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Now that your little one is feeding himself, it’s time to stock up in dining supplies that are made for little hands!  When it comes to toddler dining ware, it seems like there are so many options available.  Like us, you have probably spent time wondering which of these options are the best for your toddler.  Daily Mom has done the work for you and we are happy to share with you 4 of our favorite brands of children’s dining ware!

Baby Bjorn:

Baby Bjorn features bright, colorful designs that your child will love!  Baby Bjorn dishes are PVC-free and contain no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, or bromine.  They are both dishwasher & microwave safe at a low heat setting.


  • Baby Plate – These plates have a wide base which is great for avoiding tipping and it makes it difficult for your child to pick it up and throw!  The unique clover shape makes it easier for children to scoop up their food.
  • Baby Spoon – Made with a short handle, easy to grip plastic, and shaped to work perfectly with the Baby plate.

  • Baby Cup – Has an easy grip design, wide base and low center of gravity helps to avoid spills, and you can see the contents of the cup through frosted plastic.  Graduated markings allow you to keep track of how much your child has consumed. The Baby Spoon works great with the cup for feeding too!  The Baby Cup is also safe to use in the freezer.

Baby Plate | Baby Spoon | Baby Cup


Baby Bjorn | Facebook | YouTube


Boon dining ware is fun and unique.  A drying rack that looks like grass and a butterfly shaped accessory as well as the beautiful color scheme are sure to keep your kitchen looking fresh and new.  Boon dining ware is BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free.  Their items are top rack dishwasher safe unless otherwise noted.

  • Patch – Unique counter top drying rack that is great for narrow counter spaces or window ledge.  Holds all baby accessories!   Also comes as larger Grass or Lawn.
  • Fly – A drying rack accessory – holds smaller items up higher to fit more on patch, grass or lawn.  Not dishwasher safe.
  • Flatware – Effective silverware without sharp edges that will make your child feel like an adult while staying safe.  Specifically designed for a toddler’s hammer type grip.
  • Modware – (not shown) – Soft grip utensils without sharp edges – for children not quite ready for adult-like silverware.
  • Gnaw – A teether tether – keeps snacks and teethers off the ground and within your child’s reach.  Not dishwasher safe.

  • Dish – This non-skid, “flip & throw resistant,” round dish helps to keep your child’s food where it should be and off of the floors and walls!
  • Platter – Great for the picky eater that doesn’t like their foods to touch!  The Platter divides food into 4 different sections. Rubbery, slip-resistant, bottom helps to avoid flips, spills and throws.
  • Catch Bowl & Dish – These are perfect dinner ware options for children that still have trouble getting their food from the plate or bowl to their mouth.  The wide base with suction cup helps avoid tipping & throwing while the food catcher helps keep food in the bowl and not on the table.
  • Saucer – (not shown) – Edgeless dish with slip-resistant bottom and divided sections.
  • Plate – (not shown) – Plate with slip-resistant bottom and is edgeless to avoid food flinging.

  • Stout Cup – This cup has a wide base to avoid tipping and transforms into a big kid cup!
  • Fluid – Unique, spill resistant, two-handed design made for little hands.
  • Modster Sippy – Cute design with leak resistant spout.  You can choose between soft or firm spout depending on what stage your child is at.  The tops and lids are interchangeable, the valve detaches for free flow as your child grows, and it has handles!  This item is also Latex-free.
  • Swig Cup – (not shown) This cup has an easy to grip shape, straw or spout options and the tops are interchangeable.


Oxo dinnerware options are bright and modern!  They are also BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.  Hate hand washing dishes?  Oxo dining ware is top rack dishwasher safe and microwavable.

  • Plate – This plate is weighted with a non-slip grip bottom.  A detachable ring helps keep food inside and allows child to scoop their food onto their utensils easier!
  • Divided Plate – The divided plate was made with portion sizes in mind.  Separate your child’s plate into the right amount of veggies, grains and proteins without needing to get the measuring cup out.  The center section is perfect for dipping sauces and condiments!  This plate also comes with a detachable ring to assist your child with keeping their food where they want it!
  • Divided feeding dishThis dish has 2 separate food areas and a detachable ring for easily guided food onto a spoon.  A snap on lid is also provided to keep your child’s snacks fresh.
  • Fork & Spoon – These utensils have soft, non-slip material and are perfect for small hands.  A flat area on each handle prevents them from rolling off the table and the curved design helps to keep them from slipping into your child’s dish.

  • Snack dish – Made with a non-slip base and low profile which resists spills.  The larger opening allows easy access for little hands.
  • Flip top snack cup – Comes in 2 sizes: large and regular.  Perfect for children with their non-slip grip and larger opening for easy access.  Best of all, it fits into cup holders!
  • Tot floppy snack cup with cover – The soft, flexible flaps help keep snacks off the floor and out of the carseat.  A snap-on cover helps to keep your child’s snacks fresh.
  • Small & Large bowl set – The straight side walls of these bowls help to help guide food onto utensils.  These bowls nest for space saving storage.  They also have non-slip bottoms and snap on tops for freshness.


  • Sippy cup with removable handles – Excellent cup for all stages of toddler drinking.  Designed with soft, non-slip handles as well as a non-slip grip for when handles are removed.  All Oxo cup tops are interchangeable with each other.
  • Cup for big kids – Looks like a grown up cup but contains non-slip grip.  These cups are made clear to assist your child by allowing them to see the contents and learn to avoid spills.
  • Straw cup – For kids that prefer a straw to a sippy, just twist the lid to expose straw.  Contains non-slip grippy side.
  • Training cup – Is your child eager to be a big kid?  This cup contains a translucent lid insert with perforations to control the flow of liquid into your child’s mouth.  When your child is ready, you can convert this cup to a regular cup.  Don’t worry, this cup also has a non-slip grip to avoid drops and spills!


Stylish and easy to maneuver, Toddler dishes are fun for kids to use!  They contain absolutely n0 BpA, Phthalates, PVC.  These items are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Cutlery – These utensils are designed for a small child’s grasp.  The thicker, round shape improves child’s control and coordination with utensils.
  • Cup – Love this cup!  It is built with a ledge that rests on your child’s fingers and a slip-resistant surface around the outside of the cup.  The bottom does not have the slip-resistant surface to allow it to slide easily along the table instead of tipping over.  A weighted bottom also helps to avoid tips and spills.

  • Bowl – This bowl is slip-resistant on the bottom and around the outside.  It contains a weighted bottom and rounded inside.  Outer edges make it easier to lift and carry without dropping.
  • Plate – The narrow, steep rim inside this plate help push food onto cutlery.  The steep side allows food to be closer to child’s mouth and decreases the likelihood of spills.

Cutlery | Cup | Bowl | Plate


Toddler | Facebook

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    Hi Kristy!

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    I think your ideas are great, the dinnerware is fun and colourful! But still, it seems to me that it will have a very limited lifetime: kids will grow really fast and will quickly reject these kinds of dinnerware.

    If I may, I’d suggest alternatives that may have a longer lifespan in your house, and that are compatible both with the little ones in your house and the adults in it. Remember that sharing the same dishes with the adults may develop their self-confidence and it’s highly promoted by methodologies like the Montessori method.

    Great post! 🙂


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    I just came across your site, and I love it!
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