Stocking stuffers are a Christmas essential. Adults and children alike love digging into their stockings on Christmas morning. If you are short on ideas for what to put into stockings this year… You have come to the right place! We have some fantastic and unique ideas for what to stuff into those socks! Be certain that from the youngest to the oldest, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and stuffed full of only the best.

The Holiday Season is in full swing! Daily Mom is your go-to for everything to spice up your season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Section for great tips, recipes and ideas. Our Holiday Guides are here! We’re bringing you the best Holiday Gifts for EVERYONE on your list and we are making sure you get through the Holiday season with your family clothed in style from head to toe, in a festively decorated house!

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Kids Bottles by Contigo

If your little one is not quite ready for a regular cup, but past the point of sippy cups, Contigo AUTOSEAL bottles will make the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer this year. These Contigo water bottles use AUTOSEAL technology to make a completely leak-proof and spill-proof bottle. With the click of a button, your little one can open the seal to take a sip. As soon as he’s done, it automatically seals back up. 

Both the plastic Gracie and stainless Scout bottles are perfect for car trips, sports games or just carrying around the house. The Scout stainless steel bottle is also perfect for keeping drinks like juice and milk cool for hours! Contigo AUTOSEAL water bottles are BPA-free, PVC-free, mess-free, dishwasher-safe  and come with a lifetime warranty!

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Toothbrushes By Brush Buddies

Every parent would love to fill their kids’ stockings with healthy, practical items, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, but they know their kids won’t feel the same. That might change this year if you stick some Brush Buddies in there! Make the boring chore of teeth brushing fun with the wide array of products that Brush Buddies offers. From brushes for teething babies to fun character brushes that do everything from stand, talk, and pop, there’s a brush for every member of the family, from baby brother to Grandma.

The majority of Brush Buddies toothbrushes take the guesswork out of how long to brush your teeth. With a 2 minute timer that comes in either a popular song or an educational story, you can be sure that your child, teenager, or yourself will leave the sink with clean, healthy teeth and a big ol’ smile.

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 Princess Feeding Set by The First Years

Do you need all the help and reinforcements at dinner possible? Why not call in the team of your child’s favorite characters by gifting them the Princess Feeding Set from The First Years. Each set comes with everything your child will need, from a fun divided plate, and deep bowl, to matching cutlery. Top it off with a spill proof Insulated Sippy Cup to spread the love and enjoyment throughout the day, and not just at meal times. 

TFY Collage

Each item is BPA free, and the design is printed into each piece, meant to withstand the harsh toddler conditions such as being thrown, and multiple dishwashing sessions. The insulated design of the sippy cups keeps their drinks cool longer, and the spill proof top is sure to be a big hit around the house. With many other characters and designs available,there are options out there for even the pickiest kid, making this the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift this year.

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Winter Themed & Personalized Pacifiers by MAM

We know how difficult  it is finding the perfect stocking stuffers for babies. You want quality products that are not only safe and fun, but also practical. MAM’s limited edition winter-themed pacifiers sets are just that and more. With 8 adorable designs – all depicting iconic winter and holiday images – these BPA-free, silicone-nipple pacifiers come in packs of two in a special carrying case that can be placed in the microwave to sterilize the pacifiers. MAM pacifiers are designed with your baby’s oral and dental health and complete comfort in mind. Your baby will love the bright, playful images on her new pacifiers, and you’ll love that you’re filling her stocking with quality gifts this year. 

If you want to add an extra special personal touch to her MAM pacifiers, order from their personalized collection. Choose from 5 colors and up to 20 characters (divided between two lines). You can personalize it with her name, nickname or a funny saying. 

Some people remove their baby’s pacifier from their mouth before taking photos, but both the winter-themed pacifiers and personalized pacifiers are so vibrant and beautiful, they will actually make the perfect accessory to any outfit. Pair the red Santa with her formal holiday wear or her personalized pacifier  her everyday play clothes. 

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Emi-Jay Hair Ties


We love adorable holiday Emi-Jays sets this year for stocking stuffers. Small, affordable, adorable and unique, Emi-Jays are high quality hair ties, hair bows and headbands that are glamorous and simple at the same time. Their holiday collections come in cute packaging perfect for gifting and in colors that are unique and holiday themed at the same time. Our favorite to gift this year are crystal bead hair ties that are perfect for night and day.



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Hair Bows by Hopscotch Boutique

12-14_20141214_20141214-Hopscotch 2

Put a little gift of fashion into your child’s stocking this year with Hopscotch Boutique’s adorable holiday hair bows. This Etsy shop give you many choices to personalize your gift to match your little one’s personality and style. Choose between felt or satin, hair bow or twisty clip.  

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Looking for something other than red and green?  Hopscotch Boutique currently has over 300 items in their shop to choose from! Check out the gold glitter bow for the holiday season or for bringing in the new year. With almost 300 reviews at a 5 star average, you know you can count on Hopscotch Boutique to make something special for your loved one.

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Holiday Snowman Popper by Hog Wild Toys

Looking for a fun stocking stuffer that the entire family will enjoy? Then look no further than the ever-festive Holiday Poppers, now available in four new styles, including this fun Snowman!

Just squeeze the snowman’s belly to launch the soft foam flying balls. The harder you squeeze, the farther it shoots. This Holiday Popper is air powered and safe for both indoor and outdoor play. It includes six soft foam balls and convenient carry net. Although this toy is designed for kids four years or older, you’ll quickly find that even your toddler will enjoy chasing balls as you pop them across the room (just don’t let them put them in their mouth). 

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PaciPouch by Booginhead

Booginhead’s PaciPouch is a great stocking stuffer for parents whose children use pacifiers. Each PaciPouch can hold 2 pacifiers and still have space for more such as Booginhead’s PaciGrips. No more throwing the pacifier into a diaper bag or the cup holder and having it dirty when you need it the most. The PaciPouch’s handle opens and closes with a snap; you can attach it to a stroller, a diaper bag, basically anything you can loop it around. The zipper closure makes it easy to get to a pacifier quickly.

Booginhead pacipouch collage

The PaciPouch is easy to care for, just wipe it down with soapy water and line dry. The durability of the PaciPouch will allow continued use even after the pacifier stage is over.  They are great for carrying small items such as bandaids, money, or small hair accessories when traveling! Choose from 3 designs: black, grey gogo chevron and ladybug.




Booginhead | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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barkTHINS by Ripple Brand


Do you have a friend that is addicted to chocolate? Let us introduce you to the brand that has put a “serious twist on snacking” with their delicious and perfectly sized pieces, barkTHINS.  These small slivers of mouth watering yumminess are made with fair trade dark chocolate combined with all natural ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, pretzels and peppermint.

The chocolate lover in your life will not be disappointed with the smooth quality of this dark chocolate.  BarkTHINS are small enough to enjoy when you need to quickly curb a sweet and salty craving providing just enough sea salt to satisfy. The resealable bag allows your loved one to easily grab a bite and close the bag to maintain freshness for another nibble later. Give the gift of chocolate and the best of all natural ingredients this year!

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Animal Soap Sponge by SoapSox

Bath time is going to be a lot more fun this Christmas with the addition of a SoapSox Kids Scrubby. These unique, soft, cuddly and colorful animal characters makes bath time fun and get little ones clean, too.

At first glance, this bath scrub looks like any other stuffed animal, assuming your stuffed animals are turtles or alligators. Quite honestly, if that’s all it was, your kid would still love it. However, when your child realizes that they can bring their new animal friend in the bathtub with them, their excitement will reach a whole new level. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Feed your SoapSox animal liquid or bar soap through the perfectly sized pouch on their back.
  2. Add water and later up. The built-in finger pockets allow for secure scrubbing. If your kid loves bubbles as much as ours does, they’ll really love this part. 
  3. Then use your SoapSox just as you would a wash cloth. You can even throw it in the washing machine when you’re done.

We love the idea of adding Taylor the Turtle, Hunter the Gator, or any one (or two) of the other seven SoapSox characters to your child’s stocking this Christmas. Use the code DAILYSOAPSOX for 35% off your very own SoapSox friend this Christmas!

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Shoe Sizer by Squatchi

We’ve all been there – your children have outgrown their shoes, all at the same time. The idea of getting everyone ready to go to the shoe store, avoiding naps or mealtime, and all that goes with just leaving the house seems like way more effort than it’s worth. But you do it, because how else are you supposed to know what size to buy now. And as soon as you’re done, you pray that you don’t have to do that again for a very long time. 

If you can relate, then this is the stocking stuffer for you (or your mommy friends). Squatchi is a one-of-a-kind, at-home, children’s shoe sizer. And it’s as accurate as the metal ones used in the store and will save you the trouble of making unnecessary returns by allowing you to measure your child’s foot at home. 


All you have to do is place your kid’s heel against the curved end (heel stop) of the Squatchi (bearing weight on the foot being measured and ensuring the toes are lying flat on the device), then on the line above the longest toe, make a mark with a permanent marker noting foot size. 

Even better, Squatchi can also be used as a fun keepsake that shows the growth of your children’’s feet. However you use it, we think that Squatchi is the perfect stocking stuffer for any mom who needs the gift of a little extra time.

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Socks by Sock it to me

Do you have a family that is funky, creative and bold? If so, you’ve got to check out Sock It To Me. This brand literally has hundreds of sock designs for the entire family. From women’s knee highs, to men’s crew socks, to every design you could possibly think of for children of any age. Socks, socks, socks. These socks make such a unique gift, because of the different patterns and designs you can find, you will be sure to find a perfect fit for everyone. You will find socks with crows, cupcakes, ninjas, mustache, watch and key and other magical little things.


Crows | Mustache | Watch and Key


Sock it to me | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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Lip Gloss by Rozge Cosmeceutical

Rozge lip gloss will make the perfect stocking stuffer for the health-conscious beauty enthusiast in your life. Made with natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients, this nourishing, opaque lip gloss comes in over 22 shades to fit every facet of her lifestyle. Each tube is packed full of non-toxic shea butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil and dragon’s blood – all working towards softer, healthier, rejuvenated lips.

She will also love the unique casing her lip gloss comes in. Each container has a super bright light-up wand and built-in mirror for perfect application day and night! From the moment she finds it in her stocking this year, Rozge lip gloss will become her new favorite go-to, everyday!

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Lozenges by Hangover Naturals

We’ve found the perfect stocking stuffer for the friend that always seems to say, “How come I drank so much last night?” Give them the gift of sweet hangover relief after they’ve partied too hard this holiday season. Created by a nurse, Hangover Naturals lozenges are a yummy, all-natural way to replenish your body of the vitamins and minerals that too much booze zaps out of you. Packed full of essential oils such as ginger, raspberry, lime and Vitamins C, B6, B12, and many more, one lozenge will safely and effectively help ease common hangover symptoms, such as headache, dry mouth, upset stomach, and dehydration.

After you stick a pack in your favorite friend’s stocking, be sure to toss a few of the individually wrapped Hangover Naturals lozenges in your purse, just in case you need a little pick-me-up after celebrating with that favorite friend!


Hangover Naturals


Hangover Naturals | Facebook | Twitter

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Bike Cup Holder by Bookman

Xmas Gift Guides_20000101_IMG_9344

For biking enthusiasts, a small and cute gift that they are most certainly missing is a cup holder for those trips to the coffee shop or a ride around the neighborhood. Bookman cup holder is a simple yet innovative concept of a all metal drink holder that easily slides onto the bike’s handlebars without any installation needed.

Xmas Gift Guides_20000101_IMG_9436

 The cup holder comes in a cute square package perfect for stocking stuffer and includes a special cube that keeps the cup holder flat for easy storage. Ideal for standard coffee and tea cups that are too hot to hold in your hand while riding a bike or too full to put into a basket carrier.


Bookman Cup Holder


Aika Trading | Facebook Twitter Pinterest 



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Headbands  by Gina Made It

Hair candy: pretty little accessories that go in the hair. Whether you love head bands and hair accessories, or someone you know does, Gina Made It has something special for every head of hair. This unique brand has everything to offer from leather headbands, urban turbans, pony scarves, to bun bows. They are fun, hip and you definitely won’t bump into someone who has the same one. These are one of a kind, and you are sure to find something for each personality on your holiday list.

Gina Made It has such a wide variety of accessories to choose from, including leather head bands and rock head bands. Each piece is designed with care and precision, so that the quality of the head band will last. Each item is durable and well built, and are classic pieces, so you are going to hold on to them forever. This will make the perfect gift for any of the special ladies in your life. 


Gold Leather Band | Signature Bands


Gina Made It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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Limited Edition Lip Balms by eos

Want to spread a little summer love in the middle of the winter? This Limited edition collection of three lip balms is inspired by travel and the warm sun. The three flavors were created by fashion designer Rachel Roy and each pack includes the brand-new, limited edition flavors: Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, and St. Barth’s Sunrise Pink Grapefruit! Treat your lips well with these USDA-certified organic and 100% natural balms. Each one is full of shea butter & vitamin E and glides on smooth and stays tight shut with it’s patented twist-off top design. They are gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, phthalate-free and all come with a special design on each package that is sure to keep you smiling all season long. This limited edition pack would make a great stocking stuffer for a special girl in your life.

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AUTOSEAL Stainless Travel Mug by Contigo

If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone always on the go, the Contigo AUTOSEAL Randolph Stainless Steel Travel Mug will be their handy companion. Made with AUTOSEAL technology, this 16 ounce travel mug automatically seals shut in between sips to prevent spills. Designed with  double wall vacuum insulation, it will keep hot drinks hot for up to 4 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12. 

Because the sliding lock button is located on the handle of the mug, it can be used with one hand. This makes traveling with it a breeze. Contigo mugs are designed for comfort and practicality. And they have a lifetime warranty to boot! Your loved one will be thrilled to find this gift in their stocking this year. 

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Time to get that stocking stuffed! Happy Holidays from all of us at Daily Mom!

Be sure to check back to see all our Holiday Guides this season!

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