Oilo. The name is associated with the most decadent of decor for infants and children. With their unique patterns and elegant hues, Oilo cannot be outdone by mere department store crib bedding. For the most fashion forward nursery decor for your new little bundle of joy, Oilo is the easy decision.


Oilo has not limited themselves by only offering patterns and colors for one gender or the other. They have a variety of patterns and soft, neutral colors that are not the old, boring yellows and greens that everyone else offers. So even if you aren’t finding out the sex of your little one until the day you meet him or her for the first time, you will know that your nursery is perfectly outfitted and timelessly decorated.

Crib Bedding Styles


All Oilo crib sets are made in the USA and are made for durability and longevity. From the 100% woven cotton bumper and bed skirt to the fitted cotton percale crib sheet the Oilo pieces are made for the utmost comfort for your little one. You may be more concerned with sustainability than with the amenity and that is why Oilo boasts the foam filled bumper with zippered slip cover for staying power and is entirely machine washable. You can enjoy the designer look without the designer impermanence.
Enjoy the 12 secure crib ties that keep your baby’s chic bumper in place while sleeping soundly and the 17 inch drop skirt that provides a seamless look to your crib’s ensemble.

Beyond Bedding

Oilo doesn’t just stop at bedding. They also offer pieces to turn your nursery into a fully decorated, designer room. Take a look at these nursery concepts and make them a reality in your home!








Modern Berries in Brown (Also Available in Taupe and Spring Green)


Oilo has a timeless style that fit seamlessly into any design aesthetic. If you are, by nature, a minimalist with high end taste and enjoy chic neutrals in your wardrobe and in your home’s design you don’t want to limit yourself to a gender-specific space.

It is for this reason that you will want to incorporate any of Oilo’s sets into your little one’s nursery; the timeless and neutral crib bedding will never seem out of place. If you value the flexibility of gender neutrality but despise the monkeys and frogs you find in many department stores you will not regret purchasing from Oilo.

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