3 At-Home Valentine Dates: Save VS Splurge

It’s time to start thinking of your plans for Valentine’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a babysitter, then by all means, take that route and have a night out on the town. But, if the kiddos are stuck home with you on this romantic evening or if you just want to bypass the reservations, lovey-dovey crowds, and take a less traditional approach to your Valentine’s date, then we are here to help. We have come up with three fun and romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

We put a spin on a few classic Valentine dates, by giving you one date idea with two options: a cheaper, more thrifty “save” version or a pull out all the stops, go big or go home, “splurge” version. Take your choice this Valentine’s Day, but we hope that whatever you end up doing, you finish the night with a happy ending!

Couples Massage

Everyone likes a good massage, and there’s nothing more sensual than experiencing this with your love. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a relaxing, pampering, hands-on date that is sure to spice things up.


Put the kids to bed, light candles and pour some wine, put on mood music, and turn your bedroom into the ultimate spa-romance atmosphere. Grab some massage oil and take turns playing masseuse for the evening.


If you and your Valentine really want to amp up the pampering factor, hire an in-home masseuse who specializes in couples massage. Neither one of you will have to lift a finger, and you can both enjoy an amazing massage at the same time.

Bonus: You’re guaranteed a much longer, more thorough massage by investing in a professional, and you’re less likely to hear the buzzkill of “I’m tired. My hands hurt. Is it my turn now?”

Cooking for Two

If you and your love are foodies, or just enjoy a good home-cooked meal, then the classic cooking for two date is perfect for this Valentine’s night. Feed the kids their mac and cheese, and make the time in the kitchen tonight adults-only.


Let you and your sous chef (or the other way around) whip up a delicious meal worthy of this holiday of love. Prep ahead of time by picking out the perfect recipe together (or use our yummy recipes below). Toss on the aprons, pour the wine, turn on some tunes, and start cooking your hearts out.


If the creative culinary juices aren’t flowing, then take the easy way out by ordering a Blue Apron meal. You and your Valentine will still cook together, but you can be sure you’ll end up with a gourmet, high-quality meal that will make you feel as though you’re in a 5 star restaurant. You’ll be sent every ingredient, down to the butter and spices, in pre-measured portions complete with a beautiful recipe card that makes cooking become pure pleasure instead of work and waste. Be sure to plan in advance by ordering your Blue Apron meal in plenty of time so it arrives fresh that day.

If you and your significant other can’t even boil water, but still want a delicious at-home meal this Valentine’s Day, then just take the biggest splurge by hiring a personal chef for the night!

Playing Photographer

Our last idea is a bit unconventional, but perfect for couples who love being behind or in front of a camera. We’re sure you and your love haven’t had any good pictures taken of the two of you lately, so use this Valentine’s Day to not only make memories, but to also capture them.


You don’t need a fancy DSLR professional camera to make this date happen, anything that works as a camera is sufficient, even your phone. Get creative and just start snapping photos of each other, either separately or together, but be sure to get at least a few together, as that’s the whole point! You can turn this into a full-on photo shoot, with a tripod, self timer, backdrop, the whole shebang if photography is your passion. Or just prop up your phone, set the self-timer, and take some fun selfies. Make this date a time to be silly with each other, to get close, and to capture this here-and-now moment on film.

  • Get glammed up so you look your best in front of the camera, and because it’s Valentine’s Day for goodness sake.
  • Consider doing some risque, boudoir-like photos with each other to amp up the heat.
  • Mesh this date idea into whatever else you decide to do Valentine evening, whether it’s a massage, cooking dinner, or something else. We doubt you have very many date nights caught on camera, so make this one different.
  • If you do have a DSLR, then be sure to read How To Take Great Photos in Low Light for some tips on how to get your indoor photos looking their best.


If taking photos just sounds blah to you, but you really do want an updated photo of you and your significant other, one that’s more current than your wedding portrait, then take the splurge route. Hire a professional photographer to come over and set up a photo shoot. This may take a bit more planning in advance, especially if you want to shoot during the day when the light is best. You may have to juggle your schedules to be free during the day, get a babysitter, or just find someone that is really good and has the equipment for taking pictures indoors in the evening.

For the bold and daring couples, hire a photographer who specializes in boudoir photography. Not only will you get photos of each other together, but they are bound to be the sexiest, most intimate, for-your-eyes-only photos you’ve ever had. Talk about a Valentine’s Day to remember!

There’s no shame in sending this post to your significant other, if he or she is the date planner. Sometimes they just need a little guidance in this department by receiving a “subtle” hint. Happy Valentine’s Date Night!

For even more ideas of dates that don’t make you leave the house, read Ten At Home Dates for After Bedtime!

Photo Credits: DaniCouples Massage By Collin Parker (CC BY -ND2.0), Jessica

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