Sex – Are you doing it wrong?

If you aren’t enjoying sex, it may just be you are doing it wrong. You’re probably rolling your eyes at that. How can you do it wrong? Well, if you are operating off bad information about how your own body works, you aren’t having sex right. Lots of women and men miss the mark when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually. So many people operate off the myth that all you need is vaginal penetration for a woman to climax – that is false. Only 15% of women orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Movies and pornography get it wrong all the time. Simply going harder and longer isn’t the solution to your problems with satisfaction. If you are doing it wrong, let’s talk about how to do it right!

Where to Focus Your Attention

The key to great sex and sexual satisfaction as a woman is one small part of your body that packs a punch, your clitoris. Since vaginal penetration alone doesn’t do the trick for most women, you have to give your clit some love. You might not even know how to find it! It is hidden and not in your vagina, which is why vaginal penetration doesn’t lead to orgasm.

Your clitoris is actually made up of the same kind of tissue as a penis. When we develop in the womb, we all start off with the same tissue where our genitals will develop. The Y chromosome causes that area to grow longer and develop into a penis. While your clit has common beginnings with the penis, it is so much more powerful, with up to 8,000 nerve endings in that small space. That is a lot more than a penis contains.

Here’s something amazing about the clitoris, it is the only body part on the human body that is solely for sexual pleasure. Its only job is to get you off, so why are you ignoring it? Your clitoris is covered with a hood-like piece of skin and is actually three to five inches long. It can become engorged when you are aroused. The internal part of your clit is called the crura. The crura are like legs that extend inward toward your vaginal wall. These legs may explain why some women have an orgasm from vaginal penetration. The penetration is actually stimulating their clit, causing a clitoral orgasm.

Don’t feel embarrassed or weird that you need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. That is how your body is designed. That’s how you function sexually. What’s weird about that? The overwhelming majority of women need to focus on their clit to have an orgasm. Clitoral stimulation during vaginal sex feels amazing. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Just the Right Stimulation

You will need to experiment to see what kind of stimulation works for you. Certain sexual positions give you better access to your clit so you can rub it with your hands or your partner’s hands. You may be able to grind enough in a position, like when you are on top, to stimulate enough to climax. Everyone responds differently. You can try a sex toy to have more powerful orgasms or climax faster. Fast or slowly, light touch or heavy pressure, you won’t know until you try. We do know that you need to get your clit involved though!

Here’s an important tip on stimulating your clit. You can overstimulate. If you become dependent on a high level of stimulation, like a vibrator turned all the way up, you will struggle to have an orgasm with your partner without the vibrator. Nobody wants that. Avoid overstimulation. 

Well, it turns out all clitoral stimulators are not created equal. Meet the Womanizer.

The Womanizer isn’t your normal vibrator, and it will not overstimulate you to the point that you become dependent or can’t climax. That’s because the Womanizer utilizes its own, new technology that stimulates your clit with suction. It is indirect stimulation. The vibration isn’t right on your clit. The Womanizer can and will give you mind blowing orgasms that will leave your legs shaking and your partner wondering what happened! With its pleasure air technology, you hold it still on your clit and it sucks, creating a seal and blowing your mind. Sex will never be the same. 

Developed by a husband and wife team, it really is like nothing else on the market. There are multiple models to choose from: Womanizer Pro and the Womanizer W100. Both models come with changeable silicone heads that are easy to clean and a travel pouch for discrete storage. Batteries are not required. The Womanizer charges with a USB and holds the charge for up to 4 hours. Considering most women orgasm in a minute or two with the Womanizer, that means you won’t be charging it very often.

If you have been neglecting your clitoris, just pretending you’re satisfied with vaginal penetration alone, go ahead and treat yourself to a new experience in life. Upgrade and get a Womanizer right away. Use it alone. Use it with a partner. Use it to focus your attention in the right place!

So, what are you waiting for? If you have been doing it wrong, go give it another try with this information. Take your time. Be open to try new things. Talk to your partner about what you want. Do what you need to do to do it right!


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Photo Credits: Pixabay, Dani Nicole Photography

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