Spring has sprung, and why not celebrate with some new decor for your house! We’ve already covered your bedrooms, bathrooms and every where in between, but what about your kids’ bedrooms or the playroom? Those rooms get lots of use, so we have rounded up some of our favorite new spring pieces and accessories that can really had a punch of spring and also withstand the use of kids! These pieces will not only look beautiful but will last and be functional as well, so let’s get decorating!

Stylish Zippered Bedding from Beddy’s

Nothing makes a bedroom look more clean than a perfectly made bed. And chances are, if you have kids their beds are hardly ever perfectly made. If you want to spruce your kiddo’s space up for spring and make it so you never have to look at a messy bed again, then we’ve found a dream product for you – Beddy’s Zippered Bedding

Beddy’s takes the headache out of making your child’s bed. These amazing one-piece bedding ensembles eliminate the need for a separate fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, quilt, or cuddle blanket! This fashionable bedding features a quilted outer layer that looks as if there is a quilt perfectly tucked in around the mattress at all times. High-quality zippers run down either side allowing you to quickly open up your Beddy’s when it’s time for bed; the zippers are super smooth and easy for even the littlest of fingers to zip and unzip. Strong elastic runs around the entire base of Beddy’s making for a snug fit on any depth of mattress you have. Aside from the ease and convenience of this bedding, one of our favorite features is the soft, luxurious minky fabric that lines the inside of the top comforter portion of Beddy’s. When you unzip it, comfort panels of the minky fabric extend down for added coziness.


More to love about Beddy’s:

  • Perfect for bunk beds and other hard-to-make beds, like daybeds and murphy beds.
  • Beddy’s makes it easy for even toddlers to make their own bed. Just zip it up!
  • Put it on in one piece, take it off in one piece, and wash it in one piece!
  • Beddy’s comes in a wide variety of fashions for boys, girls, and gender neutral. We’re absolutely obsessed with Perfectly Mismatched for the perfect spring color combo for your little girl’s room!
  • Beddy’s also offers matching pillow sets and bed skirts to complete the new look in your child’s room.

So whether you’re looking for new fashionable bedding for your little one or a way to save yourself some time and frustration on a daily basis, Beddy’s has you covered!

Mod Rocker by Garnet Hill

For a mid-century vibe in a classic, crisp white, the mod rocker is just what you need. With modern, clean lines, and a molded chair that is surprisingly very comfortable, this chair will surely be a favorite. We like the mod rocker in a child’s room as a cute little rocker to snuggle in for reading or quiet time. However, the chair fits an adult body as well–you may end up deciding you need one in each bedroom!

Many people associate Garnet Hill with clothing and accessories, but they have a growing collection of furniture that fits the changes in season and style. We think the mod rocker is a timeless piece thanks to its simplicity in design and materials. It can be a challenge to find decor that won’t go out of style in few years or even months. Thankfully, Garnet Hill carries high quality products that are durable, functional, and carefully selected to become long-lasting additions to your home.


Mod Rocker


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Royal Alphabet Giclee on Canvas by Oopsy Daisy

Nothing brightens up a room like some cheerful and colorful wall art. Check out the vast selection of beautiful pieces at Oopsy Daisy, like this Royal Alphabet Giclee on canvas, also available in a framed version and in a variety of sizes.

The printed canvases range from birds to maps to custom name art, and you are sure to find the perfect piece for your playroom or child’s room! Each piece is printed on highly saturated canvas and stretched over a wood frame, with a tag included to give your child some background on the artist behind the work.

Oopsy Daisy Canvas Collage

Check out their variety of children’s decor solutions and freshen up all of your little one’s spaces for spring!


Royal Alphabet


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“Elliot” the Elephant Cool Mist Humidifier by Crane

Tackle seasonal allergies this spring while adding a cute animal accent to your little one’s room with a cool mist humidifier. Crane animal themed humidifiers are an adorably effective way to add moisture into the air of your child’s room and to lessen the symptoms of allergies, cold and flu. Cool mist humidifiers also help relieve nose bleeds as well as dry skin and hair.

The ultrasonic mist and the Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the base of the humidifier is shown to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%. The 1 gallon tank is easily refillable and the humidifier runs whisper-quiet for up to 24 hours. The humidifier has an auto-off feature so that it turns off when water runs out, and it does not require a filter so it is truly a hassle-free solution to restless nights during allergy season!

Yogibo Max

Spring is finally upon us! With spring comes a beautiful host of airy, pastel colored decorations. Along with the lovely decor you get to adorn your house with often comes a good spring clean. It’s a great time to follow the mantra “out with the old and in with the new.” Or in the case of the Yogibo, “out with the old and in with the useful and modern.” Yogibo is essentially a bean bag chair. But really, it is so much more! It a wonderful piece of furniture that molds to your body and is easy enough to move anywhere in your house that you need it! Want to curl up in the living room to a good movie? No problem! Maybe tomorrow you want to bring it down to the basement to sit on while the kids play? Again, no problem! Kids will love this bean bag as it doubles as great climbing furniture! And this rather comfortable piece of furniture is a chameleon. Perfect for kids playing video games, curling up to a good book or enjoying some relaxing time with your significant other. It would make the perfect addition to the reading corner you are building this spring.

The Yogibo Max can be a chair, recliner, bed or even a couch! It weighs less than 20 lbs. so it is easy to move around. Also, if you are short on space but need the comfort of a Yogibo you are in luck. It only takes up four square feet of space when positioned on its side for storage. This amazing bean bag conforms to your body, making it perfect even for pregnancy. You could even lay on it on your belly! The cotton/spandex cover is incredibly soft to the touch and can be easily slipped off and thrown in the washing machine. Since keeping things clean and organized in spring is your focus, and kids (and husbands) can be pretty messy, this is essential. With 14 colors to choose from there is something for every style. The Yogibo Max makes the perfect addition to your bright fresh and organized spring household.

Use code DAILYMOM at Yogibo.com to receive 10% off!

Yogibo Max


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Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint from Annie Sloan

Are you sick and tired of the drably colored furniture in your child’s playroom? Prepare to be amazed over the latest and greatest fad in furniture painting: Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan. Chalk Paint® is the perfect choice for completely transforming your favorite pieces of furniture, either in the playroom, or even throughout your house! 

Chalk Paint® is crazy-easy to use, making it our favorite paint for busy moms (and dads!). It requires little to no pesky prep work, such as sanding or priming of the furniture prior to painting, and can be used for just about any surface out there, from metal, to wood and terra cotta. The color palette is inspired by 18th and 20th century decor and design, and you can easily mix and match the colors together to create a truly one-of-a-kind look, signature to your home. We think that Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan is the ideal playroom paint, because it’s eco-friendly to boot. It contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has no odor.

The paint glides on easily and makes a gorgeous matte effect on the furniture, and is then finished off and sealed by using the Wax Brush to apply the Annie Sloan soft wax, which adheres the paint to the piece. You can distress the item with some sandpaper for a distressed look, or leave it fully covered for a brightly colored focal piece sure to delight in any playroom. Wax is available in a clear finish, to polish up your look, or a dark wax to brush deep into grooves, giving an item an antiqued and unique look.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is sold by the liter, and each liter holds enough to completely paint a normal-sized dresser, so a little bit goes quite a long way. Painting a piece of furniture has never been easier, and this quick DIY project is simple enough to complete during just one nap time! That’s our favorite kind of DIY project!

Tip: for more ideas, make sure to check out Annie’s Portfolio of Painted Pieces!

Spring Accents by Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill offers a variety of bright home accents that you can use throughout the spring and summer for years to come. Their Animal Silhouette Hooked Wool Rugs offer a playful and colorful touch to your home and is available in a variety of colors, patterns and silhouettes! The soft rugs are clean and contemporary but still add a chic farmhouse touch to your home!

GH Rugs Collage

Each rug has whipstitch-finished edges, so they are durable and will lend some color to your space for seasons to come.

Get organized with some spring cleaning, and let Garnet Hill corral your little ones’ toys and stuffed animals in their African Storage Hamper. This beautifully handcrafted piece is fair-trade and is made by the Wolof weavers of Senegal, in partnership with the Peace Corps, so you can rest assured that this purchase is for a great cause. Each basket is woven out of natural cattails and plastic African prayer mats, so each piece is as beautiful as it is purposeful.

Beyond toys, this storage basket is great for firewood, linens, shoes, or dirty clothes, and the perfect way to brighten up and organize any room in your home.

 Diaper Pail & Cloth Diaper Pail Liner Bags from Ubbi

Perhaps a new diaper pail isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of refreshing your home decor for spring – but baby nurseries deserve some love too! When it comes to diaper pails, it doesn’t get better than the Ubbi diaper pail!  And once you see the incredible array of gorgeous springtime colors offered by Ubbi, you’ll be fast-tracking your order to get one of these beauties in your home ASAP. 

Apart from being the prettiest diaper pail you ever did see, the Ubbi diaper pail is a seriously incredible pail.  Made from powder coated steel (read: not a plastic pail that absorbs & holds onto bad smells), and with rubber seals to lock odors in, you’ll say goodbye to diaper pail stink forever. We put this pail to the test with some serious stink, and it stood up to the task with ease.  It even has a child lock for those curious little hands that always seem to want to follow the mess.

Beyond the stunning color choices and stink-prevention capacity, this pail is also a money-saver.  How?  You can use any kind of bag with it! Load the Ubbi up with a kitchen trash bag and call it a day. Ubbi also sells their own plastic liner bags as well cloth diaper pail liners that make laundry a breeze.  You can simply load the pail with their 7-gallon, PVC-free, waterproof liner bags, and fill it until laundry day. Once it’s time to empty the pail, pull the drawstring tight and cinch.  Loosen the tie when you’re ready to do the laundry, toss the diapers and the bag in the washing machine, and run your normal cloth diaper wash cycle.  Easy peasy. 


Diaper Pail | Cloth Diaper Pail Liners


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Table Lamp by Lamps Plus

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room for Spring is by adding a beautiful, bold lamp. It allows you to bring some flair into a space while still being completely functional. While walking into a big box store will certainly give you a variety of style options to choose from, being able to design your selection specifically to your taste, right down to the exact color you prefer, is something you simply can’t pass up.

With the Color + Plus Lighting Collection by Lamps Plus you’re not only able to browse through and select the style of the lamp you prefer, but you can further customize your order by selecting from over 150 Designer Lifestyle colors and the finish of your choice. As if that isn’t enough, Lamps Plus allows you to top it all off by adding a white or a custom-coordinated shade. Since each lamp in the Color + Plus Lighting Collection is handmade to order, they make for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. 

So when you are updating your main areas, don’t forget to spread some spring time love into your kids’  favorite spaces too!


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