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Finding a line of children’s cups and feeding products that are safe for children, void of  potential health harming chemicals and eye-catching is like finding that needle in a haystack. A newer company on the market, Silikids, is packing the punch of all that… and then some! A company that cares about the safety of our children, the environment and produces a product which is still fantastic, certainly deserves more than just a short mention. Today we want to introduce you to a product that satisfies so many mom requirements and helps to bridge the gap between a safe product and an affordable product!

What You Won’t Find In Silikids Products

Many products on the market advertise all the things that go into making their product, that makes it so great. With Silikids, it’s equally important to know what DOES NOT go into their product. These products use silicone as well as glass. This means that they are free of bisphenol-A, lead, PVC and phthalates. These are toxic chemicals that should be avoided, especially for your children.

  • Bisphenol-A: Bisphenol-A is an industrial strength chemical that can have hormone-altering effects that is often used to make hard, clear plastics. BPA is estrogenic, meaning it can mimic the action of estrogen on the body. It can be found in many plastic products, water bottles, the lining of canned foods and drinks as well as many other products. The FDA did ban the use of BPA baby bottles and children’s drinking cups in 2012. However, parents shouldn’t assume that just because a sippy cup is labeled “BPA-free” that it is safe and free from estrogenic health threats. Right now, there are not specific rules in the U.S. that require companies to disclose the chemicals they use in products sold for our children and families. Therefore there is no way to know if the chemicals used to replace BPA might be just as –or even more—harmful. Using a glass and silicone product, such as Silikids is a much safer alternative.

  • PVC: PVC is a chemical that you should just say NO to. According to the World Health Organization the chemical used to make PVC, vinyl chloride, is a known human carcinogen. PVC has toxic additives, making it very bad for your health. Furthermore, lead is often used as a stabilizer in PVC and while it’s somewhat regulated in products made in the U.S., imported PVC products can have disturbingly high lead levels.

  • Phthalates:Phthalates are plasticisers used to help make plastics soft and durable. They are present in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), otherwise known as “vinyl.” Similar to BPA, phthalates are considered to be endocrine disruptors as well as animal carcinogens.

Why Silicone?

Silicone is a fantastic solution to creating safe children’s feeding and drinking products. It is made up of silicon, which is a natural element found in sand, rock and Quartz. After oxygen, silicon is the most abundant element on earth. Silicone is created by combining silicon with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. This creates a hypo allergenic, non-toxic material that will not promote the growth of fungus or bacteria. It also does not add any taste to your food and will not produce any hazardous fumes. In addition to being such a safe material, silicone is also very durable! There are also many specialty programs that will recycle it for you. It will likely take you forever to be ready to recycle these amazing Silikid products, however if and when that time comes, feel free to send them back to Silikids. They will recycle them for you!

The Product Line

Silikids offers feeding solutions that parents can feel safe about using with their children. For drinking products they offer a wide variety of products. For children using training cups they have an 8 oz glass training cup. The glass cup is fully enclosed in a silicone sleeve and it contains a silicone top that stretches over and covers the top of the glass. These are perfect for Children around 24 months who are possibly getting ready to transition to a “big kid” cup.

siliskin2 edit
Ready for the next step beyond a sippy? Children can start using the Siliskin Glass Cup for Kids. It offers children a textured feel that makes it easier to hold and grip and has a patent pending shock absorption design.

siliskin1 edit

Are you an on-the-go family? Siliskin has the perfect product for you. Their straw tops and sippy tops are great for keeping in your purse or diaper bag. They can be added to a Sili cup or a cup of your choice to instantly make them more child friendly. They stretch over and grip the top of a cup, using air suction to keep them in place. Also perfect for those who are always traveling is Silikids silicone placemat. Featuring an educational map of the United States, it also features presectioned panels that allow it to fold down quickly and easily fit into a diaper bag for transport.


As a parent, you are always making choices to try to keep your kids safe. When it comes to feeding essentials, rest assured that Silikids has got your back. Their products are free of all of the harmful ingredients that you don’t want near your children and they are also super stylish! When it’s time to pour your kids another drink, get a little silly and have a little fun with these awesome products.

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