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You can’t protect your little ones from the occasional scraped knees or bee stings this summer, but as they test their limits on the trampoline in your backyard, sprint across the turf to the sliding board at the playground, or trudge through heavy sand on their way to the shoreline at the beach, you can protect their feet every skip, hop, jump and step of the way with Pediped.

As moms, we know kids play rough. So, we want to make sure their shoes will not only protect their feet, but withstand the wear and tear of their active lifestyles. Finding shoes that not only do that, but are safe, non-toxic and good looking — well, you’re probably thinking that’s just wishful thinking. But Pediped has been making that wish a reality since 2005.

This spring and summer, Pediped features a line for just about any type of child and every adventure that might come their way.

Machine washable, ultra light, water safe and eco-friendly line

For the girls:

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What about shoes that say beach, sports, messy, wet, cute, stylish all in one? You say IMPOSSIBLE, we say: “Check out the washable Pediped footwear for the summer!

The one thing that we always loved about Pediped is their line of footwear that can be washed. In a washing machine. No kidding!


These washable, water safe Ridell tennis shoes are designed in a way that you can take your children from the playground to the splash pad, to a hike without changing shoes at all. And then when you come back, all muddy and tired, simply throw the shoes into the washing machine – no need for hand scrubbing! Brilliant, right? Incredibly light, they are the perfect shoes for any situation.

Colorful and light, these traditional tennis shoes are great footwear for every girl and every situation, from the beach to a game of catch, they will hold up better than any other shoe your child will ever own.


Forget unattractive water shoes, just have your girl wear these gorgeous water safe sneakers. Air dry them or throw them into the wash afterwards, and you’ll have a brand new pair of shoes.



For the boys:

Does your little guy love shooting hoops? Does he beg you to play catch with him the moment he wakes up each morning or practice his quarterback moves in your backyard? If your son is full of sporty energy, the Delmar Flex shoes, part of Pediped’s Adventure line, will be a sure fit for him!

With their all-natural rubber soles and protective toe caps, you can be sure your little one’s feet will be protected while he practices his all-star moves on the court. These shoes have mesh strips to allow airflow on hot summers days and with their adjustable velcro straps, your child can easily secure his own shoes.

Made with eco-friendly, machine-washable and water-safe materials, these will be his go-to shoes for all of his summer adventures!

Does your child love to spend hours at the playground, jumping on turf, climbing ladders and speeding down the slides? Pediped’s Flex Rio shoes are perfect for long outdoor play. Their breathable upper mesh body provides comfort and airflow as your little one frolics around.

These shoes are perfect to take to the beach too! They’re water-friendly, so there’s no need to buy special water-shoes for your guy- just let him jump in the waves in his Flex Rios, and throw them in the wash when you get home!

For The Best- Dressed Child

If you’re summer plans include Sunday barbeques, post-church brunches, or family Par-3s, the Flex Charlestons will cover your little man’s footwear needs.

Their sleek suede and canvas upper color-blocking gives them all the visual appeal of a stylish shoe, while their rubber soles and flex-fit design create the most comfortable fit for your little man’s growing feet.

Classic white Mae sandals for girls are comfortable enough to wear on a nature walk, but have girl appeal with a flower pattern and a crisp white color.  Custom velcro closures ensure a perfect fit without tears or blisters.



Want water-safe features but in dressier shoe?

Check out the Grip and Go Bree style in adorable summer patterns. If you have an older child, Flex Bree style has the same pattern, however it doesn’t come in a washable style.



Since its conception, Pediped’s mantra has always been: “comfort, quality and style” – in that order. Through extensive research on the development and growth of children’s feet, Pediped has developed a 3-stage system of footwear to ensure the proper support for each stage of infant and toddler walking. These 3 lines have been awarded the seal of approval from The American Podiatric Medical Association, truly living up to its logo of being “the next best thing to bare feet.”

And if that’s not enough, Pediped prides itself in its quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, wide variety of machine-washable and water-safe options and unsurpassed quality designs for both boys and girls.


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