Toddler Air Travel Guide

Toddler Air Travel Guide

Traveling with a toddler can be difficult.  Traveling on an airplane with a toddler can seem like an impossibility!  Don’t freak out yet though, we have done our research and have all the information you need to have a safe and happy flight with your little one.

Prior to your flight

Finding an affordable rate:

Flying as a family can get very expensive. If you have children over two, it can turn from affordable to “we can never take a vacation again.”  There are several tricks to finding a better rate for your family and it starts with selecting the right airline.

There are currently two types of airlines in the US: Legacy Carriers and Ultra Low Cost Carriers.  Legacy Carriers assume that you want all the amenities that you’re accustomed to getting and include it into the price per ticket. That often includes luggage fees, carry on fees, food, water, blankets, in-flight entertainment. An Ultra Low Cost Carrier goes by the assumption that you don’t want to pay for extra luggage you’re not bringing, entertainment you’re not using and food you’ll most likely not eat, and they charge you for the base rate ONLY and then extra for any add-on you will actually need.

Let’s take Spirit Air, an Ultra Low Cost Carrier, as an example. Spirit has amazing rates to various destinations around the country and in the Caribbean, along with frequent promotions. When booking Spirit Air, you get a VERY cheap ticket. Then you pay extra for your luggage, carry-ons and  premium seats, if you need them. Here is how a family of 4 can save:

  • Since Spirit shows you differences in flight prices for a whole month at a glance, select the cheapest base fare during the times you’re available to fly. Savings: up to $100 per person per flight
  • Join the $9 fare club and save on flight rates, checked bags and carry-ons. Savings: vary but can average $130 per person
  • Wait for promotions. Spirit regularly advertises ridiculously cheap rates to popular destinations, so sign up for their newsletter and wait.
  • With Spirit, you only have to pay for “luxuries” you are actually using, so they keep their base rate significantly cheaper than competitors’ and instead let you pay for what you need. Where full service airlines put the cost of luggage straight into the fare, Spirit gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself.
    For a family with two small children, that means paying for two suitcases for the whole family, rather than four, had the luggage fees been included in the rate. Same goes for carry-ons. Small children don’t need a carry on. All they need is a personal item (free). In fact for a family of four, one carry on is more than enough. With Spirit Air you only pay for the carry-ons you’re actually bringing.
    In-flight entertainment for all four members of the family is useless, when you have iPads or small children that require your attention. So Spirit forgoes entertainment that weighs extra 2000 lb of weight and extra fuel cost and instead lets you enjoy your devices.
    Who wants to feed their children airline food either? We encourage you to bring your own snacks and food for your children.
    So by removing these options from the fare of every passenger, and allowing customers to pick and choose what they pay for, Spirit has effectively been offering cheaper rates for most flights. Savings: up to $200 per person
  • What if you like comfort? Spirit has your covered here. If you prefer more leg room and comfier, bigger chairs, you can pick BIG FRONT SEAT (our personal favorite) for a reasonable rate, and fly in business class comfort, once again for hundreds less than it would cost you to upgrade on a full service airline.
To get notified of fare changes, sign up for your favorite airline’s newsletter or use a website like Airfarewatchdog that sends amazing deals for your closest airports straight to your inbox.

Scheduling your flights:

Depending on your departure and destination, you may have very little choice in flight times.  If you are lucky enough to have options, consider scheduling your flights when your son or daughter would normally sleep (with the exception of middle-of-the-night flights).  Early morning flights are best because they are usually on time and your little one is probably still sleepy from getting up early to get ready and travel to the airport.  Another good time to schedule is during your child’s typical nap time or mid-afternoon when flights are less busy.  If the flight is just a little later than typical nap time, try to keep your child engaged at the airport so he or she can save their nap for on the plane!  Then, of course, there is always bed time.  Late night flights can be tricky and should be avoided if possible, because delays earlier in the day will often cause these flights to be delayed as well or even cancelled.  This time frame is also when most children are at their crankiest!  Also, if your child is not one to stay asleep or fall back to sleep when awakened by movement or in this case, deplaning and traveling to your final destination from the airport, this may not be a great option.

Another important consideration is trying to find a non-stop flight.  This will make life soooo much easier!  If you have to schedule a layover in between flights, make sure you have plenty of time to grab food, take a trip to the potty/diaper change, and let your child move around and release some of their energy before boarding your next flight.  You will also want to plan on bringing an umbrella stroller with you to help transport your child and your other belongings through the airport.

Selecting your seats:

Picking where on the plane you would like to sit depends on a few things.

  • Is your child pretty mellow and okay with sitting for the length of your flight or likely to sleep most of the time?  Or will they need to get up and move around frequently or go to the bathroom often?
  • Will you have access to everything you need in a bag under the seat or will some of your necessities be in the overhead bin?
  • Will your child be sitting in a carseat, in your lap, or are you planning on using an FAA-approved safety harness?
  • If you have a layover, is it long enough to get off the plane easily from any seat?
  • Are there others traveling with you?

Aisle seat:  Most parents who have traveled with a toddler will recommend that you try to book an aisle seat.  The pros of having an aisle seat are that you and your child can get up and walk down the aisle, easily take frequent bathroom breaks, and access your carry on in the overhead bin.  There are plenty of things going on so your child will have many distractions from an aisle seat.

Window seat:  Some parents prefer traveling in the window seat.  Especially when your child is sitting in your lap, you can lean onto the side of the plane to gain more space without worrying about people walking by and bumping into you.  The window seat allows for fewer distractions but you can easily create some by encouraging your child to look out the window at the clouds, airplane wing, mountains, houses, etc.  If you plan on having your child sit in a carseat, you will typically have to sit them in a window seat so it does not block the escape path in an emergency.

Not all carseats are approved for use in airplanes!  Make sure you look for “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft” printed somewhere on your child safety restraint/car seat.

Back of plane: Sitting at the back of the plane is a great option when traveling with children.  If the flight is not full, this is the area that will have less travelers seated.  Also, many families tend to choose seats in the back, so those travelers sitting near you are likely to be more understanding if your child is having a tough time during the trip.  Lastly, it is also close to the bathroom!

Bulkhead seats: When you check-in for your flight, ask if you can be switched to a bulkhead row.  These seats are typically only reserved for handicapped travelers and therefore may be available on the day you are flying.  Scoring these seats will give your toddler extra room to move about while up in the air and there is no seat to kick in front of him!

If your child is sitting in your lap and you are traveling with another adult, try to book the window and aisle seat in the same row. Middle seats are the last to fill up and if someone does book the seat between you, it is likely they will be very willing to switch seats!  If you’re lucky, the seat will stay empty and you will have plenty of space for the three of you.


Day of your flight


Security considerations:

  • Bring an umbrella stroller that you can easily fold up and lift up onto the belt at the security check point
  • Kids under 12 can keep their shoes on
  • Liquids such as juice, water, breast milk in a sippy, straw cup or bottle are allowed even if greater than 3.4 ounces.  They will be screened by x-ray as well as other additional screening tests such as a vapor test. Keep these liquids separate from other liquids you are traveling with and be sure to let the TSA agent know that you have them before sending them through the x-ray.  To read more about screening procedures for these liquids, go here:  TSA – Parent’s Page
  • Any fruit pouches that are greater than 3.4 ounces will probably go through the same screening as noted above and therefore they may be opened at security
  • Your child’s blankie or favorite toy will need to go through the x-ray machine, so be sure they are prepared for this.  Watch this video with your child to prepare him/her for going through the security check:  Prepare for Takeoff
TSA Pre-check: Some airports now allow certain passengers to go through the TSA Pre-check lane at the security checkpoint. This means that you don’t have to remove your shoes, light jacket, 3-1-1 liquids or laptop at security.  You are more likely to be chosen to go through pre-check if you are a frequent flyer or have a Known Traveler Number (KTN).  To learn more about this program, click here: TSA Pre-check

Keeping your child comfortable:  

What makes your toddler miserable?  Tight clothing?  Itchy tags? Uncomfortable shoes?  It’s important to keep your child comfortable during your travels or they will get cranky fast!  Make sure to dress him in light, loose clothing and if he will be walking at all he’ll need comfy shoes!  Bring a light jacket and/or blanket for on the plane and for possible shuttle rides between airport terminals, rental car/ground transportation, etc.

Board early?

One of the perks of traveling with small children is that you get to board early, right?  This is a tough decision.  On one hand it is nice to get on the plane and get things situated.  Especially if you need to get a carseat or safety harness hooked up to the seat. On the other hand, it is more time that your child will be constricted to a small space!

If you are traveling with another adult, let them go ahead and get things “set-up” or vice versa.  They can take the stroller to the jetway, fold it, and put it in a gate check bag with the gate check tag on it. If you have brought your carseat to the gate in hopes that there would be an empty seat you could use it in, only to find out there is not, it is a good idea to also place this in a gate check bag and leave it at the jetway.  Then you can follow with your child towards the end of the boarding process. It’s also a good time to feed your child while you wait to board if you are planning on them sleeping during the flight.  A full belly helps make a sleepy child!

When traveling with your child or children by yourself (or even when with another adult), don’t be afraid to ask the flight attendants for help!  They will be more than willing to help you get your carry on in the overhead bin, carry your carseat onto the plane, or assist with hooking up the CARES safety harness.  If they are busy with other passengers, there are usually plenty of other travelers that are willing to help a parent looking frazzled and in need!

Preventing/dealing with ear pain:

Unfortunately many children have to deal with ear pain when traveling by air.  The change in pressure during takeoff and landing combined with their smaller ear canals is what makes our little ones more prone to this discomfort.  Luckily, there are many techniques to help decrease the pain that they feel or eliminate it completely.

  • Let your child drink – Sippy or straw cup, bottle, or breast feeding – the sucking and swallowing will help keep the ear clear
  • Yawning – Try to get your child to mimic you yawning to clear the ear canals
  • Nasal Spray/drops – Use a nasal spray or drops such as Boogie Mist before takeoff and landing
  • Gum or hard candy – If your child is older and can chew gum or suck on hard candy safely, this can also help to relieve the pressure.
  • Ear pull method for ear pain – This technique can work wonders to relieve ear pressure in both children and adults. Gently pull on the pinna, or top of your child’s ear, in an upward and slightly outward direction (see picture).  This will also work for infants when pulling downward and slightly outward.  Practice on yourself before your trip so you can feel how much pressure is required (it doesn’t take much!).


Keep in mind that if your child is suffering from a cold or ear infection, the pain may be a lot worse than normal while flying. Talk to your pediatrician about the use of cold medicines such as decongestants or antihistamines while traveling.

Keeping your toddler entertained:

Now you are seated on the airplane and have made it up into the air.  Your child is bored with looking at the clouds and does not look like they will be falling asleep any time soon.  How do you keep them happy and entertained?

Comfort toys/lovies/blankies:  If your child has a special item that comforts them such as a blankie, lovie or stuffed animal, let them bring it on the plane with them.  When possible, try to attach it to your child so it won’t get lost.  If you’re worried about it getting dirty or lost, put it in the carry-on just in case your child needs it during the flight.

New toys:  Buy your child a new toy to play with on the plane!  Don’t give the toy to your child until they are already seated or– better yet — wait until they are noticeably starting to get bored with the other items they brought.  A new toy to figure out will keep your child occupied for awhile. Just make sure it’s something they are currently interested in.

DVD player/tablet:  Even if your child does not typically use a tablet, it may be a good time to temporarily introduce one. Tablets can keep children entertained with games, books and movies or shows.  Not interested in bringing a tablet or want to use it yourself?  Bring a portable DVD player with your child’s favorite shows and/or movies.

Headphones:  If you decide to bring a tablet or DVD Player, you will also want to bring a pair of headphones for your child. Look for a pair of headphones that are comfortable and sized for children. Also, remember to limit the sound level on the device they are using if the headphones do not offer a sound limiting feature. 

Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Don’t forget your snacks! What is worse than a tired toddler? A hungry toddler!  And after running around the airport expending energy, your child is bound to be hungry.  Make sure you pack enough food for your flight and layovers, especially if your little one is a picky eater. Check out a few of our favorite snack containers in the product recommendations below. 

Happy Mommy = Happy Child

Let’s not forget about parent comfort. Feeling and looking good is just as important to mothers when traveling. Make sure you scroll down to check out some of the tried and true products that we recommend taking on a flight.


Product Recommendations


CARES Airplane Safety Harness by Kids Fly Safe

CARES collage

The CARES Safety harness is a great option for children weighing 22-44 lbs. It is the only FAA-approved harness-type child safety restraint that you can get. It will keep your child safe, secure, and comfortable in their own airplane seat during take-off and landing. The CARES harness is easy to install: just slide it over the seat and slip the airplane seatbelt through the harness belt loops.  No amount of turbulence will disturb your child while using the CARES harness.  The straps attach right to the airplane seatbelt and will not allow your child to raise upward in the seat during vertical disturbances. 

The best part about traveling with the CARES child safety restraint is that it weighs less than one pound and can easily fit into your carry-on or purse! Be sure to note where it says FAA APPROVED on your safety restraint in case your flight attendant is not familiar with this amazing product.  

*The CARES Airplane Safety harness is not approved for use in motor vehicles. 

Child’s Comfort Items:

Riddell Shoes by Pediped

Not only are Pediped Shoes accepted by the APMA as shoes that promote healthy foot development, but they are also one of Daily Mom’s favorite brands! Their Flex Fit System ™ ensures that your child will have a good fit in their shoes. Pediped has an abundant selection of designs to choose from, one just as comfortable as the next, allowing you to choose the perfect pair for your child.

The Riddell Bubblegum shoe is made with Pediped’s Ultra Light Technology ™ which allows your child to move easily and comfortably by providing a natural movement with optimal distribution of weight over her little feet! These athletic shoes are perfect for walking or running beside you as you make your way through the airport. Pedipeds are super easy to put on and take off, especially when your little one needs a break while resting in the stroller or when getting comfortable in her seat mid-flight. 

Little Giraffe

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Sometimes, all it takes for your toddler to relax and have a restful night of sleep is some familiarity from home. Enter the wonderful products from Little Giraffe, such as the Toddler Sized Satin Nap Pillow and the Luxe Dot Blanky. The nap pillow is the perfect size for your toddler’s first pillow at 10″x15″ large, and the satin casing is comfortable and breathable. Since it is not a full-sized pillow, it’s ideal for your traveling toddler to take with them to Grandma’s house, or even on the plane since it will easily fit inside a small roller suitcase or toddler-sized backpack. 

Collage LG

The Luxe Dot Blanky will quickly become both you and your child’s favorite sleeping snuggle toy. It’s so soft and made of Little Giraffe’s famous faux fur Luxe fabric with a smooth satin border. It’s machine washable, and is 14″ across, making it a great size for a baby or toddler. If you’ve never experienced anything from Little Giraffe before, the fabric is the ultimate best part of their line of products. They are so soft!

Your toddler will love snuggling up with Little Giraffe both at home and on vacation. 

SOJA travel set by Lil’ Pyar


Looking for something special for the first airplane journey for your toddler? Then look no further as we have found the cutest little set that will become their favorites. Lil’ Pyar’s SOJA travel set that includes a cloud pillow and a rainfall blanket is a one of a kind set designed with travel in mind. It is lightweight, whimsical and unique. The pillow, shaped in the form of a cloud with colorful raindrop pattern, will surely become any child’s favorite. Lightweight and portable, it is a special set to take on a flight. It’s so small that it can be thrown into your purse or put in the carry-on and will certainly make the journey more comfortable for your child. The pillow can be used to prop your child’s head up during naps to protect their sensitive necks, and the blanket will keep their little feet and arms safe from drafts and air conditioning without overheating. Perfect for breastfeeding, napping, feeding, resting or staying warm and comfy, this set grows with the child from infancy to teenage years and is always unique and functional.



Lil’ Pyar


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Muslin Blankets by Aura Weavers

Blanket (1 of 2)

Planes are drafty, cold, and foreign, so sometimes all your toddler needs is a relaxing piece of home to curl up with- especially if you’re flying during their regular sleeping hours. We adore the breathable swaddle set from Aura Weavers because they’re the perfect choice for eco-conscious parents and style-savvy toddlers. The lightweight design of these 100% organic cotton muslin blankets makes them ideal for travel, because they can easily roll up to fit into a toddler backpack to use as a blanket, or the large, 47″ x 47″ blanket can be rolled to make a comfortable neck pillow for your little one.

Blanket Collage

The breathability of muslin helps kids body temperature to regulate naturally on the flight, whether it gets warm or cool. Hence kids always feel snug and protected. It has a ton of different uses as well, from burp cloth, to changing station cover, snuggle blanket, nursing cover, light shawl, security blankie, or carrier cover. Once you arrive at your destination, your toddler has the perfectly sized blanket for them to curl up with on the couch in the hotel, or it makes the perfect blanket to pack to go to Grandma’s house! Having a little piece of home is always a good thing- especially when it has to do with sleep!

 Prince Lionheart Travel Wipes Warmer


What is more uncomfortable than a cold baby wipe? If your toddler is still in diapers, the Prince Lionheart Travel Wipes Warmer is something you need to have when traveling!  Surprisingly, it’s sleek design allows for plenty of wipes inside the warmer (we were able to fit at least 30). Within minutes of plugging in the warmer, the wipes are warm and ready for your little one. 

wipe warmer collage

Even if you don’t have anywhere to plug in your travel wipes warmer, you can warm them up beforehand and then place the warmer in your bag to take with you. The warmer comes with both wall and car adapters, giving you the ability to heat up your wipes almost anywhere. If you’re worried that the moist, warm wipes are the perfect equation for bacterial growth, stop worrying! The Prince Lionheart Travel Wipes Warmer is molded with an EPA approved anti-microbial additive which inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.


Travel Wipes Warmer


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Mom’s Comfort Items:

Alterna Travel Kit for Airplane Travel


If you travel a lot, using hotel hair products can be quite damaging to your hair.  You may be looking for a product to repair your hair, but find it difficult to continue consistent use of it due to your travels.  We all know that it can be a pain to carry hair products and liquids when flying, particularly because you have to keep your containers small.  We found a solution to your hair care dilemmas while traveling! The Alterna Caviar’s Experience Travel Set includes hair care products that will revitalize your hair and you will not have to rely on hotel amenities. This travel-friendly quartet includes the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, the Overnight Rescue and Working Hair Spray.  It’s all in a stylish reusable cosmetic bag, making it easy to pack. Overnight Rescue can be applied on red eye flights and then washed off in the morning to reveal beautiful rejuvenated locks. And as always you can trust all Alterna products to be free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates & other harsh or unnecessary additives.

 VIM & VIGR Compression Socks

Walking through airports, chasing toddlers and toting luggage can leave your feet and legs sore and swollen.  Add to that sitting on an airplane for hours barely moving your legs and…well it can and will contribute to more pain and swelling. Wearing compression stockings is an obvious solution but who wants to wear those ugly things? That’s why we love VIM & VIGR’s compression socks! You don’t have to give up style for comfort! The endless choice of designs makes it easy to find something that compliments your style while enjoying the benefits of VIM & VIGR’s graduated compression. 

VIM Collage

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks are made with a Gradient Pressure knitting technology which starts compression at the ankles and gradually goes up the leg. The flexible toe pocket allows you to move your toes without feeling restricted and the 15-20 mmHg graduated compression is perfect for all-day wear. These ultra-comfortable socks come in a variety of high quality fabrics including cotton, nylon/spandex, wool, and a moisture wicking material.  Wearing compression socks can help improve blood flow which:

  • energizes your legs
  • prevents swelling
  • decreases pain 
  • prevents/decreases spider and varicose veins
  • helps with muscle recovery

Visit VIM & VIGR to learn how to easily put on a pair of compression socks and to learn more about the science behind these amazing socks! 


VIM & VIGR Compression Socks


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Untangled Pro Bluetooth Headphones by LilGadgets

We love LilGadgets headphones for young children! You can conveniently use them wirelessly with the bluetooth signal or you can plug in with the included 3.5 mm cable. With a 10 hour battery life, you won’t have to worry about them cutting out before the end of your child’s program when using them wirelessly. When you do need to charge them, just plug them into a USB port on your computer or into a USB charger.

These headphones are super soft and offer a very comfortable fit.  Your child will not even notice they have them on!  LilGadgets Untangled Pro comes with a micro-fiber travel bag which doubles as a screen cleaner for your tablet or DVD player. Don’t be fooled by the sleek design and soft material, LilGadgets headphones have been tested for durability by children of all ages. Toss them in your carry-on or your child’s backpack without worrying about them getting damaged. Choose a color that fits your child’s personality from the Untangled Pro’s 6 available colors.

 Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go by Crayola

Crayola Collage
Most toddlers love to color and draw – that’s why the Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go by Crayola is a great choice!  The Mini Stow & Go opens up into a tray that will keep your child’s markers and coloring paper in place.  If your child decides to try and decorate the seat or tray table, no need to worry since Color Wonder markers will only work on Color Wonder paper! The Mini Stow & Go comes with 3 mini color wonder markers but you can buy them in different color sets to increase the drawing possibilities. Your child’s creativity could keep them busy for hours with Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go!

Magnetic Tangrams Travel Toy by One Step Ahead


Ok, we know what you’re thinking…small pieces! However, these magnetic pieces will stay right where they are placed on the magnetic white side of the Tangrams Travel Toy case. Let your child’s imagination run wild creating designs with this amazing toy. The Magnetic Tangrams Travel Toy comes with design cards for your child to try and recreate. Keep them busy longer by asking them to make different shapes, numbers, or letters. 

TanGrams Collage

Once you are on the ground again, let your child play with the mirror side (non-magnetic) of the Tangrams case. When propped up, your child can make amazing designs with the reflections in the two mirrors. The Magnetic Tangrams Travel Toy folds in half, allowing room for storage of the small shape pieces and design cards inside and has 2 handles for easy portability.

My First Toys by Plan Toys

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Do you have a little mini me who loves imitating you? Why not give them some fun toys from Plan Toys that encourage their creativity, along with the manta: imitation is the ultimate compliment. We absolutely adore the My First Camera from Plan Toys, along with the My First Phone. Both of these toys are thoughtfully designed to encourage imaginative play and help children develop fine motor skills and visual perception.

Camera Collage

Start your budding photographer early with My First Camera, perfect for taking in the sights of a new and fun destination. Kids will love looking through the viewfinder kaleidoscope lens that shows them a different view every time they take a peek. The sturdy cloth wrist strap makes it easy to take the camera along. Camera body is made from eco friendly, safe and sustainable PlanWood, with solid wood trim.

Phone Collage

My First Phone is a play phone with a magnifier screen and a colorful beaded dial pad to develop children’s dexterity and cognitive skills. You can rest easy if it makes it into the mouth of your tot because it’s made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic finish, all colors are made from vegetable dye.

About Plan Toys:
“For more than 30 years, PlanToys has been consistently developing its products and activities with a strong commitment to contribute positively to the world. By implementing best practices and taking innovation of toy-making and design to the next level, PlanToys is not only known as being the first company to manufacture wooden toys from preservative-free rubber wood, we are a leading company that has created a new material and process as part of our zero waste goals. Continuing our commitment for a sustainable future, PlanToys has introduced PlanWood as another high quality, safe, and sustainable material in our toy-making process. This material will be used in harmony with our solid rubber wood. PlanWood is an eco-friendly material because the waste is minimized and fewer trees are reclaimed. The less energy, used to produce PlanWood ultimately reduces our environmental impact. PlanToys values have been rooted from embracing Mother Nature. The company has grown their green values into values of Sustainable Play. Sustainable Play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.” 

Snack Holders:

Travel Items from Piyo Piyo

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Let’s face it, drinking and snacking on-the-go is messy business with a toddler. Snacks have the tendency to spill everywhere, cups leak, and you can never be too prepared for clean up duty. That’s why we love these convenient travel snacking items from Piyo Piyo.

The brand new and improved version of the Piyo Piyo Training Cup with a sliding top is the answer to prayers from moms of busy toddlers. The lid snaps down to protect the silicon straw and prevent leaks and the adorable signature Piyo Piyo duck is the weight at the bottom of the straw, allowing your child to tip it, and still be able to retrieve liquid from the straw.

Piyo Collage

The Slip Resistant Snack Cup is the perfect solution to keeping your toddler’s favorite snacks accessible while on the airplane, but also contained and so they won’t be thrown around disturbing your fellow passengers. It comes with a dust proof lid that ensures the freshest snacks, it is cold and heat resistant, and features to handles, easy for small hands to grip. The opening is large, and once again, it is adorned with our favorite Piyo Piyo duck character.

The Pure Water Baby Wipes are the perfect addition to every diaper bag. The wipes are alcohol and fragrance free, making them perfect to wipe up your toddler’s face because they’re safe for sensitive skin. The convenient travel pack size is compact, and perfect for any mess that may come your way during your trip.

 Pack’ems by Booginhead


These reusable snack bags are great for taking on trips! Pack your child’s healthy snacks in these bags and they will not spill out in your bag or allow your food to get stale. Pack’ems can even stand up on their own which makes filling them up quick and easy. The convenient velcro closures are wide and create a tight seal.

Booginhead collage

Worried about cleaning them after each use?  Just throw them on the top shelf of your dishwasher and worry no more. The pack’ems are PVC, BPA and phthalate free.  Each pack comes with a small and large sized pack ’em similar in size to a sandwich and snack sized plastic baggies.


Booginhead Pack’ems


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Items for your equipment:

Stroller and Carseat Gate Check Bags by Prince Lionheart

Gate check bag collage

Prince Lionheart Stroller and Carseat Gate Check Bags are perfect for keeping your equipment clean and dry and making airline personnel think twice before just tossing your stroller and carseat under the plane. Having a gate check bag may have never crossed your mind but you will be thankful when your stroller and carseat come back to you just the way that you left them! 

20120120-stroller check bag

You will appreciate the cleanliness of your items when they return to you and so will your child!  No more sitting in a wet carseat that has been sitting in the rain on the runway or looking for a plastic bag to protect your child from the dirt and grime that is now on your stroller seat!


When you pick up your stroller and/or carseat at the gate after your flight, remove it from the gate check bag and then just roll the bag up inside itself. Now you’re ready to continue on your way!

Hatch Things SureShop Reusable Bags

  SureShop5 copy

SureShop is the tote that will change the way you think about reusable bags. It is made of a durable nylon allowing it to hold up to 10 lbs of weight. The SureShop bag was designed for use with an umbrella stroller, using clips to redistribute the weight as it is hung on the handle.  This patent-pending technology helps prevent the stroller from tipping under the weight of the bag’s contents, so all those extra last-minute purchases you collect while on the way to your departure gate will be kept safely upright on your stroller. With this technology, it’s one less bag you have to throw over your shoulder when trudging through the airport. Its convenient self-storing pocket allows it to fit easily in your purse, stroller or diaper bag, making it the perfect bag for traveling.

Sure Shop Jogging Stroller

While it was designed with an umbrella stroller in mind, the SureShop can be used with a traditional stroller as well as a jogging stroller. Simply attach it to the stroller using both the upper and lower clips.





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Carry-On Packing List:

We know what it’s like traveling with a toddler and we don’t want you to forget anything.  Here is a list of things we think you will want to have with you in your carry-on! 


  • plane ticket
  • Driver’s License/ID
  • child’s birth certificate
  • prescriptions
  • camera
  • CARES safety harness

Mom’s Comfort Items:

Child’s Comfort Items:



Items for your equipment:

Safe Travels!

Now that you’re ready to fly with your toddler, don’t forget that things don’t always go as planned!  Despite all of your efforts to have everything planned and packed something may still go wrong: a delayed flight, a cranky, uncooperative child, or maybe you forgot something. Just breathe and know that this too shall pass. Don’t forget that many of the passengers on your flight have been in your shoes before! Good luck!

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Photo credits: Kristy T., Memoirs of Megan, The Art of Making a Baby

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Kristy Timm

Kristy lives in FL with her husband, and 2 daughters. She has a Bachelors and Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has worked in Orthopedics, Vestibular, and Ergonomics for the last 12 years. She loves spending time with her hubby and daughter enjoying music, reading, playing, and learning American Sign Language. Her other interests include traveling, being active, and catching up with family and friends.

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    Leslie H (tripswithtykes)


    Truly comprehensive post – love it! Two quick comments. Most legacy airlines charge for bags these days unless you have the airline’s credit card or elite status. Sadly gone are the days of free bags with kids. Only Southwest has bags for free on domestic flights (JetBlue just announced it will charge now too). Also, most airlines have removed pre-boarding privileges for families as well in the past few years. For those that still allow it (Virgin America, for example), there is a strict age cutoff enforced. As if flying isn’t hard enough with little ones, right? 😉


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