Stroller Guide: UPPAbaby Vista & RumbleSeat

It’s here: the stroller the world has been waiting for! The redesigned 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA is the only stroller you’ll ever need with an intuitive design that allows for multiple configurations, whether you’re on the go with a newborn, an infant and toddler, or even twins. This stroller is perfect for single child families, but can be easily converted to a double stroller with the addition of the amazing RumbleSeat. Read on to see all that this sleek, sturdy, and easy-to-operate stroller has to offer.

Multiple Configurations for Multiple Children

If you’re seeking a stroller that will pass the test of time as your family grows and changes, look no further than the new UPPAbaby VISTA. Straight out of the box, the VISTA can perfectly accommodate a newborn baby with the included bassinet, or a growing toddler in the multi-positional toddler seat. The real magic, however, happens with the addition of some of UPPAbaby’s amazing accessories, like the RumbleSeat or infant carseat adapters. With just a few simple clicks, the RumbleSeat converts the VISTA to a sleek, inline double stroller capable of smoothly transporting up to 85 lbs of children (up to 50 lbs in the toddler seat and 35 lbs in the RumbleSeat)!

And the best part? The ways you can configure the VISTA and RumbleSeat or an infant carseat are nearly endless! Whatever suits your family, the VISTA will deliver. 

Included Bassinet

Eager to get moving with your newborn baby so you can lose some of that baby weight? No problem with the UPPAbaby VISTA! The included bassinet turns the VISTA into a safe and cozy baby buggy. When your walk is over, there’s no need to disturb your sleeping infant – with the simple press of a button, you can easily detach the bassinet and carry baby wherever you need to go. The VISTA bassinet has even been tested and approved for nighttime sleeping!  More features to love about the VISTA bassinet:

  • Ventilated canopy unzips for additional airflow on hot days
  • Meets ASTM requirements for a safe overnight sleep solution
  • Soft, aerated mattress pad with cover
  • Water repellent inner liner
  • Easy to clean, zip off liner and cover
  • SPF 50+ extendable drop-down sun shade

Forward or Rear Facing Seat

Whether you want your baby facing out to see the world or towards you for interaction, the VISTA can accommodate. All it takes is a simple button push and lift to remove the toddler or RumbleSeat for repositioning in either direction.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Extra-Large Basket: One of our favorite features on the UPPAbaby VISTA is the gigantic storage basket! In addition to your children, you can tote around up to 30 lbs. of goods in the basket alone. Throw in the diaper bag and you’re still left with tons of room for shopping bags, blankets, toys, and more. It even features a drink holder pocket and the perfect pocket to store your cell phone for easy access.

Easy Open & Fold: This is not a stroller that you will have to wrestle with in order to figure out how to open and close it. Once folded, the VISTA stands up nicely for storage. Simply push the lock on the side of the stroller and pull up on the handle to quickly and painlessly open the VISTA. 

180 Degree Recline: Sure, most strollers recline to accommodate sleeping children, but the VISTA can recline completely flat! This is wonderful for your infant or sleeping toddler whose head just keeps falling forward.

Large Peekaboo Window: The mesh peekaboo window on the sunshade of both the toddler and RumbleSeat are one of our favorite features on this stroller. This isn’t a window you will have to strain to see your child through and the mesh allows for extra airflow when needed on hot, stuffy days. Magnets in the window flap allow for a secure closure, too.

Foam Core Rubber Wheels & Easy Brakes: Whether you plan to use your VISTA on smooth sidewalks or off-roading in nature, the shock system and foam core rubber wheels guarantee your child a comfortable ride and you won’t ever be stranded with a flat. When it comes to putting the brakes on this stroller, don’t be afraid to wear flip flops! Unlike many strollers that require you to lift up the brake lever to unlock the brakes (our poor toes!), the VISTA offers one click to lock and one click to unlock. A red or green indicator lets you know what position the brakes are in.

The Ultimate Sunshade: Your little one will be perfectly protected from the elements with the VISTA’s extendable SPF 50+ sunshade. You can easily angle it to suit your needs, providing as little or as much protection as you could ever want for your child.

The following comes included with the VISTA:

  • Bassinet
  • Bassinet Bug Shield
  • Bassinet Storage Bag
  • Toddler Seat
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield
  • Bumper Bar

The RumbleSeat can be purchased separately.

Head Turning Design

All awesome features aside, the UPPAbaby VISTA is one good looking stroller! Available in eight amazing colors, you’re sure to find one that fits your style. This is a stroller you can be proud to push around for years to come.

Check Out the UPPAbaby VISTA in Action

Love the New UPPAbaby Vista & RumbleSeat as Much as We Do?

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UPPAbaby Vista | RumbleSeat


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Photo Credits: Dreams To Do, UPPAbaby

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    It looks like the older son doesn’t fit in the toddler seat- i.e. He is too tal, head is in the shade. Is that accurate to say?


    • Avatar



      It does look like he’s a bit too tall to fully utilize the seat and also the sun canopy without hunching down. However, he was within the weight limit for the seat, so if he’s comfortable being in it, there isn’t a safety problem with it. 🙂
      I know when my daughter was around that age, having a stroller available as an option when she became tired of walking eventually was always important when we’d go somewhere as a family.


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    Just want to warn you readers about the Rumbleseat.

    We have had the stroller since it came out, and generally love it. Our toddler had a very scary accident with it though, and looking online I see that others have had the same accident.

    The brackets for the second seat are designed so that when the seat is clipped in to both of them, it is very sturdy. However, if only one of the brackets is clipped in, a single bracket will not hold your child’s weight for long, and the child will fall forward suddenly face first into the ground. This is an easy mistake to make with this design, because there is a lot of travel on the brackets before the seat clips. It will sit fine, and the only real way to know if it is secure is to hear a click, and to try to pull the seat off the bracket EVERY TIME.
    Uppabay really needs to include either a visual cue that the latch is in place, or a better bracket system – the brackets just slap on to the side of the stroller frame with no prevention of removal with side pressure.
    Watching my child fall face first into a concrete sidewalk is one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed in my life. Please don’t let it happen to you!


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