Scootering is a wonderful outdoor activity for both kids and adults during the summer months. Scooters are easy to pack into the car — unlike bikes which typically require a bike rack or some fancy maneuvering to fit them in the back of the car. Bring your scooter to a playgroup to ride with friends or to the grandparents’ to use on their long, smooth driveway! Take a family scoot to a local store or ice cream shop for a treat. The possibilities are endless! 

Here is a roundup of our favorite scooters! Keep reading to figure out which scooter is best for each member of your family!



Easy Scootering with YBIKE



The YBIKE GLX Scooter is a great choice for young children with its wide deck and 3 wheeled design to help them balance. The adjustable handlebar, easy to use brake, ABS reinforced deck and raised grippy surface decreases the risk of injury by providing great stability and comfort while riding. The YBIKE GLX also has the lean and steer design to help your child master new balance techniques as they ride along.

The YBIKE GLX comes in three bright colors: pink, green, and blue. It supports children up to 44 lbs and is recommended for ages 2-5.



YBIKE GLX Scooter 12 inch


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Family Scootering with Micro Scooter



What is more fun than scootering as a family? Micro has scooters for the whole family from 18 months through adult! Riding your scooters to the park or around the neighborhood, your kids will have a blast with mom and dad by their side–and let’s not forget the coolness factor! Even celebrities ride their scooters in style as a family.

Mini Micro Scooter


The 3-wheeled Mini Micro Scooter has hard rubber wheels, a strong brake, and a sturdy frame with a soft synthetic kick board. It is lightweight and has removable handlebars for easy portability. The Mini Micro scooter features tilt-and-lean steering which is great for little ones that are still building their balance skills. The low to the ground deck helps your child balance easier and the durable, flexible deck can hold up to 44 lbs.

The range of bright color choices is endless – let your child pick out their favorite! The Mini Micro Scooter is recommended for 2-5 year olds.

Micro Adult Scooter


Riding a scooter is not only fun for children but it’s also a blast for adults! The Micro Adult Scooter is made with aluminum, steers like a bicycle, and, with its collapsible handlebar, easily folds in 3 seconds!  The height adjustable handlebar can accommodate adults up to at least 6 feet tall while still maintaining good posture due to the lower footboard. Micro Adult Scooter is the perfect scooter to ride on asphalt surfaces and holds up well during long distance rides.

Not used to riding a scooter? Don’t worry! The larger hard rubber wheels, long wheel base, and easy to use brake make the Micro Adult Scooter very stable and decreases the risk of falling. You don’t even have to find a place to prop it up when not riding it – it has a kickstand! The Scooter itself weighs 10.4 lbs and can support up to 225 lbs.

Retro Scooting
Morgan Cycle Retro 3-Wheel Scooter

The Morgan Cycle Retro 3-Wheel Scooter is a very durable and adorably vintage way for your toddler to get around!  With the all-steel construction and chrome wheels with solid rubber tires, this scooter can withstand anything your toddler puts it through. The duo rear wheels provide added stability and the adjustable handlebar makes this scooter a great choice for toddlers as they grow.

The Retro 3-Wheel Scooter is designed for children ages 2-5 years old and comes in many bright colors including aqua, pink, red, and red & gold, all in the same cute, retro style

Product Recommendation

While scooting around town, your little one will need some protection for their head in case they take a tumble. We love fun and unique helmets like this Big Eyes Owl Miniz Helmet from Raskullz. The 3D beak, ears and wings make this a kid favorite, while the shock-absorbing EPS inner shell makes this helmet a safe choice for your little owl. Aerodynamic cooling vents keep little noggins cool and the nylon straps are adjustable to ensure a great fit.


Riding a scooter is fun and exciting for children and adults alike!  Be sure to keep your family safe by starting on flat surfaces and wearing appropriate safety equipment. Now get out there and enjoy the outdoors!

Looking for a different ride for your little one?  Check out our article:  Summer Favorites: Bike and Trikes

Photo Credits: The Art of Making a Baby, The Paro Post


  1. Hi Kristy – thank you for a fantastic review, and for the beautiful photos of you and your daughter. When your product testers are ready for the Maxi (ages 5 to 12), let us know! The Maxi is an incredibly strong scooter, almost indestructible, so its great for the commute to school. The Maxi USA (in red and blue) is 20% off right now through Monday the 8th. You can see it on our website in our Specials section Thank you, Julie


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