Stroller Guide: Urbini Avi Jogger

Are you in the market for a jogging stroller that has loads of extra features, but won’t break the bank? If so, the Urbini Avi Jogger is the jogging stroller for you. This jogger has all of the fancy features that some of the high-end joggers have, but at a fraction of the price. However, even with the lower price, there are no sacrifices to be made on safety or style! The Urbini Avi Jogger has everything you’re looking for in a single stroller/jogger.

Jogger Features

The feature that makes the Urbini Avi Jogger rival some of the best joggers available is the option to have both a locking front wheel and a rotating wheel. The locking front wheel is great for long runs on a straight path. The jogger will stay straight and steady with minimum work from you. However, if your regular runs take you on many turns and curves, you’ll love the ability to keep the front wheel in the rotating position for easy maneuvering.

The foot parking break is very easy to use and just as easily can be put in park as it can release the stroller for movement.

For maximum comfort and fit to each user height, the stroller handle can be moved up or down. Whether you’re over 6 feet tall or on the small end of 5 feet, this stroller is made with you in mind.

If you need the sun canopy to be down to protect your child, but want to be able to peek inside, just open the top panel! The canopy has a vented panel to allow visibility and for increased air circulation. 

The Urbini Avi Jogger also features an easy one-handed fold. You won’t be struggling to get the stroller folded up and put away after each run or outing. Just reach under the seat, pull on the canvas handle, and the stroller will fold in half and lock!

Child Rider Comforts and Safety

The Urbini Avi Jogger features a 5-point harness, a great safety feature–especially for you sprinters and hill runners! However, the harness also allows you to convert it to a 3-point harness easily for slow jogs and walks, or older toddlers.

The sun canopy is also fairly large and has 2 adjustable panels that you can move according to the position of the sun and for visibility. 

The stroller also features a removable support bar on the front. Your child may enjoy resting his/her arms on the bar, or hanging toys from it, but you may also prefer to remove the bar to allow easier access for getting your child in and out of the stroller.

Storage and Accessories

The Urbini Avi jogger has a generous storage basket for carrying snacks, water bottles, an extra blanket, and even a full diaper bag. This storage compartment increases the versatility of the jogger–making it great for use out and about in the city for shopping, trips to the zoo, and any other family outing.

This stroller also features a removable cup holder. The cup holder just snaps on and off with a quick pull. 

Options and Specs

The Urbini Avi Jogger comes in 5 color choices: sunshine, red, electric blue, pink, and fog.


  • 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 52.95″ x 25.39″ x 39.76″
  • Accommodates up to 65 pounds

Love the Urbini Avi Jogger as much as we do?


Urbini Avi Jogger


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