Stroller Guide: Britax Affinity and Giveaway

Stroller Guide Britax Affinity

With all of the strollers out there to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your family. Are you in the market for a new, more versatile, luxury stroller? Are you searching for an ergonomic design that grows with your child and has an amazingly smooth ride?  If so, the Affinity stroller by Britax has some brilliant features that will whisk you and your child away. Literally.

About Britax:

Britax has a wonderful legacy of quality made travel systems, car seats and strollers, while prioritizing safety in all of their products. Very popular in both Europe and the United States, Britax offers top of the line products that are not only functional for various lifestyles and terrains, they are also aesthetically beautiful and have chic modern designs.

To illustrate Britax as a company a little further, they not only designs products for the general public, but they also work with the medical community, through their Snug Seat program, to assist children with special needs.

The Affinity:

If you are looking for a classier stroller that remains functional and comfortable for your child and for you,  look no further than the Britax Affinity. The Affinity has such an elegant look to it that you are bound to turn heads as you walk down the street.  But, while making a statement with its unique elegance and a clean, modern design, you also get the durability and functionality you desire in a good quality stroller.  This truly is a beautifully crafted stroller made with high quality materials. Plus, the Affinity has an adaptability that is hard to find, which you will see in its many features and accessories.


  • Reversible Seat: One of our many favorite features of this stroller, and a testament to its fabulous functionality, is how simple it is to change the position of the seat. If you battle with the sun shining in your little one’s eyes, this stroller makes it a breeze for your child to be facing towards you one moment, and forward the next moment.
  • Oversized Canopy with Peek-a-boo window: Not only is the Affinity’s canopy nice and wide so that it blocks the sun well, it also has a mesh expansion that keeps airflow going so that your child doesn’t get too hot.  The peek-a-boo widow with magnetic clip also helps you keep an eye on your child as you move without having to stop or wake them up.
  • Clever folding: Designing a deluxe stroller to fold compactly is a feat and Britax gets it right.  It isn’t the most compact stroller, but for its size and feature set, the Affinity folds quite flat for transport.
  • Large storage basket:  The large storage basket is another great feature of the Britax Affinity with enough room to tote all of your accessories for an outing with your little one.

IMG_1017 RS

  • Parent-friendly:  Some strollers on the market are very difficult to collapse or set up by yourself. They take both hands and a good deal of muscle to get them out of the car and set to use. The Affinity is easy to set up and very easy to collapse.
  • Soft Adjustable Handle: Another practical feature that is so helpful and makes this stroller all the more comfortable to walk with is the adjustable handle that allows you to set the handle for your specific height or grip preference.   With the optional stroller board attached, this feature ensures your standing toddler can also hold the handle.

Handle Collage

  • Maneuverability:  Whether you’re strolling in and out of small aisles or walking around a thin path or walkway, the Affinity is brilliant when it comes to maneuverability. The Affinity is very agile and with its swivel front tires it can turn on a dime!
  • Pneumatic tires: We love how incredibly smooth of a ride the Britax Affinity has thanks to its pneumatic tires and front suspension. It really is a graceful and well-balanced stroller, which is phenomenal for a sleeping child because of how it glides wherever you go.
  • Suspension System: In addition to the pneumatic tires, the front wheels are connected to the body by a hinge and spring shock absorber. This helps you negotiate those jostling bumps more smoothly and your little one benefits from the added comfort that keeps him calm or asleep.
  • Soft quilted fabric:  We love how breathable and comfortable the Affinity’s seats are. This is wonderful because having a comfortable child on the go allows you to have more of a fun and stress-free trip, wherever you may be heading.
  • Large, full-recline seat: The seat reclines from the sitting position all the way to a flat sleeping position so your child’s neck and back can be supported as they sleep. This is a perfect feature if your little one often falls to sleep with movement.
  • Adjustable leg rest: This feature is wonderful as your child grows and it allows your child’s feet to rest more stably. The leg rest even extends down partially under the seat for taller children who no longer need a leg rest.

Footrest Collage

  • Parking brake: Very easy to actuate, the parking brake is large enough to be very easy to push with any shoe using only a gentle touch, but small enough to not get in the way as you walk.
  • Included Rain cover/sun cover: Don’t let the weather deter you from enjoying your normal activities; both the rain and sun cover turn the Affinity it into an all-weather stroller. Both the rain and sun cover fit around the entire seat enabling full protection from the elements without the worry of the wind blowing them away.

Raincover Collage 

Features To Love:

Collage for Britax Affinity

Wide Variety of Accessories:  

  • We love that the Affinity has so many compatible accessories that make this stroller adapt for you and your family. The bassinet is perfect for strolls with an infant and the Affinity Cozy Toes is a thermal cover that is amazing for walks in the chilly weather.  The stroller board  makes taking two children out more manageable for you, since the older child can ride along while standing.  Don’t forget the car seat adaptor and the stroller organizer to keep everything in its place.

Britax Accessories Collage-Recovered

Customization and Style: 


Just as you enjoy showing of your personal style and flair in other aspects of your life, customization is such a fun perk of the Affinity. Choose from three colors of frames, blacksilver and a sleek white option, as well as six different color packs of fun and vibrant colors.

 Love the Affinity as much as we do?



Britax Affinity


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