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10 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Husband and wife with toddler on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day of love: dinner, chocolate champagne- the works! This may have been the case PRE-children, but all parents know that once those little bundles of joy come you’re your life, these romantic dates come few and far between and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If finding a baby sitter is proving to be nearly impossible, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a special day! We’ve rounded up 10 great ideas of ways to make Valentine’s Day special with your kids!

1. Start off with a love breakfast for the whole family. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make love pancakes, waffles or toast. Serve with some pink strawberry milk for added flair and some heart-shaped fruit kabobs to round out the fun.

2. Make some Valentine’s Day crafts together. There are no shortage of ideas out there of fun kid-friendly crafts for all ages. All kids love arts and crafts time and this a great activity for some family time. Check out our post on 5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for your Kids for some fun crafting ideas.

3. Write (or draw) some love notes. Set out a pretty bowl, jar or box and throughout the day, write love notes to one another and add them to it. Younger kids can draw their notes with some adult help. At dinner time later, take turns reading these notes. This activity not only reinforces family bonds, it’s a great way for younger ones to express how they feel for their parents and siblings.

4. Throw a party. Know another couple who’s stuck at home? Invite them over and have a small Valentine’s Day party! Serve up some cupcakes or heart shaped treats and play a few Valentine’s themed games. Special bonus: the kids will play so much together, they should sleep really well at night!

5. Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt!  Roses are red, violets are blue; It’s Valentine’s Day, can you find the clues? Set up a series of clues that lead from one treat to another and end the scavenger hunt with a special prize for the whole family! Kids love looking for clues and this has the added benefit of promoting some basic critical thinking skills and reading.

6. Have a “fancy” dinner. Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wonderful meal with your kids! Make something new and different or get take out from your favorite place. Set the table with a fancy table cloth and  eat by candle light.

7. Serve some fancy mock-tails. One of the best parts of date night is being able to have a new and interesting drink, so recreate that experience at home by whipping up a few of these mock-tails for the whole family! Check out Tablespoons great round up here of 20 delicious looking non-alcoholic drinks. Feel free to make some adult versions of them as well, it is Valentine’s Day after all!

8. End dinner with a special dessert. Don’t let staying in prevent you from ending dinner with something sweet! Try a new recipe or make an old favorite and sit at the table together enjoying this special occasion together. Many kids will enjoy an at-home fondue night! Use a crock pot to keep some chocolate melted and take turns dipping a variety of treats in it: marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, cookies or pieces of pound cake.  Don’t forget to read your love notes!

9. Have an after dinner dance party. Dinner and dancing? Why not!? Kids LOVE music, so pump up some favorite jams and get dancing!

10. Movie Night. After all the fun, end your Valentine’s Day date with a nice family friendly movie together. Cuddle on the couch with lots of blankets and pillows and watch a new release or an old romantic favorite like Lady and the Tramp. Serve up some Pink Popcorn for an added treat.

Staying in on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to equal boring! Use these ten ideas to spark your imagination of ways to have that special date night feel with your kids. Romance doesn’t have to disappear once you are a parent, you just have to get a bit more creative! Use this day to show your kids how much you love them and how special your family is.

Looking for another yummy treat perfect for the whole family? Try these Chocolate Almond Bites.

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