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The holiday season is upon us and shopping for all the special people on your list can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you get started by sharing our favorite items hitting the shelves this season.

This guide, paired with our Holiday Extravaganza event on Facebook LIVE will kick off the holiday season with brands who are going to be on everyone’s wish list this year.

From gifts for the whole family to stocking stuffers, you don’t want to miss this; our picks will give you the insider information you need as the shopping season heats up. Ready for the chance to take home one of our Holiday Gifts for yourself? Head down to the bottom of this post to register for your opportunity to win. 

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 Stocking Stuffers

We’ve rounded up the best new products that everyone will want in their holiday stockings come Christmas morning. These compact gifts are unique, memorable, and will be talked about (and used) all year round. 

The New Primal

The Goods

Eating healthy during the holiday season can be a challenge. From tables full of desserts to cookies from neighbors, the sugar overload might be difficult to pass up. When you are selecting treats for your holiday stockings, The New Primal offers savory and healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy. With a dedication to using only hormone-free grass fed cattle and range grown turkey’s in their products, we’re loving their Snack Mates line, designed just for kids. 

Made only with ingredients you recognize, each package includes five individually wrapped meat sticks in bite size servings. With two flavors to choose from, even picky eaters will enjoy this healthy treat. For families with food allergies, Snack Mate’s easy to understand ingredient list is something you can rely on, ensuring that no hidden inclusions result in an unexpected reaction

High in protein, the classic beef flavor combines kid friendly tastes like honey, lemon, and sea salt into a low calorie treat that will help your family keep their energy up throughout the holiday. 

Using only turkeys raised on non GMO feed, Snack Mates Classic Turkey is packed with 7 grams of protein, and each 2 stick serving comes in at a low 50 calories a piece. 

Finding a healthy jerky used to be difficult to do. Traditional jerky is packed full of off cuts of meat, sodium, and preservatives to maintain the flavor. The New Primal has reinvented jerky with recipes that rewrite your jerky expectations and raise the bar for flavor and quality.

To celebrate the holidays, The New Primal is giving away a case of Snack Mates to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


Snack Mates Case

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The Goods

Part of the joy of opening stockings is having a small gift to enjoy while the morning gets started. For little ones, filling stockings with fun items just for them can help give the grown-ups time to enjoy a cup of coffee before the unwrapping begins. Ubbi’s creative products are built with the intention of simplifying parent’s lives, and there is no better time than the holidays to bring that message to life.

Designed for little hands, the Ubbi Tweat snack container stores snacks in both colorful and practical packaging. Fill up the Ubbi Tweat with your favorite healthy snack and give your littlest family members something to enjoy while everyone else gears up for the bigger event of the day. The bright red and green color options are perfect for celebrating the holidays. 

The unique design of the Ubbi Tweat offers an easy to open and close lid that won’t be lost under a car seat when snack time is on the go. This fun grab and go gift will become a staple for your meals in no time at all.

To celebrate the holidays, Ubbi is giving away an Ubbi Tweat Snack container to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


Ubbi Tweat Snack Container

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Mabel’s Labels

The Goods

Personalized gifts are a hit with kids (and grown-ups) of any age. Mabel’s Labels are a fun and functional gift item that will allow your recipient to personalize whatever items they need to keep track of the most.

With solutions for every use, including dishwasher and microwave safe, machine washable, and waterproof labels, you’ll be able to keep track of new holiday belongings with ease. Labels are customized with your gift recipient’s name and favorite colors.

Mabel’s Starter Label Pack is perfect for gift giving and includes customized labels that can be used on clothing, bags, shoes, and more. The starter kit features 24 mini custom name stickers, 8 shoe stickers, 42 clothing labels, and 2 personalized bag tags. This fun kit is a great way to encourage organization as a resolution following the start of the new year. 

From emblazoning new clothing received during the holidays or ensuring that lunch bags and backpacks always make it home at the end of the day, Mabel’s Labels are a great gift that is as practical as it is fun to receive. 

To celebrate the holidays, Mabel’s Labels is giving away a label starter pack to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


Customized Starter Label Pack

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Forever Romance

The Goods

Escaping into a novel after the busy holiday season has wrapped up is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate for the new year. Romance novels provide a window into a world of adventure that fuels voracious readers throughout the year, and holiday themes are a fun and creative spin on the passion of love stories.

Featuring new characters and page turning stories you won’t be able to get enough of, Forever Romance has holiday themed novels perfect for curling up with a blanket and a glass of wine next to the fire. 

With daring heroines, dashing love interests, and happy endings, holiday romance novels are the perfect way to wrap the season up with a bow. Five heart racing novels are coming out this fall, making a holiday story from Forever Romance the perfect addition to any holiday stocking. 

To celebrate the holidays, Forever Romance is giving away a holiday romance gift set to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 

Holiday Romance Gift Bag including: Merry Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown | A Christmas Bride by Hope Ramsay | Christmas Comes to Main Street by Olivia Miles | A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss by Paula Quinn | Mistletoe Cottage by Debbie Mason

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Home Gifts

Gifts for the home are items that the entire family can enjoy. We’ve selected our favorite home products that need to make it on your holiday wish list today. 


The Goods

Giving the gift of a better nights sleep is possible when you wrap up a set of Sheex Original Performance Sheets this holiday season. Softer and more breathable than cotton sheet alternatives, Sheex is like sleeping with a personalized temperature control unit. Similar to the comfortable moisture wicking material found in athletic wear, Sheex’ Sleep-Fit Technology applies a performance fabric mentality to bedding, allowing the body to naturally cool throughout the evening.

With a luxurious feel and beautiful drape, you might even want to sneak a set for yourself under the tree. Sheex are the perfect gift for couples who do not share a sleep temperature preference, helping cool those who need chilly temperatures for sleeping and keeping those who need extra warmth, toasty under the covers. 

Designed to fit extra deep mattresses with ultra-strong elastic, Sheex will quickly become your recipient’s go-to sheet set and will maintain the same level of quality from the moment they are first put on the bed, to after years of washing. Sheex was built to stand the test of time and will be a gift that is talked about and used year after year. 

To celebrate the holidays, Sheex is giving away a set of Original Performance Sheets in Ecru or Navy to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


Original Performance Sheets in your choice of Ecru or Navy

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Sheex Original Performance Sheets


Sheex | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


The Goods

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but caring for hardwood flooring during the winter months is often the most challenging time of year. With wet shoes, mud, or falling pine needles from holiday decorations, the assortment of things that could get traipsed throughout the house just goes on and on. For families with hardwood, stone, tile, or laminate flooring, Bona’s line of floor cleaning products is a holiday time saver. 

Giving the gift of Bona is like working an extra hour of time back into the day of your recipient. Instead of ineffective sweeping or bringing out a mop bucket with soapy water, Bona’s Microfiber Floor Mop is perfect for a quick run through the house for cleaner floors. 

If holiday guests arrive unexpectedly, a quick sweep with Bona’s Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads is the ideal solution for adding a little shine to your floors in no time at all. If pet hair is your daily challenge, their disposable cleaning cloths lift away dust, dirt, and pet hair in nearly twice the time of a traditional broom. No matter what your holiday plans call for, Bona makes keeping floors clean an easy part of the day.

 To celebrate the holidays, Bona is giving away a package of hardwood floor wet cleaning pads and a package of disposable cleaning cloths to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Bona Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads | Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths

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The Goods

Throughout the country, the winter months are often the most dry. Adding a humidifier into your family’s bedtime routine can help relieve congestion, sinus issues, dry skin, and improve health when colds strike.

Colorful and creative cool mist humidifiers from Crane offer both a fun and practical holiday gift item for kids of all ages. Humidifiers help newborns and children breathe better while sleeping, allowing for an improved night’s sleep.

With over 20 fun designs, Crane’s Adorable Humidifier runs on a single gallon of water for up to 24 hours. Sidney the Sheep, pictured above, will quickly become a beloved bedroom addition, automatically shutting off when water has run out. Filter-free and built with BPA-free plastic, Crane’s cool mist humidifiers are pediatrician recommended.  

 To celebrate the holidays, Crane is giving away an adorable humidifier (of your choice) to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Crane Adorable Humidifier 

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Crane Humidifier


Crane | Facebook | TwitterPinterest | YouTube | Instagram  


The Goods

Traveling during the holiday season can mean leaving your home thermostat left to a standard temperature no matter the weather outside.

For families who love to travel, a wi-fi enabled thermostat is the ideal gift for empowering them to explore the world, or even just across town, without being concerned about how their utilities bill will fare while they are away. 

We love how Honeywell’s Lyric T5 WiFi Thermostat provides tools to help families make the most of their home through smarter utility usage.

With seven day flexible scheduling or location based temperature control, homes with the Lyric can go throughout the entire holiday season without adjusting their thermostat. You can even operate the Lyric with voice commands using Amazon Alexa! 

Easy to install and learn, your family will love adding the Lyric to their smart home infrastructure. This is the perfect gift for energy conscious consumers or any family member who enjoys technology! 

 To celebrate the holidays, Honeywell is giving away a Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Lyric T5 WiFi Thermostat

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The Goods

When the weather is cooler you may find yourself spending more time indoors with the heat on and windows closed. For those who suffer from allergies, this might make the holiday season a time of congestion when it’s supposed to be a season of joy. The Twister Air Purifier from Sirena Vacuum is the perfect gift for the whole family, improving air quality with all natural water cleaning. 

The Twister brings air through the water basin to clean and release odor-free air back into the room without hazardous chemicals. Adding essential oils into the basin allows the scent to diffuse back out into the air. The Twister is the newest in Sirena’s line of innovative home products that use water-based systems to improve health through improved air quality. 

Sirena’s bagless vacuums use the same water cleaning innovation to capture dust, pet hair, and other allergens in a swirling basin of water. As you vacuum, the clean air is released back through a washable HEPA Filter. Improving air quality can benefit the health of the entire household! You can’t go wrong with one of Sirena’s innovative cleaning products wrapped up under the tree this year. 

To celebrate the holidays, Sirena Vacuum is giving away a Twister Air Purifier to a lucky Daily Mom reader!

In addition to our giveaway, Daily Mom readers can use the discount code MOMNEW for $100 off any new Sirena Vacuum or MOMUSE for $50 off a factory re-certified unit.


Twister Air Purifier

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The Hard to Shop For 

We all have a family member who’s difficult to shop for. When starting your shopping list for those who you struggle to select the perfect item for, unique items are the winner. We’ve selected our favorite unique gifts that will be ideal for even the most challenging gift recipients.   


The Goods

Flowers are a perfect gift year round, and during the holidays a beautiful bouquet can become a centerpiece that is enjoyed throughout dozens of family gatherings. Handcrafted paper flowers from Non-Scents are an environmentally friendly bouquet option that will stay as bright and vibrant as the day you gifted it for years to come. 

Non-Scents arrangements are assembled using high quality fair trade papers from developing countries. Artisans from around the world are able to support their families thanks to those who share the gift of Non-Scents with their family and friends. 

Each bouquet features the option to include a personalized message with your gift, coiled gently alongside the floral display. Including a personalized holiday wish is a great way to share the season and add a small personal touch to the gift giving experience. 

Each set of flowers is unique, giving your gift this holiday season a personal touch that family will talk about for months to come! 

 To celebrate the holidays, Non-Scents is giving away a Bea-Dee Bag and Bouquet of five long-stem paper roses to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Jungle Themed Bea-Dee Bag | Bouquet of five long-stem paper roses

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The Goods

With New Year’s Resolutions just around the corner, items that encourage healthy living are an ideal gift for even the most difficult person to shop for. On average, American households fail to drink enough water, sometimes substituting our most natural resource for sugar filled drinks and sodas.

RevoMax’s Vacuum Insulated Flasks are a wonderful gift for family and friends who love to adventure, work out, or are looking to set more health positive goals in the new year. 

We love how easy the RevoMax twist-free cap opens and closes with a single hand, providing the perfect seal no matter what adventure is at hand. The secure seal is completely leak proof, allowing you to toss the RevoMax into a handbag, diaper bag, or even on the floor of your car.

In addition to being the perfect companion to a day on the road and fitting perfectly in your cup holder, RevoMax Flasks are completely BPA and Phthalate-free, bringing confidence that no chemicals will find their way into your drink.    

Completely insulated, RevoMax flasks can keep contents cold for up to 36 hours or hot up to 18 hours, allowing your gift recipient to enjoy the perfect temperature beverage hours after they locked the seal. RevoMax has upped the ante for beverage holders, using technology and innovation to create a must have gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

To celebrate the holidays, RevoMax is giving away a 12 ounce and 20 ounce RevoMax Vacuum Insulated Flask to three lucky Daily Mom readers!


12 Ounce RevoMax Vacuum Insulated Flask | 20 Ounce RevoMax Vacuum Insulated Flask 

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The Goods

If you have a baker on your holiday list, you know that giving gifts for the kitchen are always something they’ll enjoy. The Silpat Baking Mat is the original non-stick backing mat, offering a long-lasting replacement for parchment paper and decreasing the amount of grease used on pans. 

Silpat mats are a must have for any kitchen, and are approved by the FDA and NSF ensuring that no chemicals are transferred during the baking process.

Silpat makes cooking cleanup fast and easy, preventing sweets from affixing to your favorite baking sheets (and comes in sizes for every application).

Trusted by professional chefs around the world, there is no better way to ensure your holiday baking is as joyous as your family gatherings. Silpat’s Mats are a game changer in the kitchen, and will be loved by any one you gift one to. 

To celebrate the holidays, Silpat is giving away a seasonal Silpat mat to one lucky Daily Mom reader! 


Seasonal Silpat Mat

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The Goods

Personalized photo gifts are a guaranteed winner for everyone on your holiday giving list. With hundreds of photos on your phone and social media, it’s easy to forget about the joy a stack of hard photo prints can bring.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get your favorite pictures off the cloud and into the hands of those you love most. Photo gifts from MPix are a one stop-shop for all your holiday giving needs, and you can even get started on holiday cards at the same time, checking a whole set of to-do’s off your list this season. 

As a professional quality photo printer, MPix is trusted by photographers and families around the world to bring beloved images to life on your walls, desks, and throughout your home.

Upload your photos – or even grab directly off your favorite social site – and within minutes you can personalize calendars, growth charts, keepsake boxes, statuettes, and more! 

This holiday season, we’re loving Modern Metal Prints as an ideal gift for every member of the family. Metal printing creates vibrant colors that will pop on any wall, and the high quality production from MPix creates a masterpiece you (or your gift recipient) will be proud to show off. Gather up the photos from your last family get together and print a copy for everyone in the family to enjoy.  

To celebrate the holidays, MPix is giving away one 16″ x 24″ Modern Metal Print to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


16″ x 24″ Modern Metal Print 

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Stadler Form

The Goods

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to give the gift of wellbeing this holiday season. Used for centuries, natural aromatic scents can lower stress, promote relaxation, and enhance mood. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all those benefits during the holidays? The Mia Aroma Diffuser from Stadler Form is the ideal gift for anyone who might enjoy the dozens of benefits brought through aromatherapy. 

Conveniently sized to fit on a nightstand, table, or desk, the Mia Aroma Diffuser is a compliment to any home decor and comes in one of four vibrant colors, allowing you to select the perfect look for any gift recipient. Using ultrasonic technology, the Mia can operate for up to 10 hours, blending water and essential oils for cool air diffusion throughout the day. 

Stadler Form’s 100% Pure Essential Oils are made from the highest quality plant essences and are safe to use in any diffuser. With three custom blends to choose from – Relax, Revive, and Refresh – you can select the scent you think will provide the wellbeing your gift recipient needs most, or gift a three pack to cover all the bases. 

To celebrate the holidays, Stadler Form is giving away a Mia Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oil to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


Mia Aroma Diffuser | Stadler Form Essential Oil

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Jellifish Kids

The Goods

Celebrate the holiday season with the whole family by hosting a slumber party get together for all the kiddos. Unwind and relax by enjoying everyone’s favorite treats and bundling up together next to the fire.

The SpajamaGlam Pajama Party from Jellifish Kids provides all the perfect goodies for your slumber party celebrants to enjoy. With coordinated robes, slippers, and spa themed photo props for four guests, the SpajamaGlam set is everything you need for the ultimate girl’s night. The full set comes in a Jellifish Kid’s carry box that doubles as the perfect case for storing all their favorite dress up items after the party is over. 

Each robe and slipper set is luxurious and soft, wrapping your little spa goers in comfort and warmth. Add a couple of scented candles, cucumber water, and your favorite scented lotion to give the whole party the perfect spa experience. After the busy holiday season, the whole family can appreciate some relaxing downtime before winter break is through. 

To celebrate the holidays, Jellifish Kids is giving away a SpajamaGlam PJ Party Pack to one lucky Daily Mom reader!


SpajamaGlam PJ Party Pack
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