Preschool Easter Basket Gift Guide

Looking for exciting new ideas for your preschooler’s Easter basket that isn’t candy? Then you are in the right place! We have looked high and low to bring you some amazing options for those little balls of energy in your life. We agree that sweet treats are great, but in moderation. So this year think about filling their basket up with goodies that will last much longer then the snacks. Consider gifts that appeal to their developing minds!

Easter Gifts from Chasing Fireflies 


Chasing Fireflies is an adorable one stop shop for Easter.  If you want to add a bit of a personalized touch to your Easter, you will find Easter Baskets & Personalized Striped Liner in fresh Spring colors.  You will be able to get all your Easter baskets personalized for each of your little ones.  When it comes to filling the Easter baskets, to add a unique touch, switch it up from traditional Easter eggs to Mini Easter Crackers.  The fun crackers contain a friendship bracelet, a hat and a joke. It will be a sweet little treat for the kids without all the sugar that is in the usual Easter candy treats.


Don’t forget to check out all their pretty gift ideas as well.  If you have a little budding artist, then they will love the Chick Art Folio for Easter.  Perfectly themed for Easter, the chick shaped pink fabric case holds 12 crayons and a doodle pad and it is all included in the case ready to give to your darling artist.  For the kids that love to draw with chalk, the best creative gift will be Eggwalk Chalk.  An egg carton holds 6 shades of pastel chalk that is easy to use for little hands.  Dainty little girls who prefer jewelry to the artist’s brush will love the Girls Spring Chick Necklace this Easter.  This delicate ribbon necklace is decked with twin bows and a chick charm that jingles and jangles, it’s just the thing for spring and will adorn a little girl’s neck beautifully.


Headphones by Kidz Gear

If your children are anything like our children, then they love taking over your iPad or tablet to watch videos or movies. Most of the time, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s welcomed when it allows you a few extra minutes to get stuff done around the house or a little silence while driving across town. However, we don’t always want to hear what our children are watching, which is why Kidz Gear Volume-Limiting Headphones make the perfect gift for your child’s Easter basket this year. 

Whether you’re riding in the car, flying on a plan or just hanging out at home, we think that every kid should have their own pair of headphones! 

This is grown-up listening at a kid-friendly volume. In fact, these headphones are built with the same high quality components in standard adult headphones, with the added benefit of built-in volume limiting technology for kids (limited to approximately 80% of maximum speaker capabilities).

Lightweight and comfortable, we love that these colorful headphones (available in orange, pink, green, blue and purple) are custom designed for children 2 years and older. With the adjustable headband, you can easily tighten the size of the headphones to fit your child’s head. The child pictured is 2.5 years old and these headphones fit her on the tightest setting. 

For added convenience, go ahead and pick up a carrying bag and splitter adapter cable for your child’s new headphones, especially if you have multiple children. The splitter adapter cable makes watching one screen super easy, while the carrying bag will ensure that your child’s headphones last for many years to come. 

Quencher Water Bottles By Vapur

As spring and not long after, summer, approaches, providing our kids with plenty of fluids becomes vital. It’s always tough, especially if you have more than one kid in tow, to fill up several water bottles, figure out where to pack all those bottles, and then remember to bring them with you before you leave the house. Prepare ahead of time this season by sticking a few Quencher Water Bottles in your kid’s Easter baskets. Their slim packaging will still give you plenty of room for other Easter goodies.

These super cute and convenient water bottles created by Vapur will not only make bringing water along with you more space-saver friendly, but there’s a good chance your kids will drink extra H2O this spring because Quenchers are fun to drink from and given a personal touch by your child. Made from BPA-free plastic right here in the US, Quenchers hold 0.4L of liquid in a bottle that can lay flat, fold in half, or be rolled up, making a Quencher easy to take with you anywhere.

These reusable bottles will also stand upright when full, are freezer and dishwasher safe, include a handy carabiner clip for on-the-go ease, and feature a sport cap with lid for easy drinking. Choose from 4 different Quencher creatures, each with a whimsical name and a bright personality. Each bottle includes 3 sheets of reusable 3M stickers that your child can use to customize their Quencher, letting their imagination and creativity come alive. Who ever thought that drinking water could be so fun? 


Quencher Lolli | Quencher Splash


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Hasbro’s My Little Pony

Play-doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon (Ages 3+):

Every little girl seems to go through a My Little Pony obsession. If the little gal in your house is cuckoo for Plah-Doh and Rainbow Dash, she’ll love this fun new Play-doh set from Hasbro. A variety of pretty pastel hued play-doh colors are included in this set, and will allow her to grow her pony’s hair in gorgeous colors, as well as style it and cut it with some fun (included) plastic scissors. She can practice a play-doh braid, or see how many colors to put through it, or how long it can grow.

The possibilities are endless, with this hands-on fun activity that will yield super pretty results. Rainbow Dash’s body is full of fun molds to decorate her beautiful mane or body, or adorn the grass-like platform she is standing on too. Mold some play-doh into her wings to create a colorful pattern totally unique to the situation! She’ll have fun creating her own personalized pony, and you’ll love that you didn’t break the bank on this adorable set, retailing for $12.99.


Cutie Mark Magic Sunset Shimmer Figure (Ages 3+):

If you’re looking for a small addition to your daughter’s Easter basket, we absolutely adore this My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Sunset Shimmer Figure. It includes a charm and necklace unique to that individual pony, making the small figures perfect for your daughter to collect the entire gang. Sunset Shimmer knows the true meaning of friendship, and she’ll be a welcome addition into your child’s budding My Little Pony family. Once again, with the retail value of just $4.99, the Easter bunny can throw it into the basket as a fun addition to the Play-doh set, and have the My Little Pony fun continue even after the play-doh has been cleaned up for the day for some fun imaginative play. 

Organic Teddy Bears by Bears for Humanity 

This Easter, if you would like a gift that gives back in a special way, Bears for Humanity are the perfect choice. Bears for Humanity partners with some of the leading charitable organizations, and for each bear you purchase, another bear is given to a child in need. Bears for Humanity works with organizations such as Save the Children, Toys for Tots, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.  So, these bears will not only reach your children’s arms, but they also will reach the arms of children who have life-threatening illnesses, live in underprivileged homes, or are a part of a veteran’s family who need a ray of sunshine in their lives.

Renju Prathap, the founder of Bears for Humanity, was inspired with this mission from her own touching childhood experience of being given a bear and the lasting impression it made. These cuddly and unbelievably soft bears are made from certified organic cotton/hemp, which is also naturally anti-bacterial.  You may choose from five different colors for your bear’s fur, two different bear sizes  (premium or baby), and also have the option of adding a bib, bow tie, polo shirt, or “sentiment heart pillow” to make your bear as personalized and unique as the love with which it is given. On top of everything, we also love that these special bears are made in the USA.

Corolle Mademoiselle Doll & Sunny Days Shorts Set

The beautifully charming, and stylishly dressed dolly will quickly become a favorite for your little girl, and is the perfect middle doll for young preschoolers to teach them a different stage of imaginative play such as brushing her hair, dressing her in different outfits, and growing her dolly experiences. The Mademoiselle doll from Corolle comes with an adorable looking spring dress out of the box, perfect to spotlight the holiday and possibly even coordinate with, if this is her “big” Easter basket item. Her silky hair can be brushed and styled, and her eyes delicately open and close. The signature Corolle sweet and delicate vanilla scent is the perfect pair for her delicate supple and soft vinyl skin. 

Corolle collage2

Whether your child is blonde hair and blue-eyed, or a striking brunette, Corolle has different skin color/hair colored options to make her dolly unique to her. We also adore all the available accessories and clothing for the Mademoiselle doll. Tons of different fashions for this 14″ tall doll is available, and we especially love the Sunny Days Short Set, to get her into the spring-time mood and prepared for summer the right way. 

Corolle has different dolls available for any aged child, from birth and up, and will quickly become a family favorite household brand for high-quality and gorgeous dolls for all ages and stages your child is in currently.

Little Scholar Tablet By School Zone

As you’re filling up your child’s Easter basket this year, don’t forget to include something sweet for the brain as well as something sweet for the tooth. If you want to bypass the typical Easter egg and chick books for something a bit more substantial and longer lasting, then the Little Scholar Tablet may be just what you’re looking for.

School Zone has created the Little Scholar Tablet for your preschool through 1st graders who love to learn through play and technology. This kid-friendly and parent-approved tablet contains over 150 preloaded full-version apps, songs, videos, and books, all geared towards early education and development. Ready to play right from the box, all without pop-up advertisements or extra download purchases, this tablet doesn’t even require Wifi, so take it to Easter brunch, wherever that may be.

With durable construction, interactive feedback based on your child’s progress in the form of a “report card”, and no fear of your child stumbling upon inappropriate content, the Little Scholar Tablet is perfect for replacing standard tablets that your child may currently be playing with. It’s like having a teacher in your child’s hands any time of the day! Talk about an Easter basket gift that keeps on giving.


Little Scholar Tablet


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Indoor Gardening Kit & Watering Can from Green Toys

Nothing says springtime like a little bit of green in the house! Children love watching things grow, especially things they planted themselves! The indoor gardening kit & watering can from Green Toys are the perfect way to sprout a love of gardening in your little one, as well as responsibility, since he or she will have to water the plants daily with the Green Toys watering can.  Your child will beam with pride when the seeds he/she planted begin to sprout and grow within a few days. 

Have a black thumb? Never fear! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the zinnia, basil, and teddy bear sunflower seeds (all organic) included in this kit will grow with ease in the included soil disks, after some digging with the trowel that comes along with the set.  The watering can has the perfect amount of tiny holes to delicately sprinkle water on your fledgling plants, and will keep them well-hydrated – and, comes with a cultivator and shovel.  As with all products in the Green Toys line, the indoor gardening kit and watering can are made from recycled plastic milk jugs, are free of BPA and phthalates, and made in the USA.  

Snack ‘n’ Stack Utensils from Fred & Friends

If you want to really blow the mind of your Lego-obsessed, budding engineer, these Snack ‘n’ Stack utensils from Fred & Friends are where it’s at! This fork, spoon, and knife set are pure perfection when you want to add a bit of whimsy and a lot of fun to your dinner table, and they actually snap together just like toy building bricks. Because they snap together, they’re an excellent choice for school lunch boxes, to keep everything contained and compact.  Toddlers who are working on perfecting their often-messy self-feeding skills will love the spork-like fork, which makes eating a bit easier (and cleaner!).  Your child won’t believe his/her eyes on Easter morning when these appear from the Easter Bunny!  

Apart from the playful nature of these utensils, we simply love how they make mealtime fun – which, if you have a picky eater on your hands, you know that any tool to make mealtime more fun and less of a challenge, is a tool you want in your arsenal (and dishwasher safe, too!).  They’re the perfect size for a child to hold on to, and the silicone handles provide a non-slip grip surface. Your child will be begging for the next mealtime and chance to use this unique set!

Play-Doh Smashdown Hulk by Hasbro

Every kid loves Play-Doh, and if you have a super hero lover in your house, this set is for you! Hulk and Play-Doh come together to create a fun super hero battle, with Play-Doh accessories. With this Hulk Smashdown, the iconic Play-Doh cans can become part of the action as your little ones can re-create their own Marvel Super-Hero battles. They can build up a brick wall with the brick-themed can and half-molds on the Hulk basher body and when it’s time for Hulk to smash, they can press the Can-Heads hero down on the spring-loaded basher base to slam Hulk’s fist and squish that wall down!


This set also comes with a fellow Iron Man Can-Heads hero and a stamper base to make armor upgrades and more stuff for The Hulk to smash. This fun toy will be a highlight of their Easter baskets this year and will combine their love of the Avengers with building and creating. This toy is sure to bring lots of smile and fun that will continue to last!


Play-doh Hulk Smashdown


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Instead of filling your kids basket this year with only things that can be eaten or used up, try giving them a gift that they can keep playing with again, again, and again! Magformers are plastic blocks that come in a variety of shapes and have magnets inside of them that allow them to connect in fun ways to create all sorts of designs, sculptures and animals! This is not your typical building set, with Magformers, you can construct all kinds of 3-D figures so your kids can really take building and creativity to the next level.  Magformer pieces, which come in 25 geometric shapes, have free floating magnets within them that strongly pull the pieces together. The best part about them is that pieces always connect and never reject so you can build spheres, houses, towers, animals and more. 

Your kid’s finished creations are held together securely so they don’t easily fall apart, but when you wish to create something new, simply pull the pieces apart and start over! They are perfect for kids aged 3 and up and are perfect for Easter baskets, as well as taking when you are in the car, at an older sibling’s baseball practice or really anywhere! There are a variety of different sets, and we love the Dinosaur Set and the Forest Friends set. With these two sets your child can create 3-d Brontosaurus, stegosaurus, owls, squirrels and even bunnies! No matter what kind of animal your child is into, there is a set for them. Best of all, you can combine sets to make even bigger creations. So this Easter, give your child the gift of creativity with a Magformers magnet block set!


Dinosaur Set | Forest Friends Set


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Little Bunnies Bundle by Educational Insights

We love the idea of giving your preschooler something fun AND educational. Educational Insights does just that with their Little Bunnies Bundle that includes 3 creative activities that your little one will enjoy!

The first activity included in this bundle is Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game.

Little Bunnies Bundle Pic 1

Here’s how it works: Hoppy Floppy needs your help to collect colorful eggs to take home. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but you know how easily it is for baskets to get knocked over or eggs stolen when you’re playing with 2-4 other preschoolers. This game helps develop matching skills, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pre-handwriting skills. 

The next activity included in the Little Bunnies Bundle is the Playfoam Combo 8-pack

Little Bunnies Bundle Pic 3

If your kids love playdoh, then they’ll really love this product. But before you start twitching at the thought of such an activity, hear us out: 

Playfoam allows preschoolers to express their creativity-with no mess to clean up afterwards! This sensory tool allows kids to develop their artistic talent and encourage creative play. 

Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again.

Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends! Furthermore, the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go! 

Finally, for your little music lover, is the Magic Moves Rainbow Jam

Little Bunnies Bundle Pic 5
This activity is super fun. If your child loves listening to music or singing or dancing, then they are going to love putting the mini maestro to work. They can touch a color to hear its musical note; or touch multiple colors to compose their own masterpieces or sing along to nine jammin’ color songs!

Whatever your child’s musical taste, from rock to Latin to jazz or country, they’ll find a musical style that will keep them engaged and learning. It also features two modes of play and a 16-page musical activity book. 

Not only will they have a blast playing, but this is a great activity to reinforce good listening skills! 

Need more gift ideas for your older or younger kids? Check out our Unique Easter Basket Gift Ideas. And if you’re still searching for the perfect Easter outfit for your little loves, don’t miss our Kids Easter Fashion Guide.

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