Unique Halloween Costumes for Siblings

It’s that time again. Time to tap into the creative corner of your mind and come up with something fun to dress your little ones in for Halloween. Make your October even easier by dressing your kids in coordinating costumes. Not only is it less thinking on your part, there really is nothing cuter than seeing the whole cast of Frozen on your doorstep. Now where do you find a bunch of coordinating kid costumes? What if this year you bypass the big box stores and pick costumes that are original, unique, and not something every other kid on the block is wearing. If you don’t have the time this year to whip up something homemade, or you just need inspiration to figure out what you could recreate yourself, we’re here to help. Check out these unique Halloween costumes, especially designed for siblings.

It’s no secret we at Daily Mom love Etsy and the creative geniuses behind each and every shop there. Here are a few of our favorite shops that make unique, high-quality costumes, perfect for Halloween and everyday dress up play.

Nutella and Strawberry

Since Halloween is already filled with sweets, why not dress up as one? If your favorite late night snack is the same as ours, then having a little Nutella and strawberry walking around the neighborhood with you will be just perfect. TheCostumeCafe’s strawberry costume even comes in a DIY version for those who are strapped for cash this year or for those who want to try their hand at creating a homemade costume themselves (with a bit of help).

Garden Gnomes

A simple costume idea from LittleBeanArt are these whimsical felt gnome hats. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, these are perfect for the kids who hate bulky costumes but still want to participate in the fun.

Sushi Siblings

Are you a sushi loving family? If so, make your dinner of choice become your costume of choice. These adorable sushi costumes from TheWishingElephant have been featured on CNN, Fox News and Martha Stewart, so you know they’re something special! Available in various sizes, styles and delicacies, you can be sure that your kids will be the most unique, yummiest trick-or-treaters on the block.


If your girls love to bake and help in the kitchen, do double duty with this costume. Not only can they sport it Halloween night, but it can then become either a dress up apron or a full-on in the kitchen helping Mom bake cupcakes apron. TisketTasket has brought style and sweetness to the kid’s kitchen with not only this beautifully made apron, but also the chef’s hat and the crochet cupcakes!

Rainbow and Cloud

It’s raining, it’s pouring… We certainly hope not, not on Halloween night! At least the silver lining with a bit of rain and clouds is a rainbow. These bright, bold costumes from TheCostumeCafe are perfect for coordinating siblings. Bonus: Since practically all of TheCostumeCafe’s costumes come in sizes from baby to adult, there’s one for everyone in your family!

Strong Man and Strong Girl

You know how strong your kids are, especially during diaper changes and temper tantrums. Embrace it this Halloween by dressing them in a strong man and strong girl costume by TheWishingElephant. Complete with a “150 lb” barbell pillow prop, they mean business and aren’t afraid to show it.


BooBahBlue has made the classic Halloween monster a little bit brighter and a little bit nicer. Perfect for colder areas, these fleece full body suits are cozy warm, and the matching monster hats and tails are completely customizable. Whether you have two little monsters running around at home, or four, not one will look like the other, which makes for a wonderfully unique Halloween night.

Snow White and An Apple

Every little girl wants to be a princess for Halloween, so let her be Snow White in this glamorous, custom tutu dress by BlissyCouture. Her sidekick won’t be a dwarf, as you would assume. Mix it up a bit and let her little brother or sister be an apple. Just make sure she doesn’t take a bite out of it!

Mario and Luigi Brothers

Mario and Luigi live on! Your Nintendo loving boys will be happy to plop a hat on their head and call it a day. Go the extra mile (or level) and make a mustache to add to the ensemble. Simple, easy, and too cute. You can find these handcrafted hats at 2BadMonkies.

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf

We saved the best for last! This years hot costume will of course be anything and everything Frozen. Let your girls join in on the hype… just a bit differently. BlissyCouture has made the cast of Frozen nothing less than a dramatic, glamorous affair. Choose from Elsa, Anna, or Olaf, or if you have three girls, you’re golden. These handcrafted gowns (even Olaf is fun and frilly) will be a hit with the Halloween crowd this year.

Happy Halloween! 

Due to the exclusive handmade quality of Etsy shops, sometimes orders take a bit longer to get to their customers. If you missed the Halloween deadline this year for any of the shops above, don’t worry. You can use these costumes as inspiration to make your own, or bookmark this post away for next year (and be sure to order early)!
For more Halloween costume inspiration ideas, check out 10 Adorable Costumes for Pre-Walkers!

Photo Credits: Salt and Pepper Kids (Title Image): TheWishingElephantTheCostumeCafeLittleBeanArt, TheWishingElephant, BooBahBlue, BlissyCouture, 2BadMonkies, TisketTasket

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