Nesting Days: Babywearing Heart to Heart

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Being skin-to-skin with your newborn can facilitate some of the sweetest memories you will have of your child’s infancy. These warm and sweet moments through the ‘fourth trimester’ are so important for both you and your child.  However, it might seem hard to find time during your busy day to be skin-to-skin for more than a few minutes.  So, you may have wished there was a baby carrier designed specifically for skin-to-skin contact with your newborn, which allows you to care for other children or get household tasks done. There is such a carrier! The Nesting Days carrier was very cleverly designed to make a “second womb” for your newborn during the first months. 

When you put on the Nesting Days carrier, you will notice right away that the fabric is unlike other carriers.  It is soft, flexible, snug, and comfortable all at the same time. It is made of either a nylon/lycra or organic cotton/lycra blend.  This is wonderful because the carrier does not instantly heat up and could be worn comfortably in summer months as well as in the winter. 

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The baby’s position in the Nesting Days carrier depends upon their size and weight and is always with the thought of being “heart to heart” and “kissably close.”  If that is not a winning design for both mom and baby, we don’t know what is!  You may read about positioning here or watch the video in this post to learn more.  

The company’s CMO (Chief Mother Officer), Julie Arvan, said she created Nesting Days to “change the way newborns are welcomed into the world.”  The Nesting Days carrier makes it simple to breastfeed while skin-to-skin, and there are no straps or buckles.  The carrier also allows you to easily babywear while skin-to-skin, which allows you and your baby to feel remarkably close to one another.  Overall, the Nesting Days carrier helps you connect with your baby as smoothly as possible during the first crucial months.

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  • For use with babies 5-18 lbs
  • Hands-free and safe
  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • Designed to wear like activewear or yoga wear, the Nesting Days carrier hugs and supports the body. 
  • An elegantly simple design–no wrapping, buckling, snapping, or buttoning. 
  • Created by a postpartum doula with the incentive to “make extended skin-to-skin time practical and comfortable”.
  • The Nesting Days carrier can be used for skin-to-skin babywearing at home and worn over clothes when out and about.
  • The carrier can gently shape, smooth, and support mommy’s postpartum tummy and is soft enough to wear if you have had a c-section.
  • Biomechanically and ergonomically designed for preemies (kangaroo care) and newborns.
  • A choice between a nylon/lycra blend or an organic cotton/lycra blend.
  • Very cute prints (see The Collection here). 
  • Machine wash and hang dry
  • Made in the USA

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Benefits for Mom:

  • Easy to nurse baby, with no straps or buckles.
  • Skin-to-skin babywearing–boosts mom’s oxytocin (the love hormone) levels and lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) which may help you beat any baby blues you may be feeling.
  • The Nesting Days carrier also promotes the production of prolactin, which stimulates a healthy milk production and increases breastfeeding success.
  • Promotes healthy attachment and bonding.
  • Keeps baby close and aids you in learning your baby’s cues.

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Benefits for baby:

  • Boosts baby’s oxytocin (the love hormone) levels and lowers cortisol (the stress hormone). 
  • Being skin to skin regulates your baby’s temperature and breathing.
  • Promotes healthy weight gain. 
  • Less colic and reflux.
  • Stimulates your newborn’s reflexes.

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The Nesting Days carrier is unparalleled as far as ease of use for both new and experienced mothers.  Not only is this carrier a great joy for the mother who wears it, because of the benefits for newborns, it also keeps her baby where she wants and needs him most–near her heart. 

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    Hi there! I am debating between this and the baby Ktan which is also a wrap without the wrapping part needed. I’m wondering if you have tried both and could provide a recommendation between the two. Ktan is half the price and comes in a breezy fabric. But I’m willing to spend if it’s worth it!



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