Mother’s Day 2016: Unique Gifts

If you want to skip the flowers and cheesy drug store card this Mother’s Day, we have got what you need right here. Pick something for Mom that is as special as she is and get straight to her heart with a unique gift. 

Rustic Farmhouse-Inspired Decor by Joss & Main

The Gift

It seems as if everywhere you turn, rustic is all the rage. We love the Anya 3-Tier Server for its farmhouse-inspired rendition of a classic serving tray because it’s timeless and functional, while also being attractive and on-point, style-wise. The Anya 3-Tier Server is perfect to display on a dining room buffet year round, and is also the ideal gift for the hostess-loving mom. It’s ideal for serving up sweet treats, hors d’oeuvres, or even some delicate tea cakes at a next garden party. Whip it out at Thanksgiving to serve up the desserts, or create a beautiful display of decorative items year round. The Anya 3-Tier Server is impressively tall, and will be large enough to serve up any delicious treat, or create the perfect rustic and glam item your mom will love.

Any interior designer will tell you, mixing and matching textures and colors with classic metals is the best way to master a welcoming environment. Joss & Main is truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to home decor, and they carry everything from discounted furniture, wall art, lighting, and lots, lots more! Joss & Main has an extensive section of faux floral designs and wreaths, but they aren’t your typical craft-store quality fake arrangements. Liven up mom’s space and create a lush and bright focal point with a Faux Floral Arrangement from Joss & Main. The Faux Peony & Rose is similar to the arrangement pictured, and we love how real it looks, even down to the “fake water” at the bottom. She won’t ever have to worry about these blooms dying, or her inherited “brown thumb” catching up with her with a faux arrangement from Joss & Main. Whether she loves a low-maintenance year round bloom, or house plants typically have a very short lifespan in her home, the Faux Floral Arrangements from Joss & Main are the perfect addition to compliment her rustic serving tier and adorn her space.

Features to Love

Anya 3-Tier Server

  • Metal material
  • 17″ W x 17″ D x 23.5″ H
  • 6.8 lbs total weight
  • Collapsible and stackable for easy storage and transportation

Faux Peony & Rose

  • Available in three beautiful colors: red, white and yellow
  • Soft full blooms of the peony floral
  • Gentle petals of roses
  • Beautiful vase with faux water included
  • Great for home or office

As part of the Wayfair brand family, Joss & Main offers limited-time sales on the world’s best brands for your home and life including furniture, housewares, décor accents, lifestyle accessories, giftables and more, at prices up to 70% off retail. Free to join, the website offers inspirational décor at attainable prices via daily events and curated collections inspired by celebrities and notable influencers within the design community. 

The Fruit Scoop by Cuisinart


The Gift

Summer is just around the corner. The Fruit Scoop from Cuisinart is the perfect gift for a mom with a sweet tooth or a mom who is trying to get her family to make healthier choices. The Fruit Scoop, new to Cuisinart in 2016, makes making homemade frozen treats almost effortless. You can make classic ice cream or frozen yogurt using one blade. Put the other blade in and you can turn fresh fruit into ice cream that will please any ice cream connoisseur. The Fruit Scoop comes with a recipe book with lots of delicious recipes.

We love the banana chocolate chip ice cream that is not actually ice cream at all. This dairy free recipe is sweetened with only a tiny bit of honey and will be your go-to dessert all summer long. Unlike traditional ice cream makers, The Fruit Scoop does not use ice or salt. It makes one and a half quarts of frozen dessert in just 18 to 25 minutes.     

Features to Love

  • Compact, easy to clean
  • Makes frozen desserts with no ice or salt
  • Special blade turns fresh fruit into frozen desserts in about 20 minutes
  • Stainless steel with hidden cord storage
  • Fully automatic and easy to use with wide mouth spout 

Cuisinart is a prestigious company known for being a full service culinary resource. Beloved by Julia Childs, Cuisinart is internationally known for offering top of the line kitchen products for anything a chef could need. This company shot to popularity with their food processor but today they offer innumerable tools for the kitchen that help you “savor the good life.” In addition to cooking tools and appliances, home chefs know they can trust Cuisinart for cooking techniques, tips, and recipes. 


The Fruit Scoop


Cuisinart | Facebook | TwitterInstagram | Pinterest | YouTube 

Automatic by Automatic


The Gift

Unlock all the secrets that your car holds with Automatic. This small device that plugs into almost any car made since 1996 can pull data from your car’s onboard computer and syncs through bluetooth to your smartphone. You can receive useful information like mileage, gas usage, performance and engine health, allowing you to drive safer and smarter. Before Automatic, you had to go to a mechanic to get your car’s computer read if your check engine light came on. Now you can receive diagnostics on your own and walk into a mechanic’s garage with confidence when you do have a problem instead of worrying about what it could possibly be.

Moms do all they can to keep their family safe while on the road and Automatic will give any mom some peace of mind. Besides tracking engine performance and diagnostics, Automatic is programmed with an accelerometer that detects a serious collision and sends for help if one occurs.

Features to Love

  • Compatible with tons of amazing apps for business, convenience, safety, savings, and performance
  • Evolving technology that will update for free
  • Audible feedback that will confirm you are connected, give you driving feedback and let you know help is on the way in the event of a crash
  • The adapter’s packaging is a really cool, reusable travel cup 
  • The wireless data is safe thanks to bank-level encryption

Automatic is a company of self proclaimed “friendly nerds.” Their mission is to connect cars so they can be safer and smarter. They believe you shouldn’t have to buy a new car to have a great driving experience. By connecting our cars with our powerful smartphones, they unlock the potential in all cars to communicate with their owner.




Automatic | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Soundbox 10 by Paww


The Gift

A compact speaker is a must-have for any household and any mother. She can take it with her on day trips with the kids to the beach, easily move it around the house or take it with her when she is hiding in the basement or the garage to cram in her workout.

If she is going to get a compact speaker, then she should definitely have one that does not compromise on sound, quality or looks. The Soundbox 10 offers listeners a sound that is both deep and satisfying, and it is also long lasting and durable. For working moms, it can also double as a conferencing center and has two separate connectivity options.

Features to Love

  • Seamless design – single block of aluminum to carve out the casing 
  • Passive bass radiator helps produce deep satisfying sound
  • Can also be used as a conferencing center
  • Connect via bluetooth or cable
  • Patented signal processing technology ensures sound clarity across the frequency range

Paww came to be by way of a passion for products that are both well designed and engineered. As a company they strive to only offer consumers products that are technologically on the cutting edge and also look fantastic. Their team is always working hard to develop new products so you never know what they have in store for you next.  


Soundbox 10


Paww | Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Bistro Bowl Set by FIESTA

The Gift

Holiday time equals family time. Everyone slows down, and gathers around the dinner table for a special meal. During those large family gatherings, a lot of times it becomes quickly apparent that mom’s dinnerware and serving items may be… lacking. Do her serving bowls match her current color scheme, or do they prominently feature your wedding registry pattern of yesteryears? We love the timeless and classic style of this Bistro Bowl Set. Not only are they beautiful, they are also dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe! She won’t have to worry about transferring her green bean casserole into a different serving bowl, or slaving over the sink for hours hand-washing them once the meal is over. 

You have the choice of selecting her favorite color, or mixing and matching the colors to match her motif even better. We love that FIESTA offers a 5 year chip replacement warranty on all their pieces, and that they are (and always have been!) 100% crafted in the USA. FIESTA pieces are ideal for anyone because of their mix and match nature; they are easy to add pieces here and there. 

Features to Love

Medium Bistro Bowl:

  • Holds 38oz.
  • Diameter 7 1/2″
  • Height 2 1/2″

Large Bistro Bowl:

  • Holds 68 oz.
  • Diameter 9 1/4″
  • Height 3 1/4″

Extra Large Bistro Bowl:

  • Holds 98 oz.

FIESTA® Dishes, produced by the Homer Laughlin China Company, were first released in January of 1936 in its flagship colors of red, yellow, cobalt blue, green and ivory (and turquoise the following year.) For the next 30+ years, FIESTA followed the trends and colors of the decades, from the softer pastel colors of the 30’s to the warmer, earth toned colors of the late 60’s. At the end of 1972, FIESTA® was retired after 37 years of production and was only available to collectors.

In 1985, officials of Bloomingdale’s, the prestigious retailer in New York City, approached Homer Laughlin about reproducing a dinnerware line from the past, and in 1986, they introduced a new line of FIESTA® with a new color palette and with improvements to the body and glaze. Aside from being an industry leader with their ceramic quality, the glaze would be lead-free, a comparatively new innovation in the china industry in that time. Since then, it has become a staple in American homes, and something that grandmothers can share with their granddaughters. 


Bistro Bowl Set


FIESTA | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube 

Wine By Sonoma-Cutrer

The Gift

If the mother in your life always makes time for a classy happy hour, then gifting her a bottle of any of Sonoma-Cutrer’s wines, whether a Chardonnay or a Pinot Noir, will be all she needs for her Mother’s Day.

The Owsley Vineyard Pinot Noir, available only to Club Cutrer Members (who receive a plethora of wine perks, discounts, special event invites, and more), is an elegantly tasting berry and spice blend red wine that will take your mother’s palate straight to the newest vineyard of Sonoma Valley, Owsley Ranch.

Another one of Sonoma-Cutrer’s Pinot Noir wines stems from the Russian River Valley, winning award after award for its well-balanced flavors, red fruit aromas and spiciness, and reasonable price tag.

As Sonoma-Cutrer is famous for their Chardonnay, we would be amiss if we didn’t mention how perfect of a chardonnay The Cutrer is. If you can wait a few months for chillier weather to approach, open this fireside with friends and enjoy the fall flavors that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving more!

The Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is a classic tasting Chardonnay that can be served anytime, for any occasion. Due to the selectivity of the winemakers, who make sure every grape is ideal, the aromas and flavors of fruit and spice that are in this bottle are as top notch as you can expect from this well-known brand.

Features to Love

Owsley Vineyard Pinot Noir

  • Club Cutrer Members Only Wine
  • Rich, elegant, and bold
  • Flavors of dark berries and black cherry
  • Spicy finish tasting of warm spice, toasty oak, and cinnamon toast

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

  • Award winning and acclaimed 
  • Round, silky, and elegant
  • Flavors of Bing cherry and wild strawberry
  • Finishing taste of barrel spice and dark chocolate

The Cutrer

  • Richly textured with a bright acidity
  • Tastes of fall with peach, caramel, and baked apple
  • Long, flavorful, crisp finishing taste

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

  • Your classic chardonnay
  • Medium-bodied wine
  • Flavors of fruits and vanilla, roasted nuts and butterscotch

Since 1973, Sonoma-Cutrer has been creating spectacular wines that are in high demand by premium wineries and the finest of American restaurants. Utilizing the California region known as the Sonoma Coast Appellation for their vineyards, ideal for its cool, foggy coastal climate, Sonoma-Cutrer made perfecting Chardonnay their specialty; to this day, they are still primarily known and respected for their Chardonnay, yet they have expanded to include several other vineyards, and now offer delicious Pinot Noir wines for red wine lovers.

Vintage Style Scale Clock by Farmhouse Wares

The Gift

Do you know a mom that lists Joanna Gaines as her spirit animal? Is she suddenly speaking weird, unknown words such as “shiplap” and wants to hit up the town flea market or antique malls during her free time? We get it. Having a farmhouse inspired kitchen is chic, so she will absolutely love this Vintage Style Scale Clock from Farmhouse Wares (along with practically everything else on their site!). 

It is made of metal and has the perfect rustic finish and vintage inspired design, and yet serves a dual purpose of being a functional piece of kitchen decor, because of its large, double-sided clock. We love displaying it proudly on a kitchen island, allowing the time to be seen on both sides. The crown of the clock can act as a large bowl to keep and display a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies. 

Features to Love

  • 10″W x 14″H
  • Classic vintage style design
  • Deep and large crown bowl
  • Runs off 2 AA batteries (not included)

Betsy started Farmhouse Wares as a nod to her childhood. Her father had dreams of moving to a farm, and finally got to accomplish those goals when he was mid-life. She fondly remembers her father’s beaming face when one of his goats won first prize at the county fair. He taught her how to live a down to earth lifestyle, full of practical things and good quality. Her mom balanced his frugality with her own flair, and filled the home with beautiful things. As a parent now herself, Betsy strives to instill those same mixed values to her children, and she is especially drawn to farm living, because it embraces those same feelings that she grew up with. 

“Our products help you rediscover clean, simple, comfortable living. Our fresh, farmhouse style has an inviting vintage feel with plenty of practicality — perfect for any home. This is my dream come true.”

Blossom by Clean Perfume


The Gift

If you are looking for a gift to let Mom know how sweet she is, Blossom by Clean Perfume is fabulous. This floral perfume is like spring time in a bottle. It has a classically light scent that can be worn everyday. Blossom is delicate and feminine, featuring the fresh scent of the orange blossom. Any woman will feel pretty and pampered with this pink perfume bottle on her vanity.   

Features to Love

  • Beautiful floral scent that is feminine, sweet and subtle
  • Made with high performance ingredients that nourish the skin
  • Environmentally conscious 

CLEAN was created in 2003 to create perfume that is natural and subtle enough to be worn everyday. Perfume shouldn’t overpower you. The fragrances by CLEAN are simple, nostalgic and conscious. Every scent is inspired by the natural world, and is created with gentle ingredients like botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins. You won’t find any harsh sulfates, mineral oil, artificial colors and dyes, or animal testing. CLEAN also uses recycled materials for their packaging. With a commitment to purity and gentleness for both the people who wear CLEAN and the environment in which they live, CLEAN Perfume is unlike any perfume company on the market. 




CLEAN Perfume | Facebook | TwitterInstagram 

Personalized Cell Phone Case by Dabney Lee 


The Gift

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will prove to be the perfect accessory for any woman, especially a busy and fashion-savvy mom? In our own search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we found a vibrant collection of Dabney Lee cell phone covers at Target that caught our attention. When we checked out her website, we found even more modern designs we loved with an option to personalize! 

This personalized Dabney Lee cell phone case (seen here in holepunch yellow with pink personalization) offers modern design and sleek protection. Available in a variety of modern, fun and trendy designs, Mom will love the extra touch of pizazz in her diaper bag or purse.

Features to Love

  • Fits iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Available in two styles 
    • Sleek: Slip-on cover
    • Tough: Slip-on cover with rubber insert
  • Personalization available in several fonts and font color options

Dabney Lee Woglom is a true prepster in a hip world. Born and raised in Southern California, she moved to New York with the love of her life in 2004, where she combined her love for lucite, bright colors, fashion, interior design and paper to create a line of personalized stationery and gifts. Starting small in her very own apartment, she grew into a studio space and then in 2012 opened her first retail shop. Dabney lives in Brooklyn with her hubby and 5 year old triplets!

In addition to these personalized cell phone cases, she also creates wedding and party invitations, birth announcements, personalized stationary, monogrammed gifts, custom party supplies, corporate gift services, custom wrapping, and other custom services. 


Holepunch Cell Case


Dabney Lee | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Razor Extension Handle by Giraffe Bath & Body

The Gift

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom or the special woman in your life something that is practical, helpful, and meets her where she is at. The unique Razor Extension Handle by Giraffe Bath & Body allows every woman to get her best and closest shave yet, no matter where she is or what she’s dealing with.

Whether your mother is older and is living with arthritis or you’re shopping for a mom-to-be who is 7 months pregnant; whether the woman you’re buying for is about to travel cross-country in her new RV with the tiny bathroom or planning a Caribbean cruise in a room that barely fits a shower; whether your mom just had surgery or has a medical condition that makes bending down difficult, the Razor Extension Handle will be her new best friend in the shower!

With compatibility on just about any razor, men or women’s, slipping your razor into the adaptor and adjusting the Extension Handle to the perfect length and angle takes no time at all, and makes shaving legs without bending down a breeze.

Features to Love

  • Comes with 2 snap-on adapters of different sizes, allowing you to use basically any razor out there
  • Rubber no-slip grip
  • Telescoping handle snaps into place at various lengths
  • Head pivots to angle to your legs for the perfect shave
  • Adds an additional 15-20 inches to your razor handle!
  • Includes a strap for hanging in the shower or looping on your wrist during use

The folks behind Giraffe Bath & Body saw a need and met it, going above and beyond their initial market, reaching more people in need than they had imagined. While they designed the Razor Extension Handle with pregnant women in mind (we all know how difficult it can be to keep our smooth legs with a baby bump in the way!), they realized that more than just pregnant women have physical limitations which makes shaving difficult or even impossible. Giraffe Bath & Body prides themselves on being able to allow women (and even men!) to regain their independence and self-esteem by simply making life “smoother” for them!

Greenlight Utility Board by Totally Bamboo

The Gift

Good quality knives, non-stick pots and pans, cast iron skillets, your mother’s hand-me-down china dishes, cutting boards… it seems as if the list of “what not to put into the dishwasher” keeps expanding daily. If your special lady abhors hand washing items as much as we do, she will absolutely flip over this gorgeous Bamboo Utility Board from Totally Bamboo. This utility cutting board is made out of high quality and eco-friendly sustainable bamboo, and the craftsmanship is simply beautiful and extremely apparent upon inspection. She will think that you shelled out some serious cash on this board, because it’s gorgeous, yet extremely practical. 

The ultra-lightweight board is only 3/8″ thick, so it won’t feel like she’s dead-lifting a small child out of her lower cabinet, and our favorite part is that it’s dishwasher safe! Repeat after us, it is 100% acceptable, and even encouraged, so sanitize this board in the dishwasher. Hallelujah! The Bamboo Utility Board features a  tri-ply, cross laminate construction with a high temperature adhesive that is specially formulated to withstand dishwashers.

It’s made of strong bamboo and the benefits of using bamboo are numerous. Bamboo is 16% harder than maple, yet easy on your knives, and it holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our old growth forests. Totally Bamboo uses organically grown Moso bamboo, so you need not worry about harmful pesticides or fertilizers. 

Features to Love

  • 3/8″ thick
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Can be sanitized in a dishwasher
  • 18″ x 12″ x 3/8″

Totally Bamboo was founded (on accident!) by a husband and wife team who owned a small design and manufacturing studio, focusing on the director’s chair for the movie industry. In their quest for a lighter chair, they experimented with laminated bamboo, long known for its strength vs. weight ratio. The resulting chair was not only lighter but much stronger than the oak they had previously used. He sent the bamboo scraps home with his wife, and she began using them in her kitchen as cutting boards. 

The main obstacle in using pressed bamboo in flooring is that it’s notoriously hard to glue, so many companies use a formaldehyde blended glue. That obviously wasn’t an option for a food-grade cutting board, so they hired a chemist who developed a very strong, completely non-toxic, formaldehyde free food grade glue. “As far as we know we are the only company using such glue,” says Sullivan. 

They are now producing over 125 different items, from salad bowls and plates to serving trays, that are available in over 4,000 stores nationwide. Their goal is to change the way the world uses bamboo, as a viable alternative to our precious hardwood trees.


Bamboo Utility Board


Totally Bamboo | Facebook | Instagram

We hope you have fun picking out a unique gift for Mom. Be sure to keep checking in with Daily Mom for more Mother’s Day gift ideas. Who knows what moms want better than moms?

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