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As you plan your summer excursions, preparing for everything from adventurous family vacations to casual day trips to the park, one thing is for sure; you want a stroller that will not only fit into your lifestyle, but will also fit into your car. If you have twins or two small children in tow, you want a double stroller that is functional, practical and lightweight. If it’s stylish too, that’s just an added bonus! The Inglesina Twin Swift is the only double stroller you’ll ever need!

An Umbrella Stroller With a Complex

While the Inglesina Twin Swift is technically considered an “umbrella stroller,” due to its lightweight, compact, foldable design, it boasts all of the luxuries of a full stroller.

Luxury Features

  • Ergonomic, soft-touch handles

Three handles, to be exact. While some double strollers are so wide, you are forced to stretch your arms to reach each handle, the two outer handles of the Twin Swift are positioned at a comfortable distance from one another to make pushing this stroller an easy task. If you find yourself with only one child for the day, use the middle handle to balance the weight of the stroller.

  • Individual, adjustable hoods

Each child can have the exact amount of shade or sun they desire with their individual, adjustable hoods.

  • Individual 4-postion reclining seats

“My children nap at the exact same time,” said no parent, ever. The Inglesina Twin Swift makes multi-child napping a piece of cake with its individual, 4-position reclining seats. One child can recline to a comfortable sleep-supported position, while the other can sit upright and enjoy the scenery while you continue on your way.

  • Adjustable 5-point harness

Each seat has an adjustable 5-point harness for ultimate security and protection, and a double height adjustment of the dorsal harness so the stroller can grow with your children.

  • Shock-absorbing front and rear wheels

This stroller has 6 sets of 5.7 inch diameter double wheels, ready to tackle whatever the day brings!

  • Swivel front wheels

The front wheels are built with a locking/unlocking system designed to automatically position themselves once unlocked.

  • Ample storage

The Inglesina Twin Swift is equipped with two large zip-storage pockets in the back of each hood, perfect for wallets, cell phones, keys or sunglasses. As if that’s not enough, this “Rolls Royce” of umbrella strollers has two spacious storage baskets underneath the seats, approved to hold up to 6.6 pounds each of whatever you have in tow with you that day!


Convenience of an Umbrella Stroller

While the Inglesina Twin Swift boasts all of the luxuries of a full stroller, it also has all the conveniences of an umbrella stroller.

  • Lightweight

For a double stroller, the Inglesina Twin Swift is a breeze to carry, weighing in at just 28 pounds.

  • Compact

When open, the Swift is 29 x 43 x 30 inches (width, height, depth), making it spacious enough for the comfort of your two little ones, but compact enough to fit comfortably on sidewalks and down the aisles of stores.

When closed, the Swift measures at 18 x 41 x 11 inches, making it perfect to store in small spaces and fit in the the back of your car comfortably.

Features We Love

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