Celebrating the Holidays Away from Family

When you first move away from family it becomes routine to pack up your bags and head home when the snow starts to fly for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. As time goes by and circumstances change, it may become too difficult to gather up the whole family for big trips every year.

Spending holidays away from family is challenging, but using the opportunity to make new traditions is a fun way to celebrate. Today we’ve put together a list of how you can manage your homesickness by creating a holiday family celebration of your own, no matter how far away your tree is from where your heart calls home. 

Plan ahead for gift giving

If you intend to send gifts to family back home, ship early in December to avoid paying premium shipping fees or standing in line at the shipping store. Prices for shipping increase steadily in between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

The post office typically offers the best shipping rates through bulk packaged priority mail. During the holiday season you can order bulk boxes for free and schedule pickups at your home address! Full information about shipping from home is available on the USPS Holiday Website

Holiday Shipping Deadlines


  • Ground – December 15
  • First Class – December 20
  • Priority mail – December 21
  • Priority Mail Express – December 23


  • Ground – December 15
  • Express Saver – December 20
  • Two Day – December 21
  • Priority Overnight – December 22


  • Three Day Select – December 18
  • Second Day Air – December 22
  • Next Day Air – December 23

If you don’t feel like wrapping, shopping online is a great way to ensure that your gifts go directly to the person they are intended for without needing to repackage and ship. Pay attention to the holiday shipping deadlines when deciding where to buy from. Amazon’s standard shipping cut off is December 19th.

Use Technology To Celebrate Together

Technology has made it easier for families to share traditions, no matter how many miles apart they are. With internet connectivity you can enjoy Christmas morning together, letting your family experience the joy of the celebration through their computer screen.

Sharing videos of your little ones opening gifts from grandparents minutes after they were recorded are officially a thing of the past. Live streaming is changing how we communicate, and real time experiences allow families to connect instantaneously.

FaceTime and Skype are an option, but you are limited to the number of people who can join in and the perspective of where your computer or phone camera is pointed. The 360 degree camera from ALLie makes video a fully immersive experience, allowing family from afar to feel like they are joining you in the room on Christmas morning.

Family members can join in the celebration in real time via YouTube live streaming or log in directly to the ALLie Home app to control the angle and zoom of the camera.

Christmas memories are no longer limited by the person holding the camera. With full 360 degree video recording, replays can be experienced in virtual reality using a VR headset so you can relive holiday memories again and again. From the moment the kids first see the tree, to the wrapping paper aftermath, your holiday memories are captured for the whole family to enjoy.

Features you will love:

  • Two hours of recording time
  • Also works as a baby monitor, home surveillance, or pet watching camera
  • Night vision views up to 30 feet in the dark
  • Cloud storage of up to 72 hrs per month
  • Fisheye lens allows full room video coverage
  • 12 mp camera records high quality video

ALLie Camera


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Share The Taste of Home

If there is a specific dish or meal that makes you think of the holidays, plan to recreate it in your home for a family gathering. Just because the whole family isn’t at the table doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy Great Aunt Sylvia’s Christmas fudge recipe.

Combine traditional recipes from both your’s and your spouse’s family to make the meal your own. Before the holidays, ask everyone to email you their favorite recipes and combine them together in a holiday cookbook that you can use year after yearCreating new recipes and traditional meals allows your family to personalize the holiday to suite your tastes and needs.

Create new traditions

Celebrating without traveling means you can build traditions and memories that are unique to your family unit.

Some families seek out the best holiday lights and enjoy cocoa on Christmas Eve while others enjoy a holiday movie next to the fire before heading off to bed. Decide what types of traditions you want to create and continue to do them year after year to make them memories that your children will talk about long after they are grown.

Christmas mornings are memories your whole family will talk about for years to come. No matter where you’ll be celebrating, capturing those moments and building traditions will help build a story that everyone will enjoy later. 

Looking for more holiday inspiration? Check out our post on how to create Meaningful Holiday Traditions

Photo Credit: RockyMtnBliss, Pixabay, Pexels

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