Baby Monitor Guide: Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System

Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor

If you’re in the market for a baby monitor, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to have a video monitor, especially one that can connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer. We certainly felt that way when we were first faced with the idea of getting a monitor for our babies. Wouldn’t it be enough to just hear them when they cried?

In the beginning, it may be enough to just hear your child, but Summer Infant realizes that the need for a baby monitor doesn’t end just because your child moves out of their crib. In fact, your needs for a monitor will only increase as your child gets older. The award-winning Baby Zoom WiFi video monitor and internet viewing system, as seen on the Ellen Show, enables in-home, continuous monitoring or remote viewing on digital devices. It’s everything you’d want from a baby video monitor and more. Read on to discover why we’re adding this monitor to our list of must-haves!

I was one of those parents that didn’t feel the need to get a video monitor in the early stages of my child’s life. Somewhere around the fourth month, my daughter came into our bed and has been sleeping there ever since. But, my husband and I would love to have another child, so as her 3rd birthday quickly approaches, we thought that a video monitor might give us a little peace of mind.

It’s amazing how quickly our tiny, precious babies become talkative and active toddlers. That 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon shrivels down to a little quiet time and you’re quickly wondering why you didn’t get a video monitor in the first place so that you could let mini-me enjoy the quiet of their room while you got some work done in another room.

If only you could make sure they aren’t hurting themselves while encouraging some independence, and be able to communicate with them without ever leaving your desk. Even better, what if that monitor also allowed you to check in on your child while you and your husband took advantage of a much-needed date night?

The Baby Zoom WiFi multi-platform system allows for all of that and more. 

Setting up the system is quite easy. You’ll need about 4-5 hours for the parent unit to charge, but the instructions are simple. Unlike so may other pieces of technology, you won’t need a tech degree to install this device. The camera automatically detects and connects to your home’s wireless network, enabling you to view your child’s bedroom (or any other room you’d like to monitor) inside the home using the included parent unit or away from home on your smartphone, tablet and computer via a free APP for Apple and Android devices.  

Here are some of the features we love:  

Pan, Scan & Zoom

This is not a camera that has to be installed on the wall, pointed in one direction (although it can be). Place your camera such that it has plenty of room to view your child’s bed, but also in a space that allows your camera to pan and scan (left, right, up and down) the room. You can also get a closer view on screen with multi-level zoom. 

And since you don’t need to permanently install the camera, you can always take it with you when you visit the grandparents for a weekend. 

In-Home Monitor

With the Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor, you can experience in-home, continuous monitoring on the 2.5″ color handheld and portable monitor with a range of 400 feet. Not only will you be able to see what your child is doing, but you can remotely control the camera to pan or zoom, view the current temperature, communicate with your child if you’re unable to immediately respond in person, monitor during the night with automatic night vision, and more!  

Two-Way Communication

We particularly love the ability to talk to our little one using the “talk” function available on the in-home unit and APP. It’s quite simple. Just press the talk button to communicate with your child from another room.

For a crying baby, the sound of your voice may be all it takes to calm them down. For an older child, you can tell them to pick up their toys or that dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.

By speaking into your smart device or handheld monitor your voice is projected through the camera, so you can give comfort and reassurance  from wherever you are.

Internet Viewing

As if the Baby Zoom parent unit isn’t enough, you can view your child’s room anywhere, anytime using your smart phone, tablet or computer.  We actually like this option even better than the parent unit considering that it reduces the need to carry one more device around. So many of us already carry our smart phones with us everywhere, so adding the Summer WiFi APP becomes an easy add-on. It’s also great for working parents, out of town grandparents, or just ‘date night’ peace of mind. The range is unlimited on smart devices where Wifi/3G/4G/LTE is available. 

Free APP for Apple & Android (US & Canada Only)

System Requirements: You will need a broadband Internet connection (cable/DSL) with recommended upload speed of 300-Kbps and a wireless router or cable/DSL modem. You must have a smartphone or tablet with Android 2.3.4 or higher or Apple iOS 6.0 or higher operating system to set up the system.

We recommend the use of a WiFi connection, as the use of 3G/4G/LTE may result in data plan charges.


The App includes features such as: 

  • Privacy Mode: When activated, privacy mode restricts out-of-home viewing. This allows you to control when friends and family can view, and prevents creepers from watching your little one. The system is both password protected and encrypted, so only those you invite have access to view. 
  • Snapshot: Take a picture of your baby at any time while watching live video. Snapshots are securely stored on your phone or tablet.
  • Record a Video: You can also make a video recording of your baby at any time while watching live video. The recording is also securely stored on your phone or tablet.
  • 2-Way Split Screen: If you have a need to monitor multiple rooms, split-screen technology will enable you to do just that, with the addition of cameras to the system (sold separately: Baby Link WiFi Camera model #28660). Monitor 1-to-2 rooms and see them on the screen at the same time.  
  • Alerts: You can upgrade the app to receive alerts for audio and shared viewer activity for a monthly service fee. Alerts are received in real time via email, text, or push notifications. A daily log of the alerts is also provided. 

The Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System really is an incredible system. Whether you have a new baby on the way or a toddler you want to monitor from another room, this is a product you won’t regret purchasing. 

Photo Credits: Ashley Sisk

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    Definitely one of the best baby monitors on market with great features. The price is no too high and like the rest of Summer Infant models, this one worth be bought. Thanks for this super-detailed review.


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    Lisa Peek


    Great review Ashley! We absolutely love ours. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a monitor that had both a handheld plus mobile access. Online reviews were very mixed so I was hesitant but it’s been nothing but love!


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      Ashley Sisk


      I agree Lisa. I’ve seen a lot of recent monitors eliminating the parent unit, but it was really a must for us!


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