Luxury Baby Products Worth the Investment

Shopping for a new baby is a daunting task. Just step one foot into any baby store and you are suddenly surrounded with various products from floor to ceiling. And, there are some baby things that might cost a little more, but they cost more for a reason. Not all baby products are created equal. After personally experiencing countless baby products as a team, we’ve put together this list of luxury baby products that are worth the investment. Invest in baby products based on your lifestyle and priorities. When you choose any of these products for your family, you are investing in better safety, in products that keep baby close and promote bonding, in enriching toys, and in products that simply make your life as a parent easier – and we think all of that is worthy of the investment!

Noninoni Kids Mini-Crib

When looking for the perfect place to safely and securely lay down your newest addition, Noninoni Kids has the crib for you. Featuring a full-size and mini-crib option, you can furnish baby’s space no matter the size. With this beautifully crafted, simple-to-assemble crib, available in a variety of neutral colors, you are sure to find one you love.

This hardware-free crib requires NO tools for assembly and can be put together by one parent in four simple steps. There has never been a simpler, safer option since there is no chance of losing nuts and bolts, or even managing hinges that can pinch tiny fingers.

Ideal for apartment living, grandparents’ homes, or simply to take with you as you travel, the Noninoni Mini-Crib allows your child to sleep uninterrupted, keeping their precious bedtime routine sacred and their comfort a priority.

Also because of the simple assembly, this crib can be easily disassembled and stored for a space-saving option when not in use. The Noninoni Full-Size Crib, featuring the same simple assembly, also converts to a toddler bed for extended use and continued safety with the toddler rail accessory.

Crafted of sustainable materials and designed and made right here in the USA, this incredible crib has been throughly tested and approved for safety. With a sturdy design and 3 easily adjustable mattress positions, this FSC Certified Baltic Birch Plywood crib is a simple addition to any room. Additionally, all of the gorgeous, water-based finishes are baby-safe, ensuring this crib will last from infant through toddlerhood with no concern over teething tots.

Noninoni Kids believes in ensuring a quality product from their family to yours. Founded by Carina, a mother and award winning architect and her father Ruben, also an architect and custom furniture maker, Noninoni Kids lovingly makes each piece to order.

GB Qbit+ and Asana

There are some things on the baby shopping list that are truly a necessity. The infant car seat and stroller are two of those things. Unless you plan on never leaving home, you need a travel set and gb makes two of the best. gb promises to bring you modern, durable, well designed items for your child that will make life go more smoothly from day one. They have combined innovative technology with beautiful design to create the GB Qbit+ stroller and Asana car infant seat.

gb is known for their strollers that totally change the stroller market and the Qbit+ is one of those strollers. This stroller is worth every penny because it is highly functional, very light weight, compact, easy to drive, and looks amazing. First, you will not find a stroller that is easier to fold and unfold. It literally folds and unfolds with one hand. So many strollers leave frustrated parents struggling, but the Qbit+ is so beautifully simple to operate. Once you pop it open, it steers smoothly, also with one hand. When folded up, the Qbit+ is a compact cube that slips into a trunk of a car or under a train seat with space to spare.

Baby will be comfortable in the stroller from birth to age 5 (55lbs). It has the option to recline fully for a nap on the go and there is a canopy to protect her from the sun and rain. Mom can still see her little darling through the clear panel on the canopy. For newborns, the asana car seat attaches to the Qbit+ with the attachments that snap on and off. The footrest adjusts to keep baby comfortable as she grows taller, as the seat is designed to be used until about age 5. There is also a large shopping basket underneath the seat for storage.

For your infant’s car seat, you want an option that is as safe as possible. You also want a seat that isn’t too heavy for you to carry and you want your child to also be comfortable while buckled in. The Asana by gb meets all those requirements and then some. Your child will fit in the seat perfectly and comfortably from that first nerve-racking car ride! As she grows, simply push the button to make the headrest go up or down, and the straps go with it. No need to re-thread the straps, ever! We love the beautiful colors that gb offers, especially this Capri Blue! This fabric is so soft and the entire seating area is padded. The included infant pillow fits under a newborn perfectly to hold her up into place, so that the harness sits on her properly.

One of the safety innovations from gb is the Fit-Loc™ Load Leg. This leg fits firmly onto your car floor and reduces impact on baby’s head and neck by OVER 50% in the event of an accident. Not many seats have this option. This is where your investment pays off. You get incredible safety features that most seats do not offer.

Installation matters! Improperly installing a car seat leaves your child at a greater risk if you get into an accident. The Asana by gb makes installation so foolproof! A seat needs to be properly angled to keep a baby safe. With the Asana, you have confidence that you have the seat in the right angle for your child’s size thanks to the level and wedge. This seat can be installed with the seat belt or with the latch system. Whichever you choose, the belt or the latch straps need to be very tight. A wiggly car seat is no good! gb created their incredible Fit-Loc™ Belt Tightener that gives you an additional 20 lbs of force when locking the seat in. You get a tight, secure installation the first time when you follow the simple instructions for instilling the Asana by gb.

When you are getting out of the car, just pop up the carry handle and release the Asana from the base with one hand. You can carry the seat with you or snap it into your Qbit+. Get out and explore the world with your baby at any age. gb makes it safe, simple, and stylish to do so with their Qbit+ stroller and Asana infant seat.


Qbit+ | Asana


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Dock A Tot Deluxe + Dock

For parents, whether new or experienced, the conundrum always arises of where to easily and comfortably lay baby down throughout the day and night. Here to solve that age-old question is the multifunctional, multi-taking Dockatot Deluxe + DockWith many infants unable to remain asleep in a bassinet or crib due to their startle reflex, the Dockatot provides a snug and soothing environment with a padded base and raised padded sides that tuck in tight around your infant.

Literally, the perfect place to put down baby, the Dockatot offers a safe and comfortable spot where baby can sleep, lounge, play, cuddle, breast or bottle feed, get in some tummy time or diaper changes. Whether you are a co-sleeping or crib Mama, the Dockatot will ease your mind about resting and relaxing with your new baby.

The Dockatot is designed using hygienic fabrics that provide a comfortable micro-climate, ensuring that when baby is sleeping beside you, he or she does not get too hot. Free of all harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic and machine washable, the interchangeable covers of the Dockatot are easy to remove, clean and replace.

As your little one grows, the Dockatot’s lightweight portability makes it ideal for travel and tummy time. The rounded, padded sides prop up your awake infant and help develop neck strength and motor skills. Easy to move from room to room in the house, or for a day trip to Grandma’s, your baby will always have a clean, safe environment in which to sleep or play. With the addition of the Toy Arch and Toy Set,there is no longer a need for an additional playmat or gym, making the Dockatot the only lounger/play space you will need for your new baby. Perfect for young babies, Dockatot’s toy sets are black and white – colors that are easy for baby to see and are meant to encourage baby to reach and play.

Britax Marathon ClickTight ARB

Whether you’re choosing a convertible car seat to take baby straight home from the hospital in, or just want to be sure you have your post-infant car seat option ready to go, then choosing the Marathon ClickTight ARB by Britax is your best choice. For most parents, money isn’t an option when it comes to the safety and protection of their most precious cargo, and when it comes to car seats, paying a little more for extra safety features and painless installation is a no-brainer for harried and exhausted moms and dads. Your money will be well spent and your mind set at ease each time you buckle your baby into the Marathon ClickTight ARB.

Featuring the ClickTight Installation System for the easiest carseat installation on the planet, this seat is making safety revolutionary and giving parent’s peace of mind on the road. By simply twisting the ClickTight button, you can open up the front of the seat, thread the seat belt through the slots, and then click the seat shut, giving you a solid install you know you can trust. By eyeing the easy to read level, you can also make sure your seat is at the ideal incline (there are seven incline options!) for the utmost safety.

The other unique feature that sets the Marathon ClickTight ARB apart is the included anti-rebound bar, used in the rear facing position, that minimizes the force associated with a crash.

Allowing your child to grow in this seat is as easy as lifting up the handle at the back of the seat, giving you 12 different position heights to accommodate your quickly growing baby, with no hassled rethreading. Use the Marathon ClickTight ARB rear facing for babies 5-40 pounds, then turn it around when your baby reaches at least 20 pounds until they reach a whopping 65 pounds.

The Marathon ClickTight ARB also features SafeCell Impact Protection, exclusive to Britax carseats, which is a system of safety features designed to keep your child protected to the max, including a:

  • Steel frame
  • Energy-absorbing base
  • Impact-absorbing tether with staged-release stitches

We also love knowing that the money and investment we spend on the Marathon ClickTight ARB stays in the USA, as Britax seats are all engineered, tested, and made in the U.S. 

mamaRoo by 4moms

Babies are demanding. Especially in the first few months, many parents are at a loss of how to put a baby down and give their arms a break. Your little one is passed from Mom to Dad and back again and no one gets a break. Babies like motion. They’re used to all the movement from being in the womb, so plopping your son down in a hard, stationary seat just makes him uncomfortable. Invest in some rest for your tired arms with the mamaRoo by 4moms.

The mamaRoo 4 is the ultimate in baby seats. It gives your fussy child what he desires: natural movement that comforts and soothes his little body! Since its release in 2012, the mamaRoo has changed how parents care for new babies. It simulates the way parents naturally move, calming a baby while Mom or Dad take a much needed break for a cup of coffee or just a few minutes of sitting still and doing nothing at all! Anyone who has had a newborn can tell you that a break is priceless, making the mamaRoo an investment worth every penny!

The mamaRoo 4 has 5 motions: Car ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-a-Bye, and Wave. Buckle your little one into the soft, padded seat that holds the baby in a fairly upright position preferred by most babies. The recline is adjustable! The seat cover is removable and washable. If baby needs a little extra stimulation, attach the mobile to the top and he will love the interactive and reversible toy balls.

You can operate the seat from the panel on the seat or with the mamaRoo app on your smart phone. Pick the motion your baby prefers, adjust the speed, and then sit back with your coffee and relax, or do the dishes, whatever makes you feel good! You baby is safe and happy within arms reach while mamaRoo replicates the motions you normally make.

The new mamaRoo 4 is bluetooth enabled. Caregivers can control the motion, speed, music, and volume from their smartphone. The built in sounds are wonderful but if your baby has another favorite song, you can plug in your smartphone or mp3 player and the mamaRoo will play your own music that way. Really, 4moms has thought of it all when it comes to keeping your baby happy and giving you a break! Their genius design has made day to day life for all parents and caregivers so much easier!


mamaRoo 4


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Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

One issue that makes life with a baby more challenging is that many of the baby products we rely on do not travel well. When you travel, you can’t pack your crib up to ensure your baby gets a good, safe night’s rest. With so many of us living far from extended family, travel to visit grandparents and other relatives is important to keep us connected. Invest in the freedom to go anywhere with baby in tow with the best travel crib on the market, the Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib.

The Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib allows you to take the safety of a high quality crib anywhere. It is also amazing for everyday use in your home. This is not your mama’s travel crib! It features a sleek design, sets up in 15 seconds and then quickly folds back up and is stored in its own bag just as easily. The bag is part of what makes the Lotus so travel friendly. It has straps on the side to carry it in your hands, or pull out the backpack straps and wear it on your back, leaving your hands free.

You won’t find a safer place for your baby to sleep.

  • No flame retardants
  • No PVC
  • No Phthalates
  • No Lead
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Low-VOC

It is safety certified and is even made with breathable ClearView mesh. The crib locks into place when assembled and holds firm even if an older baby stands up and holds onto the top. The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib is a wonderful place for a baby to play safely as well.

One problem with cribs like this is that if your baby falls asleep in your arms, it is impossible to transfer him into the crib since the mattress is on the floor. The geniuses at Guava added zippered side entry to the Lotus so you can unzip the side and carefully place baby in without waking him. Whether you are going to spend the day at a friend’s house or taking a cross country trip with a toddler, you can pack up the Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib and your child will have a safe place to sleep and play.

City Carryall by Petunia Pickle Bottom

A good diaper bag is a necessity. It is one of the primary tools of parenthood. You cannot be prepared for leaving the house with your baby if you don’t invest is a diaper bag that will work for you and not against you. There are a lot of bags to choose from and a lot of them cost quite a bit, so make a smart choice when it comes to this investment. Petunia Pickle Bottom is a leader in the diaper bag world! Your diaper bag goes everywhere with you. You use it every day and it holds your most needed items for life with baby. Because you carry it everywhere and need it to carry everything, your diaper bag should be functional and stylish

The City Carryall by Petunia Pickle Bottom is designed for real life. When you need something for baby, you need it quickly. A diaper blowout waits for no one and only gets worse with every second it is left unchanged. The City Carryall keeps diapers and wipes in reach in the outside pocket. The included wipes container fits into the pouch next to the diapers and that same pocket includes a padded, fold out changing pad! How brilliant is that? Quickly unzip that pocket and everything you need for a successful diaper change is at your finger tips.

The inner pocket is roomy enough for extra outfits, a blanket, snacks, bottles, and more! There are 5 pockets inside, 2 just for bottles. The top zips up so nothing spills out if you drop the bag or it falls over. The interior and exterior are water resistant. The bag can be carried two ways depending on your needs and comfort: on shoulder with padded handles or hands-free, cross body with an adjustable long strap.

Moms swoon over the look of the City Carryall. This new pattern called Bouquets in Bordeaux is gorgeous. Made with a glazed coated canvas, it is a neutral cream color with black and yellow flowers. It’s a feminine print without being too girly! You will love the sleek silhouette of this newly redesigned Petunia Pickle Bottom classic. We love the details of the 100% genuine leather handles and trim. Style and function in one lovely bag that any mom will treasure as one of her most useful tools in motherhood!


Finn + Emma Baby Play Gym

Keeping your baby entertained doesn’t have to come from cheap, brightly colored, obnoxiously loud, and battery draining toys. Nor do baby’s playthings have to stick out like a sore thumb in your modernly decorated home. You won’t bat an eye at the price of Finn + Emma’s Baby Play Gym once you see how beautifully made and completely safe it is, not to mention it can easily be passed down through all the children in your family, and then to the grandchildren!

Available in a variety of different frame shades, such as white and natural, and made from 100% birch wood, this play gym is gender neutral and fits in perfectly in a “grown up” room. With two different height options – making it easy to grow with baby – you’ll rest assured knowing that every part of the Baby Play Gym was designed for the utmost safety for your child. With eco-friendly, non-toxic stains and lacquers that are free of lead, phthalate, nickel, mercury, and VOC’s, you won’t have to worry about baby rolling over and mistaking their gym for a teething toy.

But it’s also amazing that this gym actually comes with two of Finn + Emma’s unique, non-toxic teething toys, made from untreated Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax, in a variety of different shapes and designs, such as anchors and animals, feathers and castles.

Along with the hanging teething toys are two knit dolls, again in a variety of different designs, that hang alongside the teethers, all of which are removable and interchangeable, making it easy to simply unsnap whichever toy or teether you want to take along on your daily adventures, be it in the stroller, carseat, or high chair. The fun dolls are fair-trade and hand-knit by artisans in Peru, made with organic cotton, 100% G.O.T.S. certified, and stuffed with 100% sheep’s wool, featuring phthlate-free rattles inside.

It’s money well spent when it comes to safety, beautiful design, longevity, and versatility. 


Baby Play Gym


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Gathre Highchair Mat

Protecting your floors from messy spills and food fights is a parenting must, yet doing it in style hasn’t always been feasible… until now. Gathre is a newish brand that we’re loving so much for their high quality, trendy leather mats, available in a slew of sizes, perfect for any baby or child need you can imagine. Whether you want a protected place to set your drool-happy infant or a space designed for catching puree tosses, then scoop up a Gathre mat and simply put it where you need it. This is one baby product that is well worth the money. 

Their Highchair Mat is a modest 40×40 inches, which makes for easy storage and traveling, yet is large enough to serve a variety of purposes, and is ethically and responsibly made, including being free from all the yuckies… toxins, PVC, phthalates, and lead. Made from top quality bonded leather with a silky smooth suede backside, this mat perfectly meshes into your modern home decor, all while saving your floors from child destruction. As it’s wipeable and waterproof, all you have to do is simply wipe away the mess, never worrying about staining and never needing to be near a washing machine.

Choose from a plethora of different shades, designs, and styles, guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect match for your individual space. The greatest thing about making the investment into one of Gathre’s mats is the versatility that each one brings; there’s no need to limit the Highchair Mat to the kitchen; use it in the living room for tummy time, the playroom for play time, or outside for exploring nature time. It seamlessly goes wherever you go. 


Highchair Mat


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Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

For those parents who think a bottle warmer is a non-necessity, then you haven’t scalded yourself with hot spot microwave milk or been subject to a screaming baby who can smell the taste of cold milk a mile away. Spend the money on a bottle warmer for goodness sake, especially if you plan on formula feeding your little one, exclusively pumping, or plan on leaving bottles for desperate times, such as date nights and gym days. The Kiinde Kozii takes the prize for the most innovative and gentlest of bottle warmers, and here’s why.

The Kozii uses a warm water, onboard reservoir bath – that you don’t need to refill with each use – to gently and safely thaw and warm breastmilk and formula bottles (oh yeah, and milk storage bags, baby food, liner bottles, etc.). Using convective heat, low temperature warming instead of steam, you can warm up baby’s food in a fast, consistent, uniform, and convenient way. Being the first and only warmer designed to follow all CDC and USDA guidelines, the Kozii uses patent pending SAFEHeat technology that preserves all the precious antibodies and nutrients in your breastmilk, instead of overheating the milk and damaging it.

Complete with a built-in timer that automatically shuts off and stops heating when time is up, you don’t have to worry about grabbing the bottle as soon as the timer dings; the bottle won’t overheat even if left on the Kozii past the timer beep. It’s little things like this that make parenting easier, less stressful, and a whole lot safer.




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Moby Wrap

For some of us our Mama Bear instinct seems to be born along with our first little one. Our whole world shifts and all of a sudden even for those who may not usually yearn for closeness feel the innate pull to keep our child safe, secure and snug against us as much for baby’s well-being as our own. Ideal for parents planning to baby-wear around town, or even just for relaxing “hands-free” in the house, the Moby is a must.

The ability the Moby Wrap gives new parents to keep baby close while eating, reading or playing with older children is sometimes the key to their sanity during this new and often tiring first few months with baby.

Unlike other carriers, the Moby is made from a soft, stretchable and durable fabric that allows baby to be worn close and even skin-to-skin. With no straps, buckles or velcro, the Moby is a comfortable alternative to keeping baby perfectly positioned for breastfeeding, or for the fussy baby who prefers to be kept close.

Baby wearing allows baby a simpler transition from the womb to the world because they can continue to hear mom’s heartbeat and feel the same constant motion they experienced before both. It has been shown to significantly reduce crying and decrease the risk of flat head syndrome.

Babies who are kept close and content also demonstrate advanced social development and are often more alert and aware of their surroundings in a peaceful, stress-free way. Baby wearing also has benefits for parents, including allowing new fathers the chance to more easily soothe their fussy infants, increasing the necessary breastfeeding hormones in the mother, and reducing the risk of postpartum depression.

Moby believes baby wearing nurtures a powerful bond between parents and their baby that leads to calm, happy babies and confident, stress-free parents. The 100% soft cotton Moby Wrap accommodates babies from 8-35 pounds and with 4 different positions, adjusts easily with your growing baby. Keeping parents’ comfort in mind, the Moby Wrap can be worn for extended periods of time and evenly distributes the weight of carrying baby across the back and hips.

As you can see, for every aspect of life with a baby, there are some amazing products that are worth the investment. These products are safe, thoughtfully designed, innovative, and enjoyable for parent and baby. These products do what they say they do – and they do it well – and that is why they are all a worthwhile investment.

For more amazing baby products, take a look at Not Your Mama’s Baby Registry.

Photo Credits: Kristin dePaula, Kristen Douglas, Dani Nicole Photography

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