AZO-free dyes.

This 100% organic cotton sleep sack is an excellent alternative to loose blankets for your baby. We love the lightweight, breathable, double layer of cotton which is sure to keep your little one comfortable through the night. Green Sprouts Organic Sleeper Bag is made with just enough material to keep your child warm without overheating. It also has plenty of room for leg movements and those big baby stretches when awaking from nap time. Your child will not feel restricted while wearing this!

The zipper of this sleep sack starts at the top and ends at the bottom giving you easy access for diaper changes. There is also a flap of fabric at the top of the sleep sack that folds over to cover the zipper, keeping your baby safe from potential scratches.  

The beautiful striped pattern and bright colors are made with low impact, AZO-free dyes. The Green Sprouts Organic Sleeper Bag is pesticide and herbicide free.

Green Sprouts

 Bath Essentials 

Long gone are the days of the lone PVC-filled rubber duck floating around the bathtub. Today, there are tons of companies producing fun and imaginative bath toys to heighten childrens’ imaginations during bath time. Unfortunately, many of these toys still have a smorgasbord of toxins lurking in them, waiting to seep through the vulnerable skin of your little ones.

Green Sprouts understands a parent’s fear of their kids not actually washing the day’s toxins from their bodies at the end of the day, but potentially soaking them up in their bubbly baths. So, they created a line of non-toxic bath essentials to fulfill the fun factor for kids and ease the minds of thoughtful parents.

Start by lining your tub with the Green Sprouts Baby Bath Mat. Small enough to fit perfectly in a sink or baby bath, this 100% rubber mat is textured to provide an ideal non-slip surface for slippery little wigglers with suction cups on the underside to ensure it doesn’t move out of place. BPA, PVC and nitrosamine free, you can rest assured your little one isn’t absorbing any toxic chemicals into their delicate skin as they play in their bath.

While your baby’s soaking in the tub, be sure to throw in a few Sea Friends Eva Foam Bath Toys to encourage imaginative play. These foam sea creatures, complete in a mesh bag with suction cups for easy clean up, float in the water or stick to wet surfaces. They are toxin-free, so you don’t have to worry about little mouths that might happen to find their way to them.

After their baths are over, wrap your little bundle in Green Sprouts Brights Organic Terry Hooded Bath Towel. Ultra soft and absorbent, it’s the perfect way to end the bath time ritual. Choose from two vibrant colors, royal blue and fuchsia. And of course, they’re organic and toxin-free!

Eating Essentials 

If you have a toddler in the house, the Green Sprouts Silicone Place Mat will become your new best friend. Made of 100% silicone, this thick, durable place mat has a lip around all four sides to prevent liquid and food from escaping. As silicone naturally resists bacteria, this mat is hypoallergenic and hygienic; and it’s free of toxic chemicals. It’s so safe, you can even place your child’s food directly onto the mat instead of using a dish! And the best part is, when your child is done eating, you can toss this in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

When babies are first transitioning to finger foods, most moms want to cut the food up into bite-sized pieces so baby doesn’t choke. Enter the Snip n Go Food Scissors! These scissors are BPA free and feature a stainless steel blade, making cutting your baby’s favorite foods a snap.  They also have a special tip that mashes food and makes it manageable for little ones with only a few teeth! And, thanks to their compact size, they’re easy to pack in the diaper bag, and perfect for use on the go!

When you have to pack lunch for your little one every day, you start to notice how much waste is made with plastic baggies alone. Save the environment and keep your kids safer with Safari Reusable Sandwich and Snack bags!  These adorbale Safari themed bags come in two sizes: snack size, which is 5.5″ x 4.4″ and sandwich bag size which measures 7.25″ x 5.75″. They’re made from EVA materials, are PVC free and can be easily wiped clean to use again and again! They feature a tough Velcro closure so you can be sure your little one’s snacks and sandwiches won’t escape.  You’ll love them so much you’ll want to get a set for yourself–they’re perfect for the diaper bag and your purse, too!

Travel Essentials

Moms are busy and sometimes it’s necessary to take our kids everywhere–even to run errands with us.  It’s no secret that shopping carts are among the dirtiest places you can sit your baby. Keep your baby safe from yucky shopping cart germs with this lightweight, waterproof Shopping Cart Cover. It has cutouts so that you can pull the safety belts through and secure your baby in the cart.  It’s PVC free and it comes in a convenient bag for easy storage.  It can double as a high chair cover too and the material can easily be wiped down–so don’t worry if baby has a few spills!

If you’re looking for more ways to create a non toxic lifestyle for your little ones, check out our GREEN BABY section!

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