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Days in the life of a parent can be busy and hectic. You may be going to work, running errands, cleaning or cooking. Regardless of what you are doing you likely have your hands full. Luckily being a modern parent in this day and age definitely has its benefits. Brand new to the parenting market and full of amazing features is the Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor. This revolutionary new monitor that allows you to watch your child from anywhere in the world, is everything that parents could ever want and need in a monitor, plus SO MUCH MORE.

The Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor is a sleek, attractive and magnetically mounted device that makes a great monitor for children of all ages. The technology uses the free Evos app on the App store or Google Play to turn your smart phone or tablet directly into the medium that you use to watch your child. Wherever you are, whether it be at work, running to another room, away on vacation while the kids are with grandma or in the other room while your child is in the playroom, the Smart Parenting monitor allows you instant access to “check in” on your child.  

As with any baby monitor, the Evoz Parenting Monitor is a great aid or supplement to parenting and was designed specifically to help busy parents stay connected. Using the monitor must always be in addition to responsible adult care for the baby. Parents should NEVER leave a baby unattended.

Features To LOVE

  • Sleek Design that looks great in any room
  • Pre-loaded lullabies can be played remotely along with songs and audio books
  • Features two-way communication that allows parents to talk, sing and soothe their child back to sleep
  • The Monitor can be used to take photos or videos of your baby to capture the precious young moments
  • Built in nightlight that can be controlled and adjusted through the monitor
  • HD video streams that reach you anywhere in the world – downstairs, work, dinner, even out of the country
  • Can’t listen to audio? You can get real Cry Alerts with a real-time picture from the monitor as push notifications, SMS or email alerts
  • Ability to track baby’s daily activity

Evoz Smart Parenting Toolbox

Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor features the Smart Parenting toolbox which enables parents to be able to track their babies sleep habits. There are special “cry alerts” that can notify parents through text message or email when their child is upset and how long they have cried for. Working Parents Rejoice! This is a revolutionary and useful tool for parents who have a caretaker for their child but must work out of the home. Evoz will also track the temperature of their room and alert you if it is out of expert’s recommended range.

Partnership with Kim West

Have you ever heard of Kim West? Maybe you know her as the Sleep Lady. Well, she partnered with Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor and is able to offer parents sleep content as well as answer questions specific to their own child’s sleep patterns. Along with her team of Certified Sleep Coach Experts, Kim West provides a resource for parents to search for sleep advice and promotes healthy sleep habits in the form of a “Gentle Sleep Method.” Kim seeks to provide a parent’s peace of mind with a method that is not a version of “cry-it-out”.

Wireless Monitor Security

Questions often arise about the safety of Wi-Fi monitors. They are newer to the market and as such parents want to ensure that they are making the safest decisions for their families. When designing the Evoz Monitor, security was a chief concern. First, it is important to understand that the most common route to breaking into Internet connected devices is simply that the devices are often shipped with a default username and password. This allows hackers to just scan for devices where users have not changed the credentials. This Evoz device does not have a default username and password. As part of the setup, you create an account on the app, similar to opening an email account or online banking account.

The safety of your monitor also goes beyond these credentials. Every connection from the monitor to the internet is protected using encryption which will prevent an attacker from eavesdropping on the communications. The company uses TLS sockets, again similar to email, online banking, etc. Evoz is committed to maintaining their products. In order to ensure the safest experience possible you have the ability to upgrade the device firmware directly from the application on your phone. When an upgrade is available the app will notify you, letting you always keep your device up to date.

If you are looking for state of the art technology and tons of amazing features all wrapped up into one monitor, then Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor should be at the top of your list!

Photo Credits: Jessica

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    You know this was a scam right? The servers have been down for more than a month and no one is responding to anything. I spent $200 and a night light.


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