When your little one is in agony from teething pain, you want to do everything you can to soothe them. But it can be hard knowing what will work for your child, especially when that very first tooth starts to make its appearance. Finding the perfect teething toy that’s just right can be hit-or-miss. We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite teething toys and take a look at some of their features to help you choose a teether when that first, or next, tooth starts coming through.

MAM Teethers

MAM offers a line of fun teethers with something for every teether. The Phase 1 Bite and Relax teether is lightweight and designed for the front teeth, while the Phase 2 Bite and Relax is perfect for reaching back teeth. When your baby’s molars start coming through, grab a MAM Cooler or Mini Cooler teether which can be chilled and has different surfaces your baby can choose from. Only the water-filled parts of the teethers get cold, so your baby’s hands stay warm.

The Bite & Brush is great for both soothing tender gums and brushing those very first teeth. And if you want a teether that’s also a great toy, check out the Bite & Play which features a rattle and semi-circular end designed to reach the molars. MAM’s teethers come in fun, bright colors and are BPA-free.

GNAW Teething Tether & Mesh Feeder by Boon

The GNAW teething tether by Boon serves double duty as both a great teether and a mesh feeder! This is a must-buy as soon as your baby is beginning to eat foods around 6 months (though many younger babies will enjoy its use as just a teether until they’re ready for food!). The end of the tether features a mesh structure that holds in food just the way a Chinese finger trap, well, traps your finger! This will save your lovingly-prepared snacks from being immediately wasted by a fall to the dirty floor (let’s face it–babies love testing gravity).

The other end of the tether features a clip that you can attach to your babies shirt so he won’t drop the tether either. (As always, supervise your baby whenever he’s eating something.) In between snacks, your baby will love gnawing on the mesh and probably even the clip! The GNAW teething tethers come in several colors which feature vibrant color combinations characteristic of Boon. Teethers are BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.

Silicone Teether by Comotomo

Do you notice your baby chomping on his fingers a lot? If so, then he is sure to love these silicone teethers by Comotomo. They are made of soft, medical-grade silicone that is hygienic and easy to clean. Silicone is heat-resistant so you can sterilize them or throw them in the dishwasher! Each teether features four legs that your babies will love to bite because they are just the size of his own fingers! The legs of the teether are long enough that your baby can reach his back teeth, but not so long that it will cause gagging. The ends have a raised texture that massages and stimulates the gums too.

The ring on the teether is also the perfect size for little hands to grip easily. Both blue and orange options are available, but these are so easy to take along anywhere we think you’ll want at least one of each color. Save your baby from chapped fingers and get him some of these teethers right away!


Silicone Baby Teether


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Gum Brush Teether by Born Free

The Gum Brush Teether by Born Free is a great item to have for your baby, not just for helping him relieve teething pain, but for keeping his gums clean as well. The teether/brush is made from medical-grade silicone, making it soft and chewy yet sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. It features a handle for easy gripping, though your baby may also enjoy gnawing on the handle too! Your baby will enjoy its fun shape and enjoy manipulating it in many ways to reach every spot in his mouth. The end of the toy works as both a textured teether for your little one to chomp on and provides a gum massage and cleaning as well. The middle round portion of the toy has raised bumps for added texture.

You can also chill it in the fridge if your baby likes his teethers cold. It is also BPA- and PVC-free. If you want a textured toy then the Gum Brush Teether is the teether to buy!


Gum Brush Teether


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Cubby Soft Teething Toy by Apple Park

While some babies prefer munching on firm toys when teething, others may be sensitive to firm pressure on their gums. And you may very well find that depending on the particular teeth coming through, your baby may have different preferences for soothing the pain. If you suspect your baby would like a soft toy for sucking on, then you need to check out Apple Park’s line of Picnic Pal soft rattle teething toys! Each teether is made from certified 100% organic cotton and features natural silk & hemp detailing. The animals are stuffed with natural corn fiber filling and dyed with low-impact dyes. Apple Park also states that the cute little eyes are made from recycled non-toxic plastic safety eyes.

The teethers also double as a rattle toy and each one makes a soft, soothing rattling sound. Every animal in the lineup is downright adorable and your baby is sure to love them even well after he’s done teething. We especially love the bear cub with his little ears and tail to chew on, as well as his silky soft paws and claws!

Natural Teething Toys by Ringley

Some babies prefer firm teethers, and others prefer soft ones. And other babies like both. If your baby is in the latter category then you definitely need to check out RiNGLEY’s line of natural teething toys. Each teether in their lineup features a ring of untreated maple wood and a soft terry cloth toy that is made of 100% organic cotton. You can offer the RiNGLEY teether to your baby as-is or you can detach the terry cloth toy, soak it, and chill it for a teething solution your little one will love.

RiNGLEY’s lineup features a variety of cute characters including a sun, turtle, elephant, and monkey. You can also choose from a knotted cloth, straight cloth, or junior version (the junior has smaller knots). The teethers are easy to clean too. All of the character terry toys are attached by velcro and can be removed and tossed in the washing machine (the knotted & straight cloths should be hand-washed).

Use the code: Dailymom2014 in your shopping cart for free shipping at RiNGLEY.

Sun | Turtle | Elephant | Monkey


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Kawan Natural Rubber Ducky by Hevea

Maybe your little teether doesn’t like very hard toys and needs something a little softer & malleable. You can certainly look for some soft plastic toys and do the research to be sure they’re free of BPA and all those nasty plasticizers. But why not opt for something made from 100% natural rubber instead? Hevea is the go-to place for finding all kinds of natural rubber baby products. We especially love the new Kawan rubber ducky toy and teether because unlike most “rubber ducks”, this guy truly is a 100% rubber ducky–and he’s great for little teethers! Kawan is made from 100% natural rubber from FSC-certified Hevea Brasiliensis trees (aka rubber trees), and free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

Kawan is a great size for little hands to hold and the texture on his beak, feet, and tail are great for gnawing on too. (Or your baby may enjoy trying to gnaw on his head like our little model above. That’s okay too, Kawan is happy to help however he can!) The Kawan ducky is hand painted with natural plant pigments, so no need to worry about your baby ingesting toxic paints.

Kawan is another great teether that will last well beyond teething and serve as a fun bath time companion for years to come. He floats in water and is easy to clean (no cracks or hard to reach areas on this little guy)–just give him a good wipe down by hand and let him dry!

Little Pal Teether Doll by Green Sprouts

If your baby enjoys hard teethers like those made out of wood, then the Little Pal Teether Doll by Green Sprouts is a natural choice. He comes with a wooden ring that is free of coatings, stains, and paint. The little guy attached to the ring is made from soft, organic cotton and colored with low-impact, azo-free dyes. The Litte Pal teether has two knotted “hands” as well as a knotted hat and plush head which are great for dampening and throwing in the fridge to chill for an extra-soothing teething solution.

The cloth toy can be detached from the wooden ring for cleaning both, and velcros back on when your baby is ready to play with him again. This teether by Green Sprouts comes in cornflower blue, rose, and sage.

Seahorse by CaaOcho


The CaaOcho Seahorse is a unique and adorable teether toy. The seahorse has a rounded shape, ideal for babies 6 months and older and made by CaaOcho, another of our favorite companies that make all-natural rubber toys. His bright colors and soft feel will instantly make him one of your baby’s favorite toys. The tail, the fin, and the head are all different textures, so your baby will love exploring the textures with his mouth. And moms can feel comfortable giving the CaaOcho Seahorse to their babies because it’s completely non-toxic! The toy starts as pure natural tree sap from the rubber tree and then is minimally processed into 100% pure natural rubber. The CaaOcho seahorse is BPA-, PVC-, phthalate- and nitrosamine-free and features food-grade paint so you don’t have to worry when your baby chews on it!


The best part about the seahorse is that he can do double duty! He’s a great toy from the highchair to the bathtub! The CaaOcho seahorse teether toy is hermetically sealed, with absolutely no holes or perforations. There’s no way water or saliva will get inside its parts, thus preventing the the growth of mold and bacteria and keeping him clean for baby.


CaaOcho Seahorse


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