Stroller Guide: BOB Revolution PRO

Stroller Guide Bob Revolution Pro

Being active and adventurous is good for the body, mind and soul but what if you could combine exercise and adventure with the whole family? You’ll need a great stroller for that and Bob Revolution Pro is just the stroller you’ll want. It’s perfect for jogging, walking and is a perfect stroller to have no matter where you end up. Read on to find out what makes for an all around multi-function stroller.

Bob size

Compact Size and Design

The Bob Revolution Pro is the kind of stroller you will want to bring everywhere with you. Some strollers can be heavy, bulky, hard to handle and a pain to open and close. This stroller is perfect if you love easy, and let’s face it…who doesn’t? The Bob weighs a measly 28.2 pounds and feels as light as a feather.  The overall width is just 25.4 inches (64.5 centimeters) which means you can literally bring it anywhere you go, without having to fight your way down aisles or through restaurants.

Easy Fold Collage


Come on, we all know how every mom loves as much storage as she can get from a stroller. The low boy storage basket at the bottom of the stroller is a perfect size for you to fit everything you and your child will need for the day. It’s even big enough to hold your bags when you go on that shopping spree. The storage basket is easily accessible and has lots of space so there won’t be a fight putting anything in or taking anything out. If you can believe it, the stroller has additional storage in the large seat back pocket. If you want to store some extra snacks and toys on top of that, the internal seat pockets are great for those little things.

Bob Handlebar Collage

Handle for your mood

This stroller comes with a padded adjustable handlebar for your comfort and mood. Whether you are walking or running you can find the perfect place for your hands. There are 9 different positions to choose from and can be personalized just for your height.


This stroller has a mega padded, adjustable reclining seat for the comfort of your child along with a 5-point padded harness which will keep your baby secure and comfortable. It has an adjustable multi-position canopy that will protect your child from the elements when you are outside. A large viewing window is there so you can see your baby at all times.

Just one twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knob will keep you rolling straight when you need to. For a secure stopped position the Bob has an easy to use parking break for extra safety. There is also a wrist strap provided which acts as another safety feature, but is also used as a handy lock when folded up.

Bob Wheel Collage

Special Features

The Bob Revolution Pro comes with top of the line special features that will make any adventure you are on a simple, easy and enjoyable one. Check out what the pro has to offer:

  • Hand activated rear breaks
  • Front wheel swivel to allow for amazing maneuverability
  • This stroller has an easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for super convenient transport and storage.
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • You can buy the accessory adapter which will allow for an easy and quick attachment of the BOB infant car seat adapter or snack tray.
  • Can be purchased as a double stroller

Features to love

Collage for BOB Revolution Pro

Take a walk, or a jog and enter a whole new world of strollers with the Bob revolution pro. This stroller will go through anything with you, whether it be mountains, valleys or muck. You can rely on to be durable, trustworthy Bob Revolution to always bring you home.

Do you love the Bob Revolution Pro as much as we do?


Bob Revolution Pro


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Photo Credits: Lauren Hardy

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    hi Lauren,

    Great read about the bob stroller pro. I actually just bought one in black for my 8 month old son. Now that I have my bob I have been debating if I still need to keep my britax b-ready stroller that I used to use for going shopping,etc. I have read other blogs where people had suggested that you need a stroller for non athletic activities. What do you think?


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