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Being trapped inside all winter is hard. It’s even harder when you have a little one! It’s difficult, if not close to impossible, to do some of the things you normally love. Your stroller and baby carrier grow dusty with neglect as the cold wind blows. Even just bundling up to get to the car is an act of great skill. You know how to dress yourself appropriately for the weather, but how warm is your little one?

We don’t like being cold but we also don’t like being trapped inside all winter long! That’s why we searched high and low for the coolest – warmest – cold weather baby gear that could take us from cabin fever to snowy play date! Even as the weather warms up in some of the country, this cool gear is useful for cool spring days, and thinking ahead for fall – grab the end of season gear now while it may be on sale!

  • It's not easy to bundle baby up for a winter outing. The most difficult part is keeping their feet warm because little boots just love to slide off little feet! And they never seem functional enough to be really warm. 7A.M. Enfant knows winter and they are all about functionality! These booties are warm, water resistant, and best of all, stay on baby's feet no matter how much kicking they do!

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  • The Baby Shield by  7A.M. Enfant  attaches simply onto a stroller for brisk walks to the coffee shop down the street in the winter or a stroll around the neighborhood on a chilly spring morning. It's so warm, baby hardly needs to be bundled when tucked into it!

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  • baby dee dee sleep nest slide

    When the weather is cooler we have to resort to dressing our little ones in multiple layers to stay warm and safe at night. Even the average sleep sack doesn't add much in terms of real warmth on a cold winter night. The Sleep Nest by Baby DeeDee is a new take on the wearable blanket that will have every baby snoozing in safety - and most importantly - warmth.

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  • For babywearing on colder days, we love the Boba Vest. Made of the softest fleece you can imagine, suitable for back and front carry, and actually easy to put on, the Boba Vest is the best solution to winter babywearing.

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  • Stonz makes adorable and functional rain boots for toddlers and children.These rain boots come in four stylish colors, perfect for any wardrobe!

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  • Polarn O Pyret has a fabulous selection of winter gear, ranging from "keep-you-warm-in-Alaska", to "stay-cozy-when-winter-means-40-degrees". We’re loving the multifunctional jackets and striped rubber rainboots to transition you right into Spring!

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  • 7am Enfant Booties
  • 7am Enfant Baby Shield
  • Baby Dee Dee Sleep Nest
  • Boba Vest
  • Stonz Boots
  • Polarn O Pyret Winterwear

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